Grand Rapids to Billings Road Trip Guide


For an amazing RV adventure, a seven-day road trip from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Billings, Montana is not to be missed.

Grand Rapids is one of Michigan's premier cities. It is nestled along the banks of the Grand River to the eastern side of Lake Michigan. The city is home to many much-loved attractions including the stunningly beautiful Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park that contains a conservatory of tropical plants as well as many different attractive gardens. The property features many pieces of art includes works by Rodin, Henry Moore, and Ai Weiwei.

The second biggest city in the state of Michigan, Grand Rapids is home to many craft breweries. Its renown for this popular amber brew led CNN to proclaim it one of the United States' top 15 beer cities.

The area has always been a prosperous center for the manufacturing of furniture and as a home base for five of the most well-renowned furniture companies, Grand Rapids has earned itself the name of "Furniture City." But since Grand Rapids is known for far more than simply furniture, it is also commonly referred to as "Beer City" and "River City."

Grand Rapids is the city where U.S. President Gerald Ford was raised. His remains were interred beside his wife on the premises of the city's Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

This metropolitan area is alive with culture; particularly during the summer months when it plays host to such events as the Celebration on the Grand and Pulaski Days, an event that pays homage to Polish food, history, and culture.

Due to its rich culture of music, theatre, outdoor recreation, and the fine arts, Grand Rapids received the honor of being designated the #1 U.S Destination by Lonely Planet in 2014. The city is home to many public parks, historic sites, beaches, and campgrounds for families to enjoy.

Traveling through Grand Rapids in an RV can be difficult since it is a metropolitan center with busy highways. With this in mind, many RV campers prefer to park their rigs in a public lot and take advantage of the city's transportation system which includes buses and taxis.

Among the best places to enjoy RV stays in Grand Rapids are Steamboat Park Campground and Woodchip Campground.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

Windmill Island

The first leg of the journey towards Billings is short at only 28.3 miles. This little trek brings RV campers to Holland's popular Windmill Island.

Windmill Island is a treasure trove of beauty and brilliant colors just waiting for discovery. The property is home to an operational windmill that remains true to those found in the country of Holland itself. The windmill is named DeZwaan, and tours are conducted of the building each day.

The windmill sees daily use, turning Michigan's wheat crops into flour which is available for sale in the on-site gift shop. The mill has been furnished with a new deck. Tour guides in period costumes provide information about the history of the premises. From the fourth floor of the property, RV campers are treated to incredible views of the 36 acres of stunning gardens and canals that line the premises.

Other great educational opportunities at Windmill Island include viewing an Amsterdam street organ and a traditional Dutch carousel that has been hand-painted. There is also a playground on the premises.

Picnic areas are found on the grounds for those wishing to enjoy a light lunch or snack.

Tuckered out from a day exploring the blooming splendor at Windmill Island? Plan an overnight RV stay at Oak Grove Resort Campground or Beach Campground.

Indiana Dunes National Park

Just 107 miles from Windmill Island is the stunning Indiana Dunes National Park. This popular recreational area was once referred to as the Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore. The property is located along the southern banks of the beautiful Lake Michigan.

One of the most distinctive features of Indiana Dunes National Park is its 15 miles of pristine sand beach. The area is renowned for an incredibly diverse terrain which includes sand dunes, marshlands, rich tree growth, and much, much more. A thick array of brilliantly hued wildflowers blankets the ground in season.

Indiana Dunes National Park rests along the boundary of Indiana Dunes State Park. It is here that the three largest dunes are found. Many trails run through the property with Trails 8, 9, and 10 rated must-do hiking paths for those that love a vigorous workout and incredible scenery.

A must-visit destination in this recreational area is the dune referred to as Mount Baldy. This dune is gradually decreasing in size due to erosion, losing approximately four feet per year. Though the trail which leads to the summit is closed at times, it is well worth the effort to climb it if open at the time of your visit. All of the hiking trails are suitable for walking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

Beachcombing is a popular attraction here with many treasures to be found on a hunt through the 15 miles of scenic shoreline. Swimming is also a popular activity during the warm weather months with several public beaches for families to choose from.

Tuckered out from a day by the shore? Why not spend the night doing some RV camping at Dunewood Campground or Sandcreek Campground?

Legoland Discovery Center Chicago

A short drive of 77.5 miles brings RV campers to the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center, a place that is sure to be fun for every member of the family. Legoland is comprised of two stories of hands-on exhibits for families to enjoy. The primary focus of the park is encouraging creativity and imagination in young children. Found on the premises is a large amount of Lego where kids and adults alike can enjoy building their own structures.

The facility houses a school known as the Master Builder Academy where families can learn the secrets of building Lego masterpieces. There is also a 4D theatre on the premises that features films about the history of this beloved toy as well as how Lego building blocks are constructed.

After a day of fun on the grounds, why not check out the Lego Cafe then do some shopping in the Lego Store?

Legoland is found in the town of Schaumburg in a building that is 30,000 square feet in total space. The entire facility is home to 3hree million pieces of Lego. Though the museum largely targets children from ages two through twelve, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

There are several amusement park-style rides on the grounds as well.

After a day of fun at Legoland, spend the night catching up on some zzz's at Paul Wolff Campground or Chicago Northwest KOA Holiday.

Hurricane Harbor Rockford

Fifty-five miles of open road is all that separates RV campers from the fun awaiting them at Hurricane Harbor Rockford. This popular theme park is sometimes referred to as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford as well. It is located in the city of Rockford, Illinois, and is focused on water-based amusement park rides.

Hurricane Harbor Rockford first opened to the public in 1984. It became a part of the Six Flags family in 2019. The original name for this theme park was Magic Waters.

There are 12 different popular rides found at Hurricane Harbor Rockford. In addition to these attractions, there are also several restaurants and shops found on the grounds. Of all of the Hurricane Harbor parks in the Six Flags franchise, the Rockford location is the smallest.

Among the most popular rides found at Hurricane Harbor Rockford are the Screaming Lizard, the Abyss, the Typhoon Terror, the Paradise Pipeline, and the Splash Magic River. The park is home to seven concession stands which include the Surfside Cafe, Dippin Dots, Tiki Tacos, and Beachside Funnel Cakes.

After a day of fun in the sun, a good night's rest might be the perfect ending to the perfect day. Spend the night catching up on your beauty sleep in the comfort of your RV at Blackhawk Valley Campground or Rock Cut State Park.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens

It's a short drive to the next destination en route to Billings with only 71.4 miles to travel to reach the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, this popular attraction boasts of over 16 acres of pristinely manicured lawns and gardens for families to enjoy at their leisure.

One of the primary focal points of the park is the Thai Pavilion, a structure that is the only one of its kind within the United States. But Olbrich Botanical Gardens is more than simply an outdoor paradise. There is also an indoor garden full of tropical plants for families to enjoy.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens is a popular place for many events throughout the year. The property also hosts many classes and concerts for the public to enjoy. Also found on the grounds are a gift shop and a library full of books devoted to horticulture.

Guided garden strolls are available to the public from May through October each year. In the summer months, concerts are hosted on the grounds.

Butterfly season also draws many visitors. Enjoy the different colors and varieties of this beautiful winged creature by visiting the gardens in July or August.

Among the best places for an RV stay in Madison are Lake Farm Campground or Capital Springs State Recreation Area.

Minnehaha Falls

It's a lengthy journey at 474 miles to reach the next destination en route to Billings: Minnehaha Falls. Minnehaha Falls is located outside the booming city of Minneapolis. This stunning recreational area boasts many things for families to enjoy during their visit.

Minnehaha Falls has many amenities to commend it. The property is home to a bandstand where outdoor events are held in season. A decorative fountain provides an interesting focal point that is an excellent spot for snapping a few family photos.

For those that were hoping to get in a workout, why not try one of the biking paths or walking trails that meander through the beautifully landscaped grounds? Other outdoor attractions here include a disc golf course, a garden, a picnic area, a playground, a volleyball court, and a wading pool.

Public art pieces are found scattered throughout the grounds. There is also a drinking fountain provided for the public to use. Bathrooms are also found on the premises.

Parking is accessed via an on-site lot. There is a fee charged to utilize this service.

Had a ball exploring the falls and ready to settle in to catch a few zzz's? Consider an RV stay at Ham Lake Campground or Rice Creek Campgrounds.

Red River Zoo

It's a 243-mile journey between Minnehaha Falls and the next stop en route to Billings: the Red River Zoo. Located in Fargo, North Dakota, the Red River Zoo is home to over 300 animals representing 75 species in total. Many of the creatures found at this popular attraction are considered to be endangered.

Also found on the grounds is an antique carousel which is of particular fascination to children and adults alike. Rides on this attraction are permitted for a fee. There are also a number of hands-on exhibits for children to participate in and enjoy.

Fargo is a unique zoo in that it proudly displays animals indigenous to the region as well as many different exotic creatures from other lands. They have an active breeding program, with the preservation of rare species that thrive in cold temperatures their particular specialty.

Among the animals RV campers will see here are Chinese Red Pandas, Pallas' Cats, and the Sichuan Takin. Also found on the grounds are more common animals to the United States such as deer, otters, and fox.

An unusual feature that is not to be missed during a visit is the picturesque and colorful fence comprised of large pencil crayons.

There is a cafe on the grounds where families can enjoy snacks and drinks.

Tuckered out after a day enjoying the animals at the Red River Zoo? Do some RV camping at Lindenwood Campground or Buffalo River State Park.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

The last stop before cruising into Billings in the RV is 203 miles away in Bismarck. Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park was founded in 1907 and is the oldest facility of its kind in the state.

One of the most popular attractions in North Dakota, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is alive with outdoor opportunities for RV campers to enjoy during their visit. The property is of great historical significance and also offers many activities for those looking to reconnect with nature. Whether families are looking to do some hiking, biking, or getting out on the water, there is no shortage of fun activities at this beloved family destination.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park has a vast network of trails that families can explore. They vary in length and intensity to provide something for everyone. Overnight camping is permitted in the on-site cabins which feature breathtaking views of the Missouri River. Fishing is also a favorite activity here.

The on-site Visitor Center details the history of the region. Also found on the grounds is the fort from which the park takes its name: Fort Abraham Lincoln. Several military buildings have been restored to their former state, and there are also the remains of a village that was once inhabited by a people group known as the Mandan Indians.

RV camping is permitted here. There are 82 campsites that offer both power and water hookups. Nineteen sites are set aside for primitive-style camping.


The last leg of the journey is a long one, traveling a distance of 418 miles in the RV to reach the final destination of Billings, Montana. RV campers will be thrilled to park their rig at their campground to enjoy an extended stay.

Billings is located in the state of Montana. This metropolitan city is found along the banks of the Yellowstone River. An area of immense beauty, there are many topographical features that are particularly breathtaking to behold in Billings, including dense trails that lead along rimrock ridges. Historical artifacts can be discovered at the city's much-loved Western Heritage Center. To learn more about life in the region in the early 1900s, it is well worth the time to stop by the Moss Mansion. Another must-visit destination includes the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, a property best known as the place where Lieutenant Colonel Custer lost his life.

Billings is a city that enjoys an active cultural life. The area boasts of a number of theatres as well as its own symphony orchestra. A spot that is popular with both tourists and locals alike is the Art House Cinema and Pub where RV campers can enjoy a classic film along with their favorite beverage.

Billings is a hot spot for those that enjoy outdoor recreation. The Red Lodge Mountain Resort is a popular skiing facility that sees many visitors each year. Other popular outdoor activities in Billings include hiking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, fishing, and rappelling. The area is home to many festivals as well as rodeos and food events. Among the most highly attended social activities include the Wine and Food Festival at MSU Billings, the Strawberry Festival, Alive After 5 concerts, Big Sky State Games, and Skyfest. Billings is also home to a number of craft breweries.

Traveling through Billings in an RV is not difficult to do. However, for those that prefer to tackle the town on foot, park your rig at a public lot and take a taxi or bus into the heart of the city.

Among the best places for an RV stay in Billings include Billings KOA Holiday and Yellowstone River Campground.

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