Georgia Renaissance Festival

Step into the past at the Georgia Rennaissance Festival, where all things medieval come to life. Pack the RV for a road trip and include your costume.

Event information

Sightings of gallant knights and beautiful queens and tomfoolery around every corner are ways the Georgia Renaissance Festival can be described. The court jesters entertain, brave souls on horseback perform the joust, and maidens dance to the sound of the harp.

This annual event takes place for eight weekends over the spring and no matter which time you attend, the activities are sure to take you back in time. Follow a wandering minstrel across the courtyard or stop and marvel at the skill of a juggler. Explore the kingdom and be sure to visit the Queen’s Garden or Olde Town.

Fairburn is thought to have been settled in the 1830s. Its history includes cotton exportation. It was later known as a banking town, and the Fairburn Railway and Electric Company began service in the early 1900s. Many of the old concrete buildings from the early days of the city’s history are still standing. Take some time from the Renaissance days to explore an era of this unique and storied city.

A variety of camping locations are near the festival, and you can get your fill of fun recreational activities in the area, too. Consider a picnic stop at Nantahala National Forest or Oconee National Forest and then head to Fairburn for a holiday in your motorhome. Be sure to keep a travel log of the best vacation yet.


Ticket prices for this special event range from $8 to $40, with separate passes required to attend a pub crawl or fairy tea party. The fest runs from mid-April to early June, allowing you to choose the dates that suit your travel itinerary. See, and check out what you want to see and do while in attendance. Kids five and under are free, no matter which weekend suits your schedule.

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I-85, I-75, and I-20 are possible routes to take you south and into the Renaissance era. The festival is located close to the downtown area. Check the website for detailed directions and instructions to get you to the main parking lot. Georgia511 will guide you through traffic in the state and alert you to possible issues. Listen to the radio to keep on top of the weather conditions.

Parking areas

Parking for the Georgia Renaissance Festival is free and plentiful and can be found at the main entrance. Accessible parking is located here as well. Signage will direct you to the parking entrance. Follow the signs and be sure to enter the second driveway, not the first. Then, the kingdom awaits.

Public Transportation

Being in a rural setting, the RenFest does not have a public transit service. Opt for ridesharing or taxi services to take you down Virlyn B. Smith Road where the event is held, and ask them to drop you at the main entrance.

Where to stay


The kingdom of RenFest does not have accommodation for tents or recreational vehicles, but there are several state and privately owned campgrounds in the region. Are you looking to take a trek every day? Is fishing your passion? Or, do you hope to relax in a quiet campground off the beaten track? Gather the family for a meeting and choose your favorite spot to lay claim.


No doubt you want to explore Atlanta while in Georgia. Consider Sweetwater Creek State Park camping area in Lithia Springs, which is only about 30 minutes from the city and is great for daytime recreation. Don Carter State Park offers amenities for motorhomes, along with biking, swimming, paddling and more within an hour and a half. Elijah Clark State Park is a bit further away in Lincolnton but offers the RVer a spot overlooking the Savanna River.

Getting around

The terrain at the Georgia Renaissance Festival is made up of grass, dirt, and gravel. Paved areas can be found but are typically in combination with steep inclines. If you are in a wheelchair, bring along assistance so that you can navigate around the event. Motorized scooters are permitted as well, and both can be rented at the event if needed. Wagons are usually available, too.

What to pack


The fun thing about RenFest is that you can dress in period costume. Fancy being a member of royalty? Bring your finest. Pirates, wizards, kilted folk, and maidens are welcome, too as is any suitable period dress. Costumes can be rented on site if you prefer to go that route, and of course, you can dress in your everyday apparel as well. If you do dress up, bring along your regular clothing in the event that temperatures rise and your finery gets too warm.


A well-organized and complete prep list includes outdoor items like lawn chairs, a cooler for the picnic table, games for the kids, sunscreen, and bug spray. Make this camping season a good one by having the appropriate gear inside your Airstream, too. Utensils, pots and pans, dishes, towels, flashlights, and a small radio are essentials you won’t want to leave home without for your trek to Georgia.

Health & Safety

The kingdom of the Georgia Renaissance Festival is a large and busy one. Over 250,000 people enter its gates throughout the weekends from April to June. Set rules with the kids to ensure that they stay within arm’s reach. Insist on rest periods throughout the day and have the family refresh themselves with a cool drink from the vendor tents. Frozen lemonade or fruits smoothies will do the trick. You can also carry a water bottle.

Where to eat


State parks in the area often have fire rings, so remember to pack the hotdogs for roasting and the marshmallows for toasting. Don’t leave your fire unattended at any time and be sure to check the coals before retiring each evening. Do not move firewood from one campground to another because you may unknowingly transport tree-killing insects, found in the wood, from one state to another.


Give the cook the night off and head out for Cajun, Creole, Mexican, Mediterranean, and more. Fairburn and surrounding areas offer dishes to suit every taste. Whether it’s a sit-down meal or a quick bite, be sure to leave room for the best donuts in town before heading back to the campervan for a sleep under the stars.


Stop at the ATM before checking out the vendor booths if paying cash is your preference over credit. Over 150 artisans show off their talent in demonstrations throughout the kingdom. Jewelry, pottery, bows and quivers, wooden toys, dragons, leather footwear, and tapestries are just a few of the hundreds of items for admiring or purchase. Don’t miss the food booths because you can’t go home without trying the Turkey Legges, Cheese Fryes, Funnel Cakes, or Belgian Waffles.



Front gate security will be checking all bags and as well, ensuring that weapons that are part of a costume are properly secured and safe. Broadaxes, tipped arrows, and similar weapons are not permitted. Check the website for rules to avoid part of your outfit being confiscated. If you need to leave the festival, have your hand stamped so that you can get back into the event.


Georgia RenFest goes on as planned rain or shine. Bring along a waterproof poncho and billy boots to attend and enjoy the festivities no matter the weather. The kingdom continues to operate, and the stages will have entertainers on hand to delight whether the skies are blue or grey.


Familiarize yourself with the location of the kingdom’s first aid station upon arrival. For the campsite, have an easily-accessed first aid kit on hand to tackle bumps, bruises, and jousting injuries as needed. Check the expiration dates on the creams and ointments as you pack them and replace if necessary.