Greek Food Festival Las Vegas

Pack up your RV and head to the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival to enjoy authentic food, live music, and legendary Greek hospitality.

Event information

The Las Vegas Greek Food Festival is an annual event that celebrates Greek culture and heritage. It showcases the taste and diversity of Greek cuisine. In addition to feasting on delicious, authentic food, guests can enjoy traditional live music, dancing, and many other fun activities. There will also be a number of vendors gathered outside the church selling clothing, art, and jewelry.

The event is hosted by St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church every year. The first ever Las Vegas Greek Food Festival took place in 1973, and it has been going strong ever since. Thanks to the support and enthusiasm it receives every year it has grown into one of the city's most popular food festivals. People from all over the country and the world, travel to Las Vegas to be a part of the event.

Over 20,000 guests attend the Las Vegas Greek Food festival every year. It celebrated its 45th year in 2017. A portion of the proceeds from the event goes towards supporting local non-profit organizations. There will be some truly delicious sweet and savory Greek treats for guests to enjoy. It is all about celebrating the generosity and zest for life that is typically Greek.


Ticket prices are kept nominal, and a portion of the sales is donated to charity. You can choose between a single-day pass and a pass for all three days. They range in price from $7 to $12. Children under the age of 12 can enjoy the event free of charge.

Complimentary passes are also offered to active military personnel, police officers and their immediate families. A valid ID will need to be produced in such cases. Check out the official event website for more information on tickets and pricing for the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival.

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St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church located on El Camino Road serves as the venue for the Greek Food Festival. You can easily find it by looking for the church on your GPS app or Google maps. There are likely to be road closures and some traffic congestion on the days of the festival, so patience is in order if you plan to drive close to the festival.

Parking areas

Free parking is available close to the venue on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you plan on driving, get there as early as you can. You may be able to park along Hacienda Street. Parking areas will be marked by street cones. Patrons are requested not to park in areas not designated for parking and big rig parking may be difficult to find near the festival.

Public Transportation

There are a couple of bus routes with stops close to the church. A free shuttle service is available to get guests from a designated satellite parking lot to the event and back. You can also choose to take a ride-hailing service and get off at the drop-off point.

Where to stay


Onsite camping or parking your vehicle overnight near the church is not an option. Your best bet is to book a spot at an RV park or campground nearby.


Las Vegas is an excellent destination for RV camping thanks to its numerous attractions and proximity to outdoor activities. Due to its popularity, there are plenty of well-equipped RV parks as close as a 15-minute drive from the venue. At these, you can find amenities like laundry services, pool access, and shuttle services.

Getting around

You'll need to get around the venue on foot. It is an easy-to-navigate space, and you can walk from one point to the next. Most parts of the venue can be accessed by wheelchair. For more information and any requests regarding accessibility, patrons can contact the Greek Food Festival organizers in advance if needed.

What to pack


It's best to wear comfortable, lightweight clothing, so you can focus on enjoying the food. It's likely to be quite warm during the day, so choose natural fabrics like linen and cotton. You can always amp up the style quotient by wearing a quirky pair of sunglasses or a hat. The Las Vegas Greek Food Festival is also a great place to enjoy attire fit to the history of Greek culture.


Only small purses will be allowed into the venue, and no large backpacks or bags are permitted. A few items that can come in handy are sunscreen, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, a hat, and a refillable water bottle. Save space in your bag to take back some fun festival merchandise.

Health & Safety

It's likely to get pretty crowded, so stay close to your group or use the buddy system. If you're with children, make sure they are supervised at all times at the festival and your campsite. With all the delicious food and drinks on offer, it can be easy to overdo it. Drink alcohol responsibly and make sure you up your water intake to stay hydrated.

Where to eat


Chefs will do the cooking for you at the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival, and you can look to enjoy plenty of home cooked meals at your campsite as well. Outside food is not permitted at the festival. RV parks in the area may have strict policies regarding open fires. But you will be allowed to make meals on the stove associated with your RV.


Most people choose to make the most of the food available at the Greek Food Festival and eat all their meals there. If you're in the mood for a change of taste, there are some great restaurants nearby where you can grab a bite. Las Vegas is an excellent destination for food lovers, so whatever you're in the mood for, you'll find it here.


One of the leading culinary highlights of the event is the Gyro, a toasted pita flatbread filled with meat, onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki seasoning. Other delicious things to try are the Greek salads and lamb chops. Round your meal out with some indulgent baklava or choose from a range of other desserts.



Security personnel will be on site at the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival, taking care of crowd management and traffic control. They will also be present at the entrance, and bags will be checked before entry. Even at night, the streets will be well lit with patrolling security guards, so you can feel safe walking back to your car.


The weather is typically hot during the day and much cooler at night in Vegas. It's a good idea to carry a light jacket with you to stay warm after sundown. In the rare event of severe weather, evacuation measures are in place. Any information regarding cancellations or postponements will be communicated on the event's social media accounts.


Trained EMTs will be present at the venue, and they will be able to provide first aid. If you or someone you know needs medical assistance, you can flag down one of the volunteers or Greek Food Festival staff. They will be able to point you in the right direction. Patrons with special dietary or medical needs will be able to bring in anything they require after clearing it with festival staff.