Georgia National Fair

Join the celebration of agriculture with craft contests, animal shows, and educational exhibits when you camp at the Georgia National Fair.

Event information

Since 1990, Georgian's flock to Central Georgia for an 11-day celebration of the state's number one industry: agriculture. Perry, Georgia hosts this enormous festival at its sprawling fairgrounds. Top attractions include livestock shows, horse shows, metalworking, craft competitions, and interactive educational exhibits featuring Georgia's agri-businesses including cotton, honey, and livestock.

Georgia's artists and craftsmen come together to compete and share their works in the culinary arts, leather-craft, quilting, wood carving, painting, and more. Aspiring young writers enter their stories into the "Fair Bear Creative Writing Contest," where finalists read their works and winners are selected.

One of the fair's most unique attractions is its "Georgia Grown Barn," a one-of-a-kind agricultural education exhibit sometimes featuring live animal births.

The Reaves Arena hosts notable musicians for live concerts throughout the festival. The Temptations first headlined the event in 1990, and today the Georgia National Fair still attracts excellent entertainment.

RVers stay right on fairground property and are close to the action. Many campers are participants or contestants at the fair be it at the horse show, livestock show, or craft competition. You are sure to meet some of Georgia's finest people as this celebrated agricultural fair.


RV reservations are made easily online. Georgia Fairgrounds offer both 30 and 50 amp options, with limited 50 amp sites available. Historically, sites range from $30-$50 per night, though these prices can differ depending on the day, and what events are going on at the time. Sites are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis upon reservation. Full payment is required when booking.

Fair admission tickets to attend the fair hover around $10 per day, with discounts for seniors and children. Keep an eye on the Georgia Fair website for "special admission," days featuring lower pricing for military families, college students, and seniors. If attending the fair all eleven days, consider a season pass to cash in on savings.

Concert tickets at the Georgia National Fair often feature country and bluegrass headliners. These tickets are sold separately and can range in price, depending on the musical artist. If purchasing concert tickets in advance, fair admission is included in your purchase. However, if purchasing tickets on the day of the concert, fair admission is NOT included with your ticket.

Ride tickets are also sold separately. Purchasing tickets ahead of time in the month of September can offer a discount.

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Conveniently located right off of I-75 in Central Georgia, the Georgia National Fairgrounds area is easy to get to coming from any direction. Perry, GA is just south of Macon, and east of Columbus. The terrain in Central Georgia is flat and easy to navigate. RV motorists are to enter through the East Gate. Guests may desire to set up camp before heading to the fairgrounds.

Parking areas

Ample parking is available surrounding the fair for no fee. Before departing your vehicle, check your surrounding area for landmarks in order to find your vehicle later. Lock your vehicle doors and remember to stow valuables away from the sun and the eyes of intruders. If you wish to park an RV for the day instead of camping on site, it is advisable to inquire in advance if this will be an option.

Public Transportation

Middle Georgia does not offer convenient public transit. The best way to access Perry is by car using the two main interstate highways that intersect here, I-75 and I-16. Fair-goers may want to carpool with friends and family if possible.

Where to stay


RV Check-in is only at the East Gate. The Georgia National Fair offers 30 and 50 amp sites, with limited 50 amp sites. Some sites offer sewer and water hookup, but not all. Reserving a camping spot online is easy, and it is encouraged to do so as far ahead of time as possible. If there are no more camping spots available, there are multiple options for alternative campgrounds in the surrounding area. Motorists of larger rigs may want to inquire if camper size needs consideration when registering.


The fairgrounds have fostered a healthy camping culture in Perry, GA. You will find multiple options for alternative campgrounds to stay at if the fairgrounds are booked. RVers may find lower prices at some nearby campgrounds with similar access to all the excitement. Some campgrounds even offer horse boarding.

Getting around

Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter does not offer transportation throughout the grounds, so put on your walking shoes. Bicycles are a faster means to get around, but always lock up your bike when it is not in use and remember that wheels may not be allowed in all areas. No golf carts or motorized vehicles are allowed during the Georgia National Fair.

What to pack


Bring layers for a day that could reach the mid to upper 80's, and dip into the 50's once the sun goes down. Always come prepared with a poncho or umbrella in the event of a scattered shower. Keep your bags to a minimum and try and consolidate into the smallest bag possible. Wear comfortable shoes since walking will be your primary way of getting around.


RV camping here is in close quarters, so be mindful of your neighbors by not blaring music, smoking nearby, or being disruptive. Cook using propane or your RV kitchen. Bring camp chairs and a sun tent to set up outside your rig so meeting people is enjoyable and shaded. Don't forget small bills for purchasing local crafts in the Home Arts & Crafts building or for an easier transaction process when buying food.

Health & Safety

Use common sense and come prepared with backup water. Travel with your prescriptions and IDs for specific medical conditions. As a precaution, do not leave your RV unlocked while away. Bring sunscreen with you during the day to reapply periodically. Though there is Red Cross medical staff on site at the fairgrounds, always travel with a first aid kit in your RV for minor emergencies.

Where to eat


If you are on a special diet, come prepared with the groceries you want to fix the food you need at your RV. Remember to fill your RV tanks in advance for simplicity at your campsite and check regulations regarding fuel and outdoor stoves.


The area directly surrounding the fair offers typical chain eats and sit-down restaurants serving BBQ, Mexican, and fried chicken. Downtown Perry has a quaint main street with a handful of mom-and-pop shops, including an excellent coffee shop and cafe. BBQ is often a predominant cuisine in this southern community.


Georgia National Fair has a dizzying amount of southern fair food to choose from like corn dogs, lemonade, hot dogs, hamburgers, candy apples, and BBQ. Mexican, Italian, and Greek food vendors also dot the landscape as ethnic fare. Expect plenty of Georgia homemade sweets like ice cream, cinnamon pretzels, and lemon shakes.



Police are stationed on the fairgrounds at all times. All bags and packages are searched upon entering the fairgrounds and marked with a "Possibly Safe" tag to help security identify unattended items.

Georgia State Patrol Officers are very active and watch speeds diligently. Obey posted speed limit signs, and use the South Gate (accessed from Exit 134 off of I-75) for passenger pickup and drop-offs.

If children get lost, they should report to the clock tower in the center of the fairgrounds. RV campers are provided 24-hour security. For additional security requests, visit the Security Office inside the East Gate.


The Georgia National Fair takes place in early October in central Georgia. Temperature highs can reach the mid-80's during the day, and lows can drop into the 50's at night. The Georgia National Fairgrounds offer little opportunity for shade, so temperatures can feel hotter than they actually are. Take refuge in buildings with AC to cool off periodically during the day. Rain chances decrease in October as Georgia enters fall weather; however, always keep a poncho handy in the event of scattered showers.


Red Cross medical services are centrally located at the fairgrounds, next to the Police. Always remember to travel with necessary prescriptions, allergy medication, and illness documentation. Perry Hospital is a six-minute drive from the fairgrounds in the event of an emergency.