Greater Baton Rouge State Fair

Eleven days of action and entertainment await at the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair! Set your RV in the direction of Louisiana to avoid missing out!

Event information

The Greater Baton Rouge State Fair is a fall event that’s held across two weekends and the days between them. It spans 11 days at 16072 Airline Highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and brings tens of thousands of visitors to the area every year.

The Greater Baton Rouge State Fair has been an integral part of the Baton Rouge community since 1965. It began as a trade show and eventually became a state fair in 1973. It’s now a fall attraction at the 100-acre fairgrounds on Airline Highway, part of the 150-acre BREC Airline Highway Park and Fairgrounds.

The fair is an attraction for young and old alike. It boasts carnival rides galore for the young and young at heart and a livestock pavilion for farmers and animal lovers. Fair-goers will also find plenty of competitions, allowing many to win a prize.

The food options are spectacular as well. You won’t want to arrive at the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair with a full stomach, that’s for sure. With wonderful vendors, stage entertainment, displays, exhibits, and commercial stalls, there are so many reasons to visit this fair.

What’s more, it’s an excellent destination for your next RV journey. There are plenty of nearby camping opportunities, as well as things to do, such as try your luck at the Santa Maria Golf Course. If your schedule looks hectic with the festive season fast-approaching, then it might be time to get your RV ready for a new, exciting adventure with the family.


Whether you’re heading to the fair as a family, couple, or individual, there are ample ticket options to suit. In the past, tickets have been a mere $5 for anyone over 48 inches tall. Your ticket gains you entry to the fair and access to all the entertainment. However, if you’re planning on going on any of the rides, you will also need to purchase either a wristband or ride coupons. You can buy your tickets at the gate or visit the Great Baton Rouge State Fair’s website to learn more about pricing and schedules.

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Baton Rouge is in the heart of Louisiana, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have trouble making your way to the fair in your RV. With fantastic roading systems, including main highways, navigation might be a breeze. Highway 12 and 10 are your most direct routes, exiting onto minor highway 61 for easy access into the fairground gates.

Parking areas

In previous years, day vehicle parking spaces have been free for anyone who visits. There are no marked sites on the grass, which means that officials will lead your vehicle, no matter the size, to the best area. You should have no problems securing a generously-sized parking spot for your RV.

Public Transportation

Given that the fair is on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, it’s not within walking distance of the city center. That can prove inconvenient if you don’t want to drive your RV or tow vehicle to and from the fair each day. If you prefer to park at your campsite and find alternative transportation from your accommodation to the fair, then there are a couple of options to consider. There is one bus that runs the route of Airline Highway. You can also utilize private ride services for convenience.

Where to stay


The 100-acre park-like fairgrounds are expansive and well laid out, but they do not accommodate RV-goers who wish to stay for the duration of the fair. While you can park your RV in the day parking area, you will need to remove it each day. Fortunately, Baton Rouge boasts plenty of camping opportunities for the avid RV-goer.


Baton Rouge is home to a handful of different campsite and RV accommodation providers who are more than willing to cater to fair visitors. Each facility boasts different amenities, some with service hookups and others with none. If you have something particular in mind, ensure that you book in advance. You then have a greater chance of getting your first pick. The next step is to arrange transportation from your campsite to the fair. The local bus service or private ride services may be able to help.

Getting around

Getting around the 100-acre site will be effortless on foot. Once you park your RV in the north or south parking lots, you can then wander through the main gates with central attractions everywhere you look. If you need to take a break, there are plenty of seating areas as well.

What to pack


Louisiana typically puts on a few scorchers for the duration of the fair, which means you’ll likely be in your summer clothing for the majority of the event, even with winter on the horizon. You will need a sunhat, shorts, t-shirts, singlets, and light, breathable layers. Given that you’ll be meandering the grounds on foot, comfortable footwear won’t go astray either.


The benefit of bringing your RV to the fair is that you can leave much of your possessions in it. You don’t have to worry about bringing everything but the kitchen sink through the main gates. You can leave behind large and cumbersome items such as chairs as well. Fair officials also require that you do not bring any outside food or beverages, so enjoy the vendor offerings instead. If you aren’t sure if you will need cash, there are plenty of ATMs on site for convenience.

Health & Safety

Being on the road for multiple days for the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair means you are going to need to pack much of what you use and require at home. Prescription medication, medical supplies, first aid kits, and even sunscreen and bug spray are all must-have items. With the sun beaming down daily, make sure you also remain hydrated and rest often. There’s no hurry to see everything in one day.

Where to eat


Your cooking opportunities can depend on where you lay your head at night. Some campgrounds allow outdoor fires and grills, while others prefer that you use your onboard RV gas appliances instead. Before you fire up, ask your host what the rules are at your campground. Forgot the bread and milk? Markets and convenience stores are a short two-mile drive away from the fairgrounds for easy access.


Whatever your budget and preference, you are sure to find a restaurant to suit your needs in Baton Rouge. Line your stomach with some hearty bistro tucker, or make a lighten the dent to your wallet with some fast food. Travelers will also find more intimate dining establishments within a few miles of the fairgrounds, such as cafes. When you tire of cotton candy, Baton Rouge delivers the goods.


The food court at the fair is central to all the action. Not only is it sizable to ensure there are plenty of options, but well laid out for you to see everything available. Whether you feel like a pork chop on a stick, a ribeye steak sandwich, or a delicious stuffed potato, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for from a vendor here. Given that there are ATMs throughout the fairgrounds, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to provide the right payment type to your vendor of choice.



In recent years, Greater Baton Rouge State Fair officials have taken an innovative approach to security. Not only will they have a security and police presence, but gate screening with a wand as well. Don’t be alarmed if an official fair representative asks to search your bag or runs the security wand over you, it’s all part of the safety plan.


If you love hot weather, then you’re going to enjoy what Baton Rouge normally delivers during fair time. It’s not uncommon for temperatures to reach over 90 degrees-Fahrenheit, sometimes only dropping to mid-60s overnight. However, historical data also shows that in 2005, Hurricane Katrina and Rita visited the area during fair time, causing devastation, resulting in the fair’s cancellation. Before you visit, you may like to check your phone’s weather app.


While there is a Sheriff’s office on the fairgrounds, there might not be any first aid facilities readily available. For any scratches, cuts or minor injuries, you may want to remember to bring a personal first aid kit. For anything more severe, the local hospital is within a 20-minute drive from the fairgrounds. You can also pick up any medical supplies at the pharmacy a little under 15 miles away.