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Greenbrier State Forest is a forested site in southeastern West Virginia that covers over 5,000 acres. It is located in Caldwell, and there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy during an RV visit within the state forest that surrounds Kate's Mountain. You can hike or bike on the almost 20 miles of trails around the forest. These range in difficulty from easy to difficult, with trails such as the Rocky Ridge Trail.

When you're tired from all of the outdoor activities, you can go into town and explore historical sites in nearby Lewisburg. You can explore Carnegie Hall or the antebellum North House Museum. You'll find dining opportunities here if you tire of cooking on the grill.

Around the state forest, you'll find other activities that you can partake in, such as horseback riding and fishing. You can also enjoy a game of golf or compete with friends on the volleyball courts. You can also practice your aim on the archery and gun ranges.

You can enjoy staying in one of the fully furnished cabins in Greenbrier State Forest. You can also stay at the campground that has sixteen sites available for RVs and tents, which is open April through October. The sites have electrical hookups, as well as a central bathhouse and a stone fireplace.

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Greenbrier State Forest is located in Caldwell, West Virginia, off of Harts Run Road, in the southeastern portion of the state. It is located near the towns of Lewisburg and White Sulfur Springs. You can find this park near West Virginia's border with Virginia. You'll want to be careful when you arrive at the state forest as it surrounds Kate's Mountain and has rugged terrain. Use caution when driving since the roads may be winding and narrow in this mountainous region.

You'll find one campground at Greenbrier State Forest, and you can park up to two vehicles at each campsite. You can camp with an RV, tent, or trailer. You're only allowed one camping unit at each site except in the case of immediate families, where you may be given permission to have additional tents.

Bicycles are allowed in the park, and there are plenty of trails that you can take. West Virginia state law requires that children under 15 have to wear a helmet when riding on their bikes. In addition, bikes have to have lights on the front and back to be ridden after dark within the park. Motorbikes are only allowed in the park to be ridden to and from campsites.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Greenbrier State Forest

Campsites in Greenbrier State Forest

Reservations camping

Greenbrier State Forest Campground

The Greenbrier State Forest Campground is available for campers bringing tents, trailers, or RVs. The area has a total of 16 sites, all of which offer electrical hookups. They do not have water or sewer hook-ups at any of the sites. Each site also has a picnic table for you to relax at when dining in the state forest. There is a central bathhouse that you can use when camping at this campground.

This campground is open from April through October of each year. Reservations are accepted between Memorial Day and Labor Day. During prime camping season, you can only stay at the site for a total of fourteen days in a row. In addition, you can only have one camping unit at each site.

First-come first-served

Greenbrier State Forest Campground

The Greenbrier State Forest campground is open between April and October of every year. It is first-come, first-served from April through Memorial Day and from Labor Day through the end of October. During this time, the campground is open for RVs as well as tents and offers 16 camping sites that you can stay at. The campground only offers electrical hook-ups as there are no water or sewage hook-ups available at the campground. There is a stone fireplace which you and your friends or family can enjoy during your stay. The campground also offers a central bathhouse that you are able to use while camping at the site.

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When you come to stay in your RV at Greenbrier State Forest, you can take part in a variety of outdoor activities, such as hunting. You'll find plenty of opportunities to hunt across the 5,100 acres of this state forest, and you'll be able to hunt for deer or smaller mammals when these animals are in season. You will need to have a valid West Virginia hunting license, which you can apply for online prior to your trip.


Between the summer months from Memorial Day to Labor Day, RV visitors to Greenbrier State Forest can enjoy swimming in a pool. It was recently renovated and is heated, also containing a wading pool. The pool and bathhouse are accessible. When kids are in school, the pool is only open for holidays and weekends. Once school is no longer in session, the pool is open every day from Tuesday through Sunday. There is an admission fee for the pool.

Playing Outdoor Sports

While you're at Greenbrier State Forest, you can compete with your friends at a variety of sports. In addition to playground equipment, the state forest offers horseshoe pits and volleyball courts. You can challenge your family and friends to one of these classic park activities and have some fun. The area also offers a disc golf course, which you can enjoy while you are in the area. Unlike regular golf, you'll attempt to throw a disc through a series of baskets and try to finish the course in the least number of throws.



Greenbrier State Forest offers 14 different trails that you can hike or bike on to explore the forest's many acres of beauty. These trails cover almost 19 miles of terrain and range in difficulty level from easy to difficult. In addition to these planned trails, RV visitors are able to explore the state forest on the park's forest management roads. These include such trails as the Black Bear Trail which lasts for two miles and Kate's Mountain Loop Trail, which lasts for almost eight miles.


Don't forget to bring your bike when you come to Greenbrier State Forest. The park has fourteen trails that make up approximately 19 miles of trails, just waiting for you to explore them. The forest management roads can also be biked upon, providing you more room to explore. If you're a novice, you can enjoy easy trails that won't test your mettle all the way up to difficult trails that take you to Kate's Mountain and rugged terrain.

Shooting Ranges

At Greenbrier State Forest you'll find lots of activities that you and your family can take part in. Among the outdoor sporting activities available at the state forest, you'll find an archery field range that you can shoot bows at. There is also a relatively unique rifle range that is specifically designed for muzzle loading rifles. If you have this type of sporting equipment, make sure to bring it with you when you come to the park.