Fort Cobb State Park
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If you love being out on the water, Fort Cobb State Park could very well be your next best RV destination. The park surrounds the south portion of Lake Cobb, making the lake accessible no matter where you are in the park. Whether you're camping, fishing, hiking, or boating, Lake Cobb has something to offer everyone.

Fort Cobb Dam was constructed in 1958, creating the 4,000-acre lake. The lake is a hub for outdoors enthusiasts, tourists, and boat in enthusiasts from around the country.

If you're planning to camp at Fort Cobb State Park, you'll find more than 500 campsites, 290 of which offer partial or full hookups! These campsites are spread out among six campgrounds, one of which is primitive camping only. The rest of the campsites are primitive tent campsites. The five RV campgrounds are Catfish Cove, Sunset Cove, Eagle's Nest Cove, Deer Run Cove, and Blackjack Cove.

In addition to the many campsites within the park, you'll also find a marina located within walking distance of catfish cove. The marina allows you to leave your boat in the water if you're planning to stay more than just a day.

RV Rentals in Fort Cobb State Park



Fort Cobb State Park is located on the South portion of Fort Cobb Lake! Accessing the park is a breeze, as it is located just South of State Route 52.

If you're planning to camp at Fort Cobb State Park, you will have no problems maneuvering your RV or camper trailer throughout the park. The park attracts many campers and boaters, so their roads are large enough to accommodate large RVs and boat trailers.

There are many campgrounds within the park, all located on the shore of the lake. To access these campgrounds, you'll follow the main road through the park. If you're camping on the West side of the lake, you'll have to exit the park roads on the Southwest side and reenter the park via the West Campground entrance.

Cycling and walking are very popular in the park, as the walk along the shore can be breathtaking. If you're walking or cycling for leisure, you can access anywhere in the park. If you're walking or cycling to get to one of the featured places in the park, it may take a while to get there. The park is very large, so walks can be a bit long.

If you have the option, driving is the easiest way to get from one side of the lake to the other, but you can't beat a nice stroll in the great outdoors!


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Fort Cobb State Park

Campsites in Fort Cobb State Park

Reservations camping

Deer Run Cove Campground

Deer Run Cove Campground is located on the West Shore of the lake and is easily accessible from the West park entrance! If you're camping in an RV, this is an excellent campground for those looking for a more luxurious stay!

Of the eight full hookup sites within the park, two of these sites are in Deer Run Cove Campground! If you're not planning to reserve one of the full hookups sites, the other sites in the campground offer water and electric hookups!

Within walking distance of your campsite, you'll find easily accessible shore areas, a restroom with showers, and a playground!

Eagles Nest Cove Campground

Eagles Nest Cove is the last and fourth campground on the West shore of the lake! Located South of Deer Run Cove, this campground has much to offer.

All campsites at Eagles Nest Cove Campground offer water and 50 amp electric hookups, and sites #1 and #12 offer full hookups! This is the most convenient campground within the park, as it offers a restroom with showers, easy shore access, a convenient store, an indoor picnic area, and an onsite boat ramp.

Whether you're looking for a relaxed stay or easy access for boating, Eagles Nest Cove Campground is an excellent place to camp in your RV!

Blackjack Cove Campground

Blackjack Cove Campground, also located on the West Shore of the lake, is the Northernmost campground in the park. Located just North of Deer Run Cove Campground, this is a great cross campground that gives you a great outdoorsy feel, while still offering water and electric hookups. Site #33 offers full hookups!

Blackjack Cove Campground does not have restrooms within the area, but Deer Run Cove is just a short walk away and has a restroom with showers! Although this campground is lacking restrooms, there is a boat ramp onsite!

Tent Hill Campground

If you're planning to tough it and enjoy the great outdoors in a tent, Tent Hill Campground is the place for you! While there are no hookups within this campground, it is within walking distance of Deer Run Cove, where you'll find showers, restrooms, and even a playground!

Tent camping it an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors and get away from the chaos of the modern world for a few days! Tent Hill Campground is located on the West Shore of the lake and has several water-front campsites!

Sunset Cove Campground

Sunset Cove Campground has something to offer everyone, as it has the most amenities! Unlike the other campgrounds within the park, Sunset Cover offers both RV and tent camping! This campground is located just a short walk from the marina, as well as the golf course!

If you choose to tent camp, there is a restroom in Sunset Cove Campground, as well as a picnic shelter! The state park office is also a short walk away from Sunset Cove!

All sites at Sunset Cove offer 50 amp hookups, as well as sites #10 and #27 offer full hookups!

White Catfish Cove Campground

White Catfish Cove Campground is another campground that is located just a short walk away from the golf course and campground office, making it perfect for those that are staying for golf tournaments!

White Catfish Cove Campground does not offer any full hookup sites, but many offer 50 amp electric and water hookups! This is the only campground in the park that offers two restrooms! One restroom is located on the North portion of the campground, and the other is located on the South!

Caddo Hill Campground

Caddo Hill Campground is located next to White Catfish Cove Campground. While they share a restroom that is between the two restrooms, there is another located on the South portion of Caddo Hill Campground!

One very unique feature of this campground is that it's home to a community building and a group picnic shelter! Caddo Hill Campground does not have any full hookup sites, but several throughout the campground offer 50 amp electric and water hookups!

This campground is located just a short walk away from the marina and the golf course!

Seasonal activities in Fort Cobb State Park



Boating is one of the most popular activities in Fort Cobb State Park, as the lake is large enough to accommodate all types of boats. There is even a marina located near the Sunset Cover Campground! Whether you're relaxing on your pontoon boat, having a blast on a jet ski, or enjoying the peace of being on your paddleboard, Lake Cobb offers boating experiences for everyone!


Within Fort Cobb State Park, you'll find many swimming areas throughout the park. With its many coves, this is the perfect lake to cool off in from the hot summer sun.

Although swimming is permitted in the park, it is limited to the swimming area. Swimming is not allowed near the marina, and some areas are posted where you can't swim. If you're planning on swimming, don't forget your beach umbrella and sunscreen!


Very few state parks offer a golf course, but this isn't your average state park! Fort Cobb State Park is home to its very own golf course! This golf course features Bermuda greens, well-placed sand-bunkers, a driving range, a golf pro shop, and offers rentals of golf carts.

RV camping is a great way to enjoy the park, and spend your days out on the green!



Hiking is a great way to relieve stress, get exercise, and enjoy the great outdoors. While there are no designated trails in the park, Fort Cobb Lake has over 40 miles of shoreline just waiting to be explored, in addition to its wooded areas.

Since the majority of hiking in the park is on the shoreline, these walks are suitable for all ages and experience levels!


Next to golf and boating, fishing is another very popular activity within Fort Cobb State Park. With its miles of shoreline, there are many fishing opportunities! Whether you're fishing from a boat, kayak, or the bank, you're sure to have luck in on Fort Cobb Lake!

Some of the most commonly fished for species in the lake include many species of bass, catfish, bluegill, and crappie! Anglers recommend live bait or a spinner-style lure!

On Site Facilities

While golf is a unique feature of the park, there are other features that you won't find in many other state parks. Located within Fort Cobb State Park, you'll find a convenience store that you can pick up last-minute camping supplies, a gas station to fuel your boat or RV, a golf pro shop, and a gift shop!

Since you would typically have to leave the park for supplies, these shops make the Fort Cobb an all-in-one state park!