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Ditch the daily grind for a weekend and escape into the woods at Forked Lake Campground. This remote campground nestled in New York's vast Adirondack Park offers a true back-to-nature experience. RVers motoring through New York in a rig longer than 20 feet will want to skip this backcountry locale. Forked Lake caters mostly to tent campers, with only three sites open to small trailers or rigs.

If you are planning a dry camping trip, though, Forked Lake is a prime place to set up your tent! Fish, paddle, and hike to your heart's content at Forked Lake, before heading back to the campsite and swapping stories of the day's adventures with your camping crew.

Forked Lake Campground makes an excellent base camp for travelers road-tripping around the Adirondacks. Three wilderness areas are located right outside your tent flap, offering dozens of miles of hiking trails and endless opportunities to get up-close and personal with native flora and fauna.

Speaking of fauna, anyone planning a camping trip at Forked Lake should be aware that bears live in the woods of the Adirondacks. Although they tend to stay well away from humans, err on the side of caution and keep all food, toiletries, and strongly scented items locked in your vehicle or trailer to avoid attracting these big beasts to your site.

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Forked Lake Campground is nestled in heart of the Adirondacks, smack dab in the middle of three state wilderness areas. Take care when traveling through this densely forested area. The nearest main road is Highway 28N, which leads into the village of Long Lake, offering a few shopping and dining opportunities.


Only one parking lot is available at Forked Lake Campground, but since this day-use area is rarely crowded, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a spot.

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Forked Lake Campground

If you're planning a camping trip at Forked Lake, you should come prepared for a truly primitive experience. Most of the sites here are accessible only by boat or trail, so pack light!

Motoring through New York in a big rig? You'll want to skip Forked Lake Campground -- primitive tent camping is the name of the game here. Only three of Forked Lake's 80 sites can accommodate RVs up to 20 feet long. Don't expect to find any RV-friendly amenities, like water or sewer hookups, here. (In fact, don't expect to find hookups at most campgrounds in the Adirondacks!) Flush restrooms and hot showers aren't available, either.

A few rules apply at this campground. First, you'll need to obtain a camping permit before occupying your site. Canine campers are welcome to accompany you, but you must provide proof of current vaccinations and keep your buddy on a six-foot leash. Reservations are available, but not required at Forked Lake Campground. However, if you're planning to camp at Forked Lake in an RV, you'll want to reserve one of the few RV sites in advance, especially during the peak summer season.

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Canoers and kayakers will enjoy launching out into the tranquil waters of Forked Lake. With more than 1,200 acres to explore, boaters have plenty of space to paddle the day away. Don't have your own watercraft? Forked Lake Campground offers rowboat rentals right on-site. Note that the boat launch isn't suitable for larger boats. Motorized boating is prohibited.


Angling enthusiasts will find a fantastic fishing hole at Forked Lake. Pack your trusty fishing rod in your trailer and try your luck catching a sunfish or trout. If you're really lucky, you just might reel in a landlocked salmon! Set up your portable grill and cook your catch for the ultimate camping experience. Just be sure to grab a state fishing license before you arrive! (Fishing licenses are no longer available at campgrounds managed by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.)


Forked Lake Campground offers easy access to nearby hiking trails within the surrounding Sargent Ponds Wild Forest. You'll find a couple of trailheads right outside the parking lot. Take a short trip around the lake on the Forked Lake Trail, which connects to the main trail network within the forest. The Owl Mountain Trail is a popular, moderately strenuous route which presents a few trail hazards along the way, making it perfect for seasoned hikers looking for a challenge.



Host an intimate family picnic at Forked Lake Campground's picnic area! Complete with tables and fireplaces, the shelters make for a cozy place to chow down on a packed lunch while looking out on the lake. You will love a cozy picnic if you pack the picnic basket and blanket in the RV.

Wildlife Watching

Wildlife enthusiasts will feel right at home at Forked Lake Campground. Wildlife watching opportunities abound because this area is so remote and rarely crowded. Keep your eyes peeled for river otters, beavers, and ducks on the lake. Or, take to the trails and see if you can spot a deer, owl, or even a bear! Speaking of bears, if you do plan to venture out into the woods, practice standard safety measures and leave the trail snacks behind for your excursion.

Nature Photography

No wildlife watching adventure is complete without a few photos! Whether you're an amateur with a smartphone or a professional with a fancy camera, you'll want to snap some pictures of the sun setting over the mirror-still Forked Lake. Need some inspiration? Check out photos online taken by past visitors!