Green Bay Packers Tailgating

Plan your next RV trip to visit a legendary stadium, Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin to cheer on the hometown favorite team, the Packers.

Event information

Not many cities love their NFL football team like Green Bay loves its Packers. Green Bay's long-standing allegiance with Packers football began when Vince Lombardi, the Green Bay Packers' head coach, led the Packers to five NFL Super Bowls. Lombardi was more than just a coach; he was a legend. Lombardi began his NFL rookie season in 1959 as head coach of the Green Bay Packers. That same year, he was awarded the coveted honor as Coach of the Year. Lombardi coached the team from 1959 to 1967, and since 1960, every Green Bay Packers home game has sold out.

The Packers don't just have Lombardi to thank for their hometown team. Lambeau Field is the oldest stadium in the NFL with one continuous team residing there. Although Lambeau Field has changed names and grown exponentially, the heart of the team still stands in Green Bay. Every home game, the fans gather to the stadium, which is nestled in the middle of a neighborhood. Tailgating is more than a hobby to Packers fans; it is a way of life. Packers fans line the residential streets each home game with many families hosting tailgating parties in their front yards. It's not uncommon for families to invite people walking by into their front yard tailgates, making the game-day celebration even more exciting.

Packers football tailgating is an experience that die-hard Packer fans visiting the city will never forget. The organization welcomes all Packers fans to the tailgating area on game day, not just ticket-holding fans. Not many NFL franchises permit fans without tickets into the tailgate celebrations. Because of the team's following, football fans have more than one place to celebrate their team. If tailgating near a car isn't for you, then try an organized party at the Tailgate Village, held right in the Lambeau Field parking lot.

Wherever you decide to cheer on the Packers, your trip to the city will be memorable and worth repeating. Each time you tailgate at Lambeau Field, shake it up. Add a little vacation to your tailgate by traveling to Green Bay in your home on wheels. Nothing mixes with a big sporting event like RVing, so why not give two of America's favorite activities a try in one trip?


The Green Bay Packers are home-town football favorites, and it's no surprise that the tickets sell quickly for all home games. Football fans who know which games they want to attend should buy their tickets online, early, to avoid the disappointment of a sellout. Tickets are available for purchase for Packers events online or by phone.

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On game day, congested traffic around the stadium causes slower speeds, closed roads, and alternate driving routes. Before adding the stadium to your GPS and heading out to your tailgate, visit the Green Bay Packers website for information on detours, and adjust your route accordingly. Several routes lead to Lambeau Field, depending on the direction from which you start your journey. The most common roads to take are I-43, US-141, WI-141, WI-29, and WI-32. RVers taking any of the major roads leading to the stadium will have no problem navigating the large city streets. On game day, drivers can find real-time traffic updates by dialing 511.

Parking areas

Lambeau Field onsite parking lots are reserved for season pass holders, and the lots sell out each season. There is no RV parking permitted in the onsite parking lots, and a limited number of ADA-parking spots are available onsite on a first-come, first-served basis. The offsite parking lots, run by private vendors, have single game-day parking passes available for sale, and some of the lots permit large vehicle and RV parking.

Lambeau Field is located in a residential area, and parking is available on the street for free in some areas and for a fee in other areas. The on-street parking is first-come, first-served, and individual homeowners generally determine the cost to park in front of their homes.

Parking is also available across the street from the stadium on Ridge Road. Parking attendants only accept cash, and the parking lot is a tailgating parking lot with dumpsters, hot coal bins, and porta-potties. All of the parking lots at Lambeau Field, including the Ridge Road Lot, open four hours before kickoff.

Public Transportation

The Green Bay Packers want to make it easy for all football fans to get to the game. Several rideshare and taxi companies service Lambeau Field as do private shuttle companies. For the fans who want to help protect the environment by lowering individual vehicle emissions, the Green Bay Metro transports people to and from the game from numerous stops throughout the city. Secure your spot on the bus early, so there is room for both you and your cheese hat.

Where to stay


While RVers can't bring their RVs to the onsite parking at Lambeau Field, there are some RV parking spaces offered by private vendors. For information on RV parking, contact the vendors operating the individual lots near the stadium. RVers wishing to camp close to the stadium and take another form of transportation to the game have several nearby camping options.


Instead of braving game-day traffic in your RV, why not park your rig at one of the RV parks located in and around Green Bay? If resort-style amenities are your RV camping style, there are a few RV campgrounds within a 35-mile drive of the stadium. If you prefer more relaxed RV camping with few amenities, reserve a space at High Cliff State Park or Point Beach State Forest. Both the state park and the state forest are within a 40-mile radius of the stadium.

Getting around

The best and safest way to get around the tailgating area, as well as the concourse at Lambeau Field, is by walking. Guests who require ADA assistance have several choices assist them during game days. Visit the Guest Relations Desk for game-day accessibility or call the Packers ticket office for specific questions and accommodations.

What to pack


Fans who attend a Packers game in the early to late fall get to experience Wisconsin's crisp, cool weather. Winter games at Lambeau Field are not always as comfortable because Wisconsin can get cold and snow. When packing your RV or bags for a trip to Wisconsin, its best to pack for the season, but always bring extra layers just in case the weather turns cold. Whatever items of clothing you bring, don't forget to pack your best green and yellow clothing to show your off your Packers team spirit.


A Packers football game isn't complete without your green and yellow adornments with your favorite Cheesehead hat. For colder games, bring your Green Bay Packers blankets and stadium seats to help keep you warm and comfortable. For the tailgate, pack folding chairs, a portable grill, koozies, and a small cooler. As always, the more green and yellow you decorate your tailgate with, the better!

Health & Safety

Outdoor football games, no matter what time of year they take place can be brutal on your skin. Instead of treating your skin for sun or windburn, prepare your skin with a generous amount of SPF-infused lotion, and a lip balm with SPF in it. Also, bring skin cream for your skin to help with any dryness caused by the wind. It's always a good idea to pack a first-aid kit when you travel. Buy a pre-made first-aid kit or prep one from some of the items you have on hand at home.

Where to eat


Bring your charcoal or propane grills to your tailgating area to serve up some Wisconsin-style traditional fare. Beer brats, one of Wisconsin's favorite feasts, are perfect for a tailgate party. Brats are easy to cook over any heat source, and if you make them properly, you only need a bun to serve up the sizzling sausage. Don't forget your side dishes. Keep it simple with a side that makes everyone easy to please: cheese!


Visiting the City of Green Bay is much like visiting any major city in the United States. If there is a type of food you crave, you should be able to find it nearby. Green Bay has many people's favorite chain and fast-food restaurants, so finding something you like to eat will be quick and easy. Don't just settle for what you've always eaten. Why not ask a Green Bay resident where to find the best locally-owned places to eat as you enjoy the city?


Part of the game-day experience at Lambeau Field is devouring Wisconsin-style food and drinks from the start of your tailgate to the last play of the game. Instead of choosing nachos or an out-of-state beer, eat and drink like the locals by choosing a vendor that sells bratwurst, cheese curds, and Pabst Blue Ribbon, a beer brewed nearby in Milwaukee. Most vendors accept cash and charge. Should you need more cash, visit one of the ATMs located throughout the concourse.



The safety of the fans and the football players on game days is a priority at Lambeau Field. To ensure that everyone attending the game or the tailgating party has an enjoyable time and doesn't have to worry about security issues, the stadium adheres to similar policies enforced at stadiums across the country. All people with a ticket should leave prohibited items at home. The stadium follows the NFL's clear bag policy. Since policies change depending on levels of security, make sure you check the website on game day to ensure you won't have to leave anything behind before cheering on your team.


Attending a Green Bay Packers football game is an exciting experience for any Packers fan, even if the weather isn't agreeable. The temperatures at the beginning of football season are usually comfortable with average highs of 79 degrees and average lows of 58 degrees. As the seasons change, the temperatures drop dramatically, and there is a good chance that snow might impact a game or two during the winter months. In January, the average high temperatures are 26 degrees, and the average lows are a frigid nine degrees.


Feeling sick or getting an injury during a vacation can't always be avoided. While everyone hopes for a healthy vacation, things happen. If you need medical assistance on game day, visit one of the first aid centers on site for help with minor illnesses or injuries. If you need medical care outside of the stadium, three hospitals are located within a three-mile radius of the field. There are also several pharmacies and urgent care centers close by, so getting the medical help you need is close and convenient.