Fort Collins to Canyon Lands National Park Road Trip Guide


Located just east of the Rocky Mountain National Park is the former frontier town of Fort Collins, in Colorado. Cradled between the urban districts and the mountainous wilderness plains of Colorado, this city offers the best of both worlds. The city is also well known for its craft-brewery hubs and an RV road trip that begins here is certain to be all kinds of epic fun!

To start your trip right, get in the mood by visiting the odd Pigeon Express, the mysterious Underground Old Town, the snug Jessup Farm Artisan Village, and the educational Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

When you are in Fort Collins with just a couple of days at your disposal, the best thing to do would be to rent an RV and head straight to Utah. From Intersection 25 to Intersection 70, plenty of roadside attractions will keep you and your family thoroughly entertained.

Your last stop of the RV road trip is the massive Canyonlands National Park in Moab, UT. Spread over 337, 598-acres of land, it is the largest national park in the state of Utah. The inviting landscape of the park invites you to explore its countless canyons keeping your camera ready to capture all the impressive scenic views, wildlife, and buttes carved out by the Colorado River.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: all

Point of Interest

Denver Museum of Science and Nature

Denver Museum of Nature and Science dabbles in wide-ranging topics and timelines. From the prehistoric fossils to the vastness of outer space, you’ll find it all under one roof in the museum. Science is a broad term and the museum remembers it by allowing the visitors to dig deeper into space science, zoology, health sciences, anthropology, geology, and paleontology.

One of the most popular exhibits in the museum is the wildlife display that showcases over 90 habitats as well as wildlife from the world-over. Another famous interactive exhibit is of the Space Odyssey that allows visitors to get an insight into the galaxy and beyond. Of course, how can we forget the favorite of the kids, the imposing skeletons of dinosaurs and the remains of the animals from the Ice Age? Here’s a fun fact: painter Kent Pendleton started the tradition of hiding gnomes and elves in the 1970s. See if you can find any when you visit this remarkable museum.

Main Street

Breckenridge, CO, clearly deserves a standing ovation for making sure Main Street looks exactly the same as it did hundreds of years ago. That’s no easy feat, and yet when you step foot into the street, you’ll feel the history seeping from your surroundings. Numerous structures from the days of the Old Westmining rush still stand today. Their authentic appearance plays a great role in keeping the authentic history of the area enact.

Strolling down the street, you’ll find plenty to do. Lining the street are over 200 shops, most of them selling homemade, handcrafted goods including souvenirs and Colorado’s traditional Navajo weavings. If it’s time for a meal, we strongly suggest delaying it as much as you can until you reach the diners along the Brackenridge’s Main Street as they have been here for more than a century and serve some mean breakfast, espresso, and burgers.

Glenwood Caverns and Adventure Park

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Gypsum is reputed for being one of the best family cave tour destinations in Colorado. The adventure park offers a lot to see and do which keeps both the kids and adults enraptured in their surroundings. The highlight of the adventure park, however, are the caves deep into the mountains, including some of the biggest caves in Colorado. You will also get a chance to see the most highly decorated cave room in the state.

Due to the depth of the underground cave, the temperature here is a constant 52 degrees, even during the winters. Once you have explored as much of the caves as you can, move onto the thrilling Alpine Coaster that will take you 1300-ft above Colorado River. You can also engage in a competitive game of Old-West-Style laser tag. To keep you further entertained, the adventure park offers a 32-foot climbing wall and a 4-D Motion Theater.

Riverfront Trail

Stopping at Grand Junction can be your chance of uncovering some of the best natural vistas in Colorado. Without a moment to waste, beeline it to the Riverfront Trail System that winds through the confluence of Colorado and Gunnison River, allowing you to come close to the ardent landscapes and the rich habitat of the region. The all-purpose trail can be approached any way you like. You can walk, hike, or cycle the distance and enjoy the views all around. Wheelchairs are also allowed on the trail.

In addition to the natural beauty, you can also enjoy all the manmade art murals along the trail. Local artists have made the best of their talents and transformed the bleak-looking piers into cheerful and artistic expressions. 200 species of birds, small wildlife, and cattail marshes, cottonwood groves, and wetlands will also greet you on the trail.


Spanning over more than 300,000 acres of land, Canyonlands National Park in Moab, UT, will give you and your family loads to do. Photography is one of the top activities at the national park, given the vivid and contrasting colors of its high desert landscape, surrounded by the mesas, arches, fins, canyons, and spires. The top activities here include hiking and biking. There are numerous trails in the Island in the Sky perfect for hiking and the landscape of the national park is ideal for those that enjoy mountain biking and wilderness exploration.

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