Flambeau River State Forest
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Flambeau River State Forest is an adventurous RV camper’s dream destination. Located in northwestern Wisconsin, the park has miles of canoe routes leading down the scenic Flambeau River. The river and lakes in the park are also teeming with fish species such as trout, bass, walleye, and sturgeon.

Flambeau River State Forest also boasts an extensive network of hiking and biking trails that wander through the beautiful hardwood and conifer forests. RV campers who crave a bit more adrenaline can take advantage of over 50 miles of ATV and snowmobiling trails. The hiking trails can also be used as a cross-country skiing course during the winter.

The campground within the park has 60 sites for your RV, many of which have views of the water. You’ll also be close to the park’s main hiking trails, as well as the boat in site on the river. The park’s campground is also dog-friendly, as long as you keep them on a leash.

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Flambeau River State Forest is located in northwestern Wisconsin. Although the park can be accessed with RVs, there are a number of tight turns, so you may have to drive carefully as you head to your campsite.

The park can be reached by car or RV from a number of major cities. If you are driving from Milwaukee, take I-41 north from the city and you will get to the park in a little under five hours. From Minneapolis, take US-8 and you can get to the park in around three and a half hours.

The park’s roads can get somewhat narrow as you approach the campgrounds, so RV campers driving a larger rig should take their time. If you are visiting the park during the winter, be prepared for snow and ice. The park does a good job of keeping roads clear, but you should bring snow chains.


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Campgrounds and parking in Flambeau River State Forest

Campsites in Flambeau River State Forest

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Lake Of The Pines Campground

There are 60 sites located within the park, split between two main campgrounds- Lake of the Pines and Connors Lake. The sites at both campgrounds do not have hookups of any kind, except for four sites with electrical hookups. All sites come with a fire pit and a picnic table. You can also bring your dog along with you, as long as you keep them on a leash.

Lake Of The Pines campground is tucked between Lake of the Pines and Swamp Lake, and is located just north of the park office. There are 30 sites located in the campground, all of them a few minutes walk from the swimming beach and from the park’s network of hiking trails. There are two drinking water access points in the campground.

Connors Lake Campground

This campground is located on the opposite end of the park, just south of Connors Lake. The campground has 30 sites, all of them located on or near the water. Four of the sites have 50 amp electrical hookups. There is no boat launch in the campground, but you’ll be close to the boat in site for the river. There are also two drinking water stations found in the campground.

All of the sites at both campgrounds can be reserved online. The campgrounds are open from May through September, although these dates may vary depending on weather. All sites must be booked at least a day in advance, and can be reserved 11 months in advance. The park is quite popular during the summer months, so make sure you book early if coming during peak season.

Seasonal activities in Flambeau River State Forest



Canoeing is the most popular activity in Flambeau River State Forest. The river gives you miles of scenic canoeing, weaving through the hardwood and conifer forests. You’ll find routes of varying difficulty, meaning canoers of all experience levels will be kept happy. Head to the North Fork of the river for canoeing that is more suitable for beginners. If you want more of a challenge, paddle your canoe out to the South Fork.


The forests around the river and lake are also open to hunting. You’ll be able to hunt a wide range of species, including bear, dear, grouse, and waterfowl.

The park is an active fishing and hiking destination, so always take extra caution when hunting. Most of the park is open for hunting, but there may be restricted areas. These areas may change throughout the year, so always check with the park office before you hunt.


You’ll also find some of the best fishing in the area at Flambeau River State Forest. Musky, sturgeon, trout, walleye, bass and panfish populate the waters of the river and the lakes dotted throughout the park.

You can easily fish from the banks of the river or from your canoe. If you want to fish on the lakes, you can take a larger boat out onto the water. Fishing can be done year round, even in the colder months when the lakes are frozen over. However, you’ll have the best luck in spring and early fall.

You’ll need the proper Wisconsin fishing licenses if you plan on fishing in the park. These licenses can be bought from the park office.



On top of all of the water activities, you’ll find plenty on dry land at Flambeau River State Forest. There are 38 miles of ATV trails in the park that lead through the forests.

The trails are usually open from May until November, although these dates may vary depending on the weather. Check with the park before you arrive to see about the status of the trails. The park does not rent any gear, so come prepared with everything you need.

Cross-Country Skiing

The park is home to the Flambeau Hills Ski Trail, a 14-mile course that leads you through the hardwoods and conifers near the river. The trail has three bridges that lead over the river, and also has a picnic spot where you can take a break.

The park does not rent ski gear, so bring all you need along with your rig. The trail is sometimes groomed, but may not be after heavy snow storms. The trails has a variety of terrain, so skiers of all skill levels are welcome. You’ll need to make sure you get a State Trail skiing pass, available online or from the park office.


Wintertime visitors will also find plenty to do at Flambeau State Park. There are over 50 miles of snowmobile trails open to park visitors. The park’s trails also connect to a network of trails that weave through the surrounding areas. You’ll have access to the Tuscobia State Trail, as well as the Sawyer County trail system.

The park’s trails are not always maintained, so be prepared for deep snow after a heavy storm. Also take extra caution, as there may be cross-country skiers and snowshoers sharing the trails.