Fryeburg Fair

RV camp at the Fryeburg Fair to be a part of Maine’s Blue Ribbon Classic and explore every facet of life on the farm.

Event information

Fryeburg, Maine is host to the increasingly popular Fryeburg Fair. Eight days of amusement include events you may not see anywhere else. Load the family into the RV and head to a fall event where the fun never ends. The location is ideal for taking in the fresh air and visual beauty of Maine. The Fryeburg Fair has both indoor and outdoor events to watch, from the fireman’s muster to the ladies skillet toss.

Watch the barrel rolling competition, check out the flower show, and marvel at the skills of the sheepdogs as they perform at trials. The kids will love the midway, and the grandstand shows are sure to please. Both day and night entertainment will get your toes tapping. Big name performers and local artists who show their talent for fun and exposure grace the stage. Get to know the llamas and draft horses at the livestock shows, and marvel at the strength of the steer and oxen as they compete in pulls.

It’s not just the events and entertainment that draw the crowds; the camaraderie at the camping area is a big draw, too. Rows of RVs fill the field and give campers a chance to be close to the action.


Once you arrive at the grounds, you can buy a daily or weekly pass to the fair. You might pay between $10 and $70, depending on which option you choose. Children under the age of 12 can enter the gates for free. If you have a senior citizen in your party, watch out for free admission for seniors one day during the week. Visit to see details.

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The fairground coordinates will put you on U.S. Route 302. It’s a scenic drive that will send you through beautiful rural towns as you wind your way toward the Fryeburg Fair. Fryeburg is in the Saco River Valley, a picturesque area that will be teeming with wildlife. Watch out for exploring critters as you make your way to the grounds.

Parking areas

Parking is plentiful and not expensive. You will pay more the closer you want to park to the entrance, but if you are a visitor who wants to leave the venue early on a peak attendance evening, park further away from the gates as the traffic at closing time will prevent a hasty exit.

Public Transportation

Since it is held in a rural area, public transportation is not an option for getting to the Fryeburg Fair. Enjoy the colorful autumn scenery as you make your way there in your vehicle.

Where to stay


Trackside and Fairview camping are popular options for many of the 300,000 annual attendees, and RVers who enjoy being close to the fun return year after year. There are over 3,000 campsites, and staying in these coveted sites will give you easy access to the grounds. Book ahead to ensure a spot and to specify your amperage requirements. Water is also available, but campers must be self-contained; there are no sewer hookups.


If you don’t want to have your RV set up at the fair, the Fryeburg area has other camping alternatives that offer sandy beach fun, and opportunities for canoeing and kayaking. Those who want to sleep in a tent can do so right beside the river. Travel further outside Fryeburg and choose a campground that offers a covered dining area and full service hookup with a lakeside view.

Getting around

Fryeburg Fair encompasses 180 acres of variable terrain. Wear your best walking shoes to be comfortable as you explore everything the fair has to offer. Grass, sand, gravel, and asphalt are the norm so scooters, strollers and, wheelchairs can be maneuvered and are available for rent on a first-come, first-served system.

What to pack


Pack the RV closets full of clothes so that you have everything you need to be comfortable all week long. Closed-toe shoes and rain boots in case of inclement weather are a must. Bring cozy jeans and t-shirts and a jacket or sweater for the evening activities. If your camper has plenty of room for extra clothing; add shorts to the list in case an Indian Summer makes a welcomed appearance.


Fryeburg Fair is such a busy and entertaining event that you do not need to bring anything into the fairgrounds other than sunscreen, a refillable water bottle, and a smile. A camera is a must too, to record the memories. Capture photos of the jugglers, the brass bands and of your kiddos as they ride the midway.

Health & Safety

Bug spray is essential for both the campsite and while at the fair. Apply sunscreen often as well; include it in your personal bag so that you don’t have to venture back to the RV in the middle of the day. Bring a hat for protection from the sun and make sure that the family is drinking lots of water.

Where to eat


Onsite camping will not allow for a campfire meal, but a crockpot chicken and boiled corn on the cob will hit the spot after a long day. For breakfast the next morning, scramble a batch of eggs and serve a fresh fruit bowl. Top up the propane and water supply in the RV and double check your stock of utensils and cooking pots.


Restaurants in Fryeburg village will serve up a feast of chili, steak, seafood or barbequed meats that will satisfy any appetite. Pasta, pizza, and Chinese food are other options or stop for a wholesome sandwich and salad. Venture north a few minutes if you are craving hearty pub fare.


The selection of vendors at the Fryeburg Fair is second to none. With 100 barns full of exhibitors, you can spend a day visiting the homemade representations of every facet of the fare. Vendors will display jams, desserts, woolen products, and unique crafts. There are picnic tables and benches to sit on while enjoying a snack of authentic fair food. There are ATMs on site for ease of purchase.



Fryeburg Fair is successful because of the huge number of volunteers that help to ensure a smoothly run event. There is security at every gate; entrances are manned by knowledgeable staff keen to assist if required. Public safety stations are positioned throughout the grounds and can be found easily by looking at your fairground map.


A sunny, crisp, and cool day makes for a wonderful fall fair. Fryeburg Fair is surrounded by color in the autumn. Onsite campers will want to know their RV heating systems in the event of a cold night. Offsite campers can warm up by a campfire and then snuggle under plenty of blankets.


First aid stations are located with public security services. Get to know your fairground map to enable a quick trip for medical aid if needed. Service dogs wearing identifiable service gear are welcome to attend the fair. When you are packing the RV, check the onboard first aid kit and make sure the supplies are ready for use.