General Butler State Park
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Nestled where the Ohio and Kentucky Rivers converge, General Butler State Resort Park is an outdoor lover's dream featuring 300 acres of breathtaking river views, wildflower meadows, and a glistening lake.

Located just outside of the city of Carrollton, this park was originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1931 and was part of the first state park in Kentucky. It is named after General Percival Butler, a patriot who fought in the Revolutionary War. It is said that George Washington himself honored the Butler family with a toast personally thanking them for their bravery and patriotism.

With roots going all the way back to when the United States began, the park is full of historical facts and tales. Visitors can learn even more about the park's history by visiting the Butler Family Home. Built in 1851, it has since been converted into a museum displaying artifacts and letters from the Butler family's history.

Along with the opportunity to learn about Kentucky's state history, General Butler State Resort Park is abundant with outdoor activities set in a very unique river landscape. The scenic river views of General Butler State Resort Park extend for miles. Visitors will love taking in the fresh air while being surrounded by running water, open fields, and a wooded forest. Explore the area using the five trails located throughout the park. For those interested in nature, the Woodland Trail offers views of large tulip trees, birch trees, hickory trees, and native bushes.

Numerous species of birds call General Butler State Resort Park home, including the Great Blue Heron, Northern Mockingbird, Tufted Titmouse, and the American Goldfinch. From hiking and fishing to birding and boating, General Butler State Resort Park is a dynamic Kentucky RV destination.

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General Butler State Resort Park is easily accessible by RV. Located near Carrollton, KY, off of Highway 227. Local roads lead to almost all park locations from the Lodge and Cottages to the campground and trails. There are no driving restrictions for trailers or RVs within the park, so guests will be able to navigate easily no matter what type of vehicle they are driving. The park is great for being active and getting some gentle exercise with easy access to trails by bicycle and on foot.


There are several parking options for trailers and RVs scattered at various locations throughout the park. Guests will be able to easily locate spots at the lodge, cottages, trails, and lake. The campground is the best option for those guests who plan to stay the night.

Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in General Butler State Park

Campsites in General Butler State Park

Reservations camping

General Butler State Resort Park Campground

General Butler State Resort Park offers 104 pet-friendly campsites available for RVs and tents year-round. These campsites all come with utility hookups and grills. Amenities at the campground include showers, restrooms, and a dump station. Each site has a paved, level pad so that parking is hassle-free. Some of the turns in the campground loops might be a bit tricky for larger rigs. Campers will love being able to easily walk the kids to the playground or the trails. Reservations can be booked anywhere from one day to one year in advance.

The Hilltop Butler Lodge

Filled with masterful woodwork and large windows showcasing spectacular views of the countryside, the Hilltop Butler Lodge is a beautiful attraction that park visitors will not want to miss. For guests who prefer sleeping indoors rather than outside under the stars, the lodge has 53 rooms available by reservation only. Be aware that there is a minimum age requirement of 21 years old in order to rent an available room at the lodge.

Each room provides guests with their own private balcony or patio and includes daily maid service. Because all Kentucky State Parks are pet-friendly, all of the rooms at the Hilltop Butler Lodge welcome pets. Guests are limited to two pets per room and should be aware that an extra fee will be charged for each pet. The lodge is also equipped with high-speed wireless internet.

The Cottages

For visitors who want to enjoy the comforts of home during their stay, General Butler State Resort Park offers 24 cottages available by reservation only. There are a variety of cottage floor plans ranging from one-bedroom to three-bedroom, all of which include one bath.

A limited number of executive cottages are also available. Executive cottages are designed to include two baths. Guests should be aware that there is a minimum age requirement of 21 years old in order to rent an available cottage in the park.

Each cottage comes equipped with basic dishes, kitchen utensils, and linens. There is no maid service at cottage locations. However, fresh towels are provided daily, and other fresh linens are available upon request. All cottages are pet-friendly with a maximum of two pets allowed in each cottage and an extra fee charged for each pet.

Seasonal activities in General Butler State Park


Visiting the Museum

Campers who wish to learn more about the history of the area can park their rigs at the Butler-Turpin Home located at the rear entrance of General Butler State Resort Park. This-house-turned museum takes visitors back to how life was on the Kentucky and Ohio rivers during the early years of the United States. With numerous displays, guests will be able to embrace the spectacular views of the Kentucky River Valley while strolling through exhibits of military documents, furniture, and other military-related artifacts.

Non-Motorized Boating

General Butler State Resort Park is an amazing location for non-motorized boating any time of the year. Butler Lake is a 30-acre kayaking paradise with shores full of exciting views. While paddling around the lake, visitors can take in the stunning beauty of the park, with its rolling meadows and vast forests of towering trees. Be sure to bring along the camera to capture pictures of the many different types of wildlife that can be spotted along the shore.


General Butler State Resort Park is home to several unique species of birds. Visitors will want to make sure that they have their binoculars ready as some of these species are very small. Just a few of the many birds that can be seen here include the Great Blue Heron, Dark-eyed Junco, Wild Turkeys, and Canadian goose. Some of the most popular birding areas are Stone Overlook, open meadows, and the shores of Butler Lake.



Enjoy some of the finest fishing in Kentucky at the 30-acre Butler Lake. The lake is full of several varieties of fish including bass, crappie, bluegill, and catfish. For guests who did not bring their own rod and reel, the park offers a loaner program where they check out the gear free of charge. However, guests who intend to go fishing will be required to have a fishing license. Also be aware that some fish have catch limits, so it is important to review the Kentucky Fishing & Boating Guide before participating.


Explore General Butler State Resort Park by bike by riding The Fossil Trail. This 4.5-mile loop leads visitors into the heart of the park, weaving through the forested countryside. The path is designed for skilled cyclists and requires that riders wear helmets at all times.

For guests who want a slightly less challenging tour of the park, the Butler Lake Trail is an appealing alternative. Another wonderful biking trail, the nearly two-mile Butler Lake Trail offers a smoother ride while allowing guests to take in incredible views of the park.


General Butler State Resort Park offers five hiking trails ranging in difficulty. Guests seeking a more leisurely stroll will enjoy either the quarter-mile nature trail leading between the Lodge and Camp area or the half-mile nature loop in the campground. For those guests who are seeking a bit more of a challenge, the 4.5-mile long Fossil Trail is recommended. The Fossil Trail will take guests deep into the heart of the park towards Stone Overlook, Carrol County's highest point.