Form Arcosanti Festival

Planning an RV trip to Arizona this year? Don't miss the Form Arcosanti Festival, a unique musical spectacle in the middle of the desert.

Event information

Form Arcosanti takes place in the experimental township of Arcosanti in central Arizona, bringing music to life for all who attend. The town is a unique place which acts as a perfect otherworldly backdrop for festivities.

Arcosanti was the brainchild of Italian American architect, Paolo Soleri who tried to bring to life his vision of a modern city. By integrating architecture into the surrounding ecology, the idea behind Arcosanti is to minimize the destructive impact humans have on the earth. Construction began in 1970 and continues to this day even after the founder's death.

The festival takes place over three days and features an impressive line-up of musical talent. The music is curated by musician, Moses Sumney, and indie band, Hundred Waters. Artists like James Blake, Beach House, Skrillex, Solange, Chance the Rapper, Noname, and Charli XCX have performed at the Form Arcosanti Festival in the past.

Unlike other musical festivals which grow larger in scale every year, Form Arcosanti is kept purposefully small. Interested patrons are required to submit an application, and only about 1,500 people attend the event every year. In addition to the music, there is plenty of good food, immersive activations, pool parties, yoga, and some incredible art installations for festival attendees to enjoy.


Festival passes are available online, along with a number of package types. Single-day tickets are not available, so you'll need to commit to all three days of the event. Prices range from $350 for early bird festival passes to over $4300 for the ticket plus luxury RV stay packages. Form Arcosanti is an adult-only event, and only patrons above the age of 18 can attend.

For more information on tickets and schedules, take a look at the official festival website. Parking and shuttle passes can also be purchased on the site.

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Arcosanti is about one hour away from the nearest cities of Phoenix and Sedona. It's a beautiful drive through Arizona's high desert, where traffic may be minimized until you reach populated areas. Patrons are encouraged to carpool to the event to reduce their environmental footprint. Be sure to check if any road alerts have been issued in Yavapai County or other parts of Central Arizona before starting on your trip.

Parking areas

Paid weekend parking is available at the venue. It is a good idea to purchase a pass in advance on the festival website. The onsite lot will have around the clock security and will be open throughout the duration of the event. So you can enter and exit as you please.

Public Transportation

Since Arcosanti is a bit out of the way, there aren't many direct public transport options. Shuttles will be organized on festival days to get guests from Phoenix to the venue. Guests can also use this service to get dropped off at the city after the event. The other option is to use a taxi or ride-hailing service, but this can be pricey so you may want to go in with a friend.

Where to stay


Unfortunately, you will not be able to drive your RV or motorhome to the site. Camping options are offered to patrons from basic tent camping to luxury RV stays with some ticket packages. A festival pass comes with a complimentary campsite, but personal and rental RVs will need to book a campsite nearby.


The nearest RV park is less than five miles away. The campsites and RV parks in the vicinity come with facilities like WiFi, laundry services, and hot showers. Another option is to camp at one of the many RV parks in Phoenix and use the shuttle service to reach the festival grounds. Coconino National Forest, Prescott National Forest, and Tonto National Forest also offer tranquil places for primitive RV camping.

Getting around

Shuttles will be available to ferry passengers from the parking lot to the staging areas. Bikes, skates, skateboards, Segways, ATVs and other personal motor vehicles will not be allowed on the grounds. The venue is accessible via the pathways that snake through the site. Patrons with disabilities will be allowed to use manual and motorized wheelchairs and scooters.

What to pack


At Form Arcosanti, it's all about dressing for fun and festivities. From t-shirts and shorts to elaborate costumes with headdresses, anything goes at the festival. While you may be tempted to go all out with your outfit, keep in mind that it's going to be hot and dusty in the desert. So opt for lightweight fabrics and flat shoes.


A few essentials to take with you are sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, and a portable charger. Be sure to pack your bathing suit for the pool parties and athletic wear for the yoga sessions. Blankets and chairs will not be permitted in the staging areas, but you can use these at your campsite, whether on site or nearby.

Health & Safety

Adequate sun protection is a must to shield yourself from the harsh desert rays. Be sure to dispose of any waste mindfully by using the designated trash receptacles. There are a number of full-time residents that call Arcosanti home. Festival guests are asked to be respectful of their space and be polite.

Where to eat


Portable grills, stoves and flammable items of any kind will not be permitted on the festival grounds. Guests will need to review the food and drink regulations via the Form Arcosanti website. Other campsites in the area may permit campfires. However, sometimes fire bans are issued by state authorities. So be sure to check with the manager of your campground or RV park before lighting a flame.


While you won't find many restaurants within the small town, there is a central cafe serving up some delicious food. It operates as a community kitchen serving set menus. If you have the time, you can drive to the nearby cities of Sedona or Phoenix where you'll find a ton of food options to fit every preference in your group.


Several local vendors and caterers will be selling delicious food at the event. Additionally, there are daily gourmet dinner and brunch options provided as part of the ticket and stay packages. Keeping the dietary needs and requirements of all festival attendees in mind, a range of vegan, vegetarian, organic, grain-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free options will be available.



Around-the-clock security will be available in the parking and camping areas. Bag checks and airport-style pat-downs may be conducted. Check the Form Arcosanti festival website to make sure you're not carrying any prohibited items. Anyone disrupting the peace or not respecting the rules of the festival will be asked to leave.


The temperature tends to fluctuate quite a bit from day to night in Arizona. The days are typically warm and dry, while the nights can be quite cold. So be sure to take clothing for both warm and cold weather. Any schedule changes due to the weather will be posted on the festival website and social media pages.


There will be a first aid center on site staffed with trained medical practitioners. Event staff will be available to provide directions and help you if you need medical assistance. Festival organizers can be contacted directly for any questions regarding the accessibility of the venue or the medical facilities available. Due to the nature of community in Arcosanti, the closest pharmacy and medical centers will be in Phoenix to the south and Sedona to the northeast.