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Fort Simpson Territorial Park


Ready for an adventure in Canada's Great White North? Why not consider a trip to Fort Simpson Territorial Park? It's a near-Arctic adventure you'll not soon forget.

Fort Simpson Territorial Park sits on the edge of the entrance to the historic Fort Simpson property and is nestled at the meeting point of the Mackenzie and Liard Rivers. A property that is centrally located, this park and camping facility is only a short walk from all of the attractions of town including shopping, restaurants, and information centers. Near to the park grounds is the Papal Site which pays homage to Pope John Paul II's visit in 1987.

A natural habitat for many species of birds, families can enjoy viewing many different migratory varieties including snow geese and tundra swans. Frogs also like to gather in this area, adding their charming warble to the backdrop of this peaceful paradise.

For families who love to hike, Fort Simpson Territorial Park is home to a community trail which runs the perimeter of the property forming a link between several area historic sites. The trail also traverses the area's most popular golf course, a favorite haunt for avid golfers visiting the region on holiday.

Fort Simpson Territorial Park offers many activities for families to enjoy whether their visit occurs in or out of season. Among the most popular recreational attractions include fishing, bird watching, hiking, and swimming.

For an unforgettable Canadian vacation, plan to visit Fort Simpson Provincial Park. You'll have an amazing time.

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RV Rentals in Fort Simpson Territorial Park



Traveling to Fort Simpson Territorial Park from Fort Providence, NT, is a lengthy journey at 328 km (203 miles). The highways along this route alternate between two and four lanes. The roads are kept in good condition and are also kept clean from snow and debris year-round. Traffic moves along well. It is important to note that you may encounter wildlife along the highway, so stay alert to avoid accidents. This route requires passage by ferry. There is a fee associated with this.

The journey from Fort Liard, NT to Fort Simpson Territorial Park is also quite long at 286 km (178 miles). This route is comprised of highways of both two and four lanes and also involves a ferry trip. The roads are kept in excellent condition with traffic moving along well. Be on the lookout for wildlife that occasionally crosses the road. Road construction occurs infrequently.


Parking can be found in the lot at the entrance to Fort Simpson Territorial Park.

Public Transportation

Since this park is extremely remote, there is no public transportation available to the grounds.

Campgrounds and parking in Fort Simpson Territorial Park

Campsites in Fort Simpson Territorial Park

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Fort Simpson Campground

Fort Simpson Campground is open from June 1st through October 1st yearly. Reservations are accepted for RV camping. This camping facility has 32 campsites with 12 completely unserviced and the other 20 offering power hookups. No tent camping is permitted on the grounds. Generator use is allowed, and dogs are welcome so long as they remain leashed.

This campground offers many amenities including a playground, a kitchen shelter, washrooms, showers, drinking water, and firewood. The most popular activities are golfing, hiking, swimming, and fishing.

Seasonal activities in Fort Simpson Territorial Park



The hiking is sublime at Fort Simpson Territorial Park. There is a path marked community trail which runs the perimeter of the property and connects a number of historic sites which are worth a visit. Along your journey, you will travel across the greens of the Seven Spruce Golf Course, an excellent spot to enjoy a game of golf.

The land is full of tree growth and varied terrain. Since many species of birds make this area their home, you may be treated to a rare glimpse of some unusual varieties during your hike.

Bring along some drinking water to keep your thirst at bay. Your dog may join you on your hike but must remain on a leash at all times.

Seven Spruce Golf Course

Avid golfers won't want to miss the chance to visit the Seven Spruce Golf Course. Located within walking distance of Fort Simpson Territorial Park. This 18-hole golf course allows golfers to enjoy a round up to midnight in season.

After enjoying a round with your friends, you can stop by the clubhouse for a refreshing drink or a light snack. The on-site pro shop offers lots of golf supplies and novelty items. Pick up a little something as a souvenir of a great day on the greens.


The Mackenzie River runs the length of Fort Simpson Territorial Park and is a great place to take a swim when the weather is hot. Swimming is unsupervised here, so be careful not to enter the water when the current is too strong.

The banks of the river are lined with both sand and gravel. Bring along an appropriate pair of shoes to allow you to do some beachcombing along the shore.

Bring some drinking water and snacks with you to enjoy after your swim. Your dog may join you on the beach but must remain leashed.



Fort Simpson Territorial Park is the perfect spot for the fishing aficionado to enjoy a day on the river. The Mackenzie River abounds with many different species of fish including grayling, pike, and trout.

Head out in a canoe or power boat or fish from the shore. Many visitors to this area have been known to catch fish worthy of bragging rights and photo opportunities.

The area is also home to many species of marine and terrestrial wildlife, enabling you to take in the beauty of nature while you work on catching "the big one."

Cross-country Skiing

When the snow starts to fly, the fun just begins at Fort Simpson Territorial Park. The trails that are ideal for hiking in the summer become the perfect spot for cross country skiing when the snow blankets the ground. Bundle up in your warmest layers of clothing and bring along a thermos of hot chocolate and head out for a skiing adventure in Canada's winter wonderland.

Be sure to bring drinking water with you and some snacks to enjoy to keep your hunger and thirst levels sated.


Fort Simpson Territorial Park is a haven for migratory birds. Families who love birdwatching will find this recreational area a sanctuary. There is a large diversity of wildlife and birds that frequent this area. Hike along the community trail into the woods. Along your journey, you may discover such rare species as tundra swans and snow geese.

You'll want to be sure you have your camera with you to record the beautiful scenery and unique birds you find along your hike.

Bring some drinking water and snacks. Your dog is welcome to join you but must remain on a leash.