Five Springs Falls Campground


Located within close proximity to the Bighorn Mountains, Five Springs Falls Campground is the perfect place for RV lovers to call home during your adventures in northern Wyoming. Operated and maintained by the BLM, Five Springs Falls Campground does require a fee in order to stay here but it is well worth it. The campground is named after the nearby Five Spring Falls that is a must-visit for RV lovers wanting to check out an easy waterfall hike.

There are many great recreational activities that you can enjoy in the area with the most popular being a visit to the Medicine Wheel/Medicine Mountain National Historic Landmark. Located on Medicine Mountain, this is a stone structure with unknown origins that is believed to have been built over ten thousand years ago. This is a sacred site to many Indigenous tribes and is well worth checking out if you are staying at the Five Springs Falls Campground. Other popular activities in the area include picnicking, wildlife viewing, sightseeing and exploring the Bighorn National Forest.

Due to the tight roads, RV camping is limited to vehicles that are under 24 feet in length, so keep that in mind before deciding on staying here. If you need a larger site you can check out the Porcupine Campground or Bald Mountain Campground within the Bighorn National Forest. Peak season at Five Springs Falls Campground is during the summer months.

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Five Springs Falls Campground is one of the more difficult campgrounds that you will have to access when RV camping due to the very narrow road that awaits you. Up until the access the road the campground is fairly easy to navigate and most visitors will be departing Lovell. This is also the best place to get any supplies or visit any amenities before your adventure since there are no stores or towns located any closer.

The access road for Five Springs Falls Campground is very steep and contains switchbacks that will prove a challenge to even experienced RV drivers. The campground separates into a lower and upper loop with the lower being the most difficult to drive in. The campground is not recommended for RVs that are over 25 feet in length, but if you are just over this size limit you may be able to use the upper loop that has a little more room to move.

During the wintertime, the snowfall in the area can be very large so most travelers tend to avoid this area of the state. The campground may still be open during this time, but you should call the BLM office to confirm that you will have access before departing for your trip.


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Bald Mountain Campground

Another camping option for RV lovers during the summertime is the Bald Mountain Campground. There are 15 sites available at this campground that are suited to larger RVs that won't be able to fit within the Five Springs Falls Campground.

Most of the sites offer a private camping experience with large shady trees providing welcome relief from the sun. All sites are primitive with no hookups available but there are water collection points and vault toilets. There is also trash collection available but there is no dump station within 25 miles.

Bald Mountain Campground closes during the winter months due to the only road that provides access to it not being open. Sites are available for reservation prior to your arrival so you can secure a place to stay without having to rely on first-come, first-served options.

First-come first-served

Five Springs Falls Campground

The main attraction to Five Springs Falls Campground is, of course, the camping area. There are two loops at Five Springs Falls that contain a total of 19 sites, 11 of which are suitable for RVs. All of the campsites in the lower loop besides the host site are tent-only, so most RV travelers will be staying in the upper loop.

Each site in the Five Springs Falls Campground contains a camping pad, picnic table, and a fire ring but there are no electrical, sewer, or water hookups. Besides the site-specific amenities, there are also vault toilets for your convenience and one water collection point. RVs that are over 25 feet in length will have difficulty staying here so it is suited to smaller rigs.

Due to the campground being hard to access, it is usually quiet with not all sites being occupied at once. You will have to pay a fee to use the campground and all sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis only.

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Five Springs Falls Campground features a great nature trail that will take you to the impressive Five Springs Falls. The trail is under half a mile long and is most commonly frequented during the peak season. Hikers of all abilities will be able to use the trail to view the Five Springs Falls and pets are also allowed to join you on the short hike. If you are looking for more hiking opportunities there are plenty of trails within the Bighorn National Forest.


When the sun is shining, Five Springs Falls Campground is also a fantastic place to have a relaxing picnic. The campground contains multiple picnic tables that are available on a first-come, first-served basis to campers since they are located at each individual campsite.

If you don't want to have a picnic at your site you can also pack a picnic blanket and head down to Five Springs Creek and listen to the tranquil sound of running water while you have a bite to eat.

Big Horn Medicine Wheel

During your stay at Five Springs Falls Campground, you must head up to see the incredible Big Horn Medicine Wheel. Only accessible during the summer months before it begins to snow, the wheel is a fascinating construction made of ancient stones to form a massive wheel.

Designated as a National Historic Landmark, the wheel is also believed to have astronomical alignments that have been studied in the past. Big Horn Medicine Wheel is a very important site, so remember to be respectful during your visit.


Wildlife Viewing

A great way to spend the peaceful hours at Five Springs Falls Campground is to do some nature viewing. There are plenty of animals that call the area home, including moose, deer, elk, and even black bears. There are also plenty of great viewing areas within a short walk from the campground where you can view the northern Bighorn Basin. If you do see any animals during your stay, remember to keep your distance.

Ski Trails

Although the campground can be difficult to access during the wintertime there are plenty of great winter recreation opportunities within the Bighorn National Forest area. There are multiple trails and ski lifts in operation during this time that are suitable for skiers, snowboarders and snowshoeing. If you plan on using the winter ski areas be prepared to pay an extra fee, but it will be well worth it since you will be able to use the great amenities that are on offer.

Ice Fishing

Another great winter activity for visitors to the area is to go ice fishing within the Bighorn National Forest. Ice fishing is suitable at Shell Reservoir Camping Area and the Sibley Lake Dam Picnic Ground during the winter months and depending on the weather conditions the ice can last until June. There will be no fishing gear rentals available during the wintertime so remember to bring your own pole so you don't miss out on all of the fun.