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Conveniently located between the foothills of Wichita Mountains and the eastern shores of Tom Steed Reservoir, Great Plains State Park is one of the best places to visit in southwestern Oklahoma, so you better make sure you add this fantastic destination to your RV bucket list. Sitting on 487 acres of land, Great Plains State Park is teeming with recreational outdoors activities including rock climbing, swimming, and biking. Some trails will bring you through rocky terrain to the lakeside. Visitors can also spot free roaming deer and cranes on the lakeshores. For history buffs, there are plenty of historical sites to explore within the park. For a picnic lunch with a view, head to the several picnic area sprinkled by the lake. There is reservable shelter pavilion in each campground with the largest being in Otter Creek campground.

Rising at 1,426 feet, Great Plains State Park is surrounded by breathtaking views. You will love biking through the trails of the park. There are 56 campsites available for RV campers and additional sites for tent camping. While you can camp here for just a night or two, you can stay up to 14 days to explore the park at your own pace.

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Great Plains State Park is about two hours southwest of Oklahoma City. Situated south of Hobart off Highway 183, just a few miles from Mountain Park City, guests can easily locate Great Plains State Park. The road leading to the park is accessible by RVs, trailers, and cars. There is a paved parking area near the entrance where visitors can park their trailers. Overnight campers can park in their designated campsites. The interior roads are in good condition and lead visitors anywhere in the park.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Great Plains State Park

Campsites in Great Plains State Park

Reservations camping

Great Plains State Park Campground

Great Plains State Park offers 86 campsites divided among its two campgrounds (Mountain Shade and Otter Creek) and are perfect for trailers, RVs and tents. 30 of the sites are set aside for tent campers, while 56 are designated RV sites. RVers will appreciate that 14 sites are equipped with electric, water, and sewer hookups. The other 42 are standard campsites with water and electricity. A good number of semi-modern sites have water access.

Campers can bring their pets with them provided they are leashed at all times. Amenities include lantern holders, picnic tables, restrooms, a dump station, and grills. Cell reception within the campground is great. Some campsites are open for reservation, while a few are available on a first-come-first-served basis. If possible, you should carry your essentials with you since the closest town is Snyder eight miles away. Hobart and Altus, approximately 20 miles, are nearest major towns.

First-come first-served

Great Plains State Park RV Campground

Some campsites in both campgrounds are available on first-come, first-served basis.

Seasonal activities in Great Plains State Park


Mountain Biking

Great Plains State Park has some of the most amazing biking trails in the Mountain Park area. Bikers can benefit from the seven-mile granite trail system. Divided into three sections this trail can pose a challenge for beginners since it's narrow, rough, and rocky, so it is best suited for skilled bikers. However, inexperienced bikers can still enjoy some paths in East Loop.


This park offers access to many hiking trails for RV campers and day use visitors. If you possess average hiking skills, then you can enjoy Great Plains State Park trails on foot. Trails bring you up to views of lush green scenery, rock outcroppings, and historical ruins. You need to be careful since rattlesnakes are common in the park. Remember to pack you a flashlight in your motorhome since it will come handy. Since most of the trees are still small, there is little shade so you will need to bring a hat and sunscreen with you.


If you’re trying to beat the summer heat, you can put on your swimsuit and hop into the park's swimming area and enjoy yourself. The beach area is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. If swimming is not your idea of fun, you can simply relax and watch the beautiful blue waters of Tom Steed Reservoir.


Exploring Historical Sites

Great Plains State Park is home to some of Kiowa County's historical treasures. As evidenced by historical remains scattered throughout the northeastern section of the park, the land on which Great Plains State Park lies was once flourishing in the mining and milling industries. Believed to have been functional over 100 years back, the mine ruins are hard to miss during your excursion through the park. Another fantastic historic gem is the remnants of Gold Bell Mill of 1904. For those interested in exploring these sites there is an interpretive trail that provides historical information about the area.

Rock Climbing

There are granite outcroppings in Great Plains State Park where guests of all ages can enjoy rock climbing. If you are a passionate rock climber, then you should make a point of hiking the Granite Trail that exposes visitors to an expansive granite boulder field. Kids will love jumping on the rocks.


Created in 1975, Tom Steed Reservoir is a haven for anglers and provides excellent fishing all year round. With two boat ramps, a dock, and extensive shorelines, Great Plains State Park visitors can access both the eastern and southern shores of this reservoir. Catfish, bass, and crappie are native to the reservoir. If you happen to camp during the peak season, you can easily purchase baits and snacks from Tom Steed Bait Shop. You can always bring a boat in your campervan if you cherish boat fishing.