Guernsey State Park
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Located near the town of Guernsey on an impoundment of North Platte River, Guernsey State Park comprises more than 6,000 acres of gorgeous landscape, RV camping facilities, architecture from the era of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930s. The park’s center of attraction, Guernsey Reservoir, is ever so inviting with its vast options of enjoyment. You can try your luck at angling, swim or launch your watercraft in the crystal-clear water, or just lay down on the sandy beaches. There are endless opportunities for having fun during your next RV vacation at Guernsey. From seeking hidden geocaches and climbing rocks to rambling on miles of hiking trails and from enjoying a casual lunch with loved ones at a picnic shelter to playing horseshoe, there is plenty to keep you covered.

12 campgrounds offer RV pleasures on both reservations and first-come, first-served basis. Camping is a year-round activity at the park. Electric and water hookups are provided during the peak season lasting March through September. A sewage dump station located near the park entrance operates mid-April to mid-October. During your RV stay at the park, you can book one of the eight picnic shelters for some friends’ and family reunion.

Also, take out some time to admire the CCC-built Guernsey Museum and other wonderful constructions. Rightfully called a National Historic Landmark, this Wyoming state park showcases some intricate masterpieces of the CCC era.

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The park is easy to access by car or RV. Driving your rig for less than 15 minutes will easily get you to the park from the town of Guernsey. When visiting in winter, check for snow and ice conditions. Also, sometimes the authorities restrict bringing trailers and similar heavy vehicles on the roads.

Upon reaching the park, get a park permit for your vehicle. A park permit is required on every vehicle entering the park, be it a bike, car, motorhome, trailer, or camper. The park does not enforce any strict driving rules. Simply put, drivers are instructed to drive on designated pathways only and park only where it is allowed. A large number of parking options are scattered throughout the park’s 6,000 acres. So, you will not encounter any problem with parking even during the peak season.

The park occupies a massive area, but roads are going towards every important location like hiking trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, restrooms, dump station, the museum, and directions are provided in the form of clear road signage. So, you can easily roam around the park in your RV without the fear of getting lost.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Guernsey State Park

Campsites in Guernsey State Park

Reservations camping

Sandy Beach Campground

Sandy Beach Campground comprises 53 campsites, 15 of which offer partial (electric and water) hookups. This campground is an ideal option of a peaceful RV camping retreat located near the reservoir. There are restrooms on three different locations within the campground. To access the single dump station of the park, you will have to drive your RV to the park entrance near the fee collection station. Camping is offered year-round, and reservations can be made up to four months in advance for the busy season. Water hookups are unavailable during the off-season. Tent camping is also available.

Sandy Point Campground

Another RV campground near the reservoir, Sandy Point Campground offers 41 sites. There are electric (30- and 50-amp) and water hookups, pull-through sites, ADA accessible sites, restrooms, and hydrants to ensure comfortable and relaxing camping for everyone. It is recommended to book your campsite in advance, especially during the peak season. Reservations can be made up to four months in advance. Camping continues throughout the year. A playground can also be found in the campground.

Cottonwood Cove Campground

A small campground with ten campsites sits near Guernsey Reservoir. No electric or water hookups are offered, but RV camping is permitted year-round. Tent-camping is also permitted. Reservations are accepted.

Sandy Cove Campground

If electric and water hookups are not among your preferences while RV camping at Guernsey State Park, you can choose to park your motorhome, rig, camper, or trailer at one of the ten campsites at the Sandy Cove Campground. Water hydrants, restrooms, ADA accessible are among the conveniences provided at Sandy Cove Campground. Bookings are accepted.

First-come first-served

Long Canyon Campground

Long Canyon Campground welcomes campers to stay overnight with their rigs, motorhomes, trailers, campers, and campervans in its two sub-grounds: Fish Canyon with seven non-electric campsites and Fish Canyon Cove Campground with five campsites. Sites are only available on a first-come, first-served. Conveniences like ADA accessible sites, a small playground, and restrooms will add to your comfort at Long Canyon Campground.

Seasonal activities in Guernsey State Park


Visiting the Beach

A total of four beaches offer relaxation and pleasure to sunbathers and swimmers at Guernsey State Park. The beaches are conveniently located inside campgrounds. Two sandy beaches are located within Sandy Beach Campground. Another one is in Sandy Cove Campground. You can find another one in Sandy Point Campground.


More than 2,000 acres of Guernsey Reservoir invite RV campers to enjoy boat rides while overlooking a scenic backdrop of cascading water, lush greenery, and stunning rock formations. The park has three boat ramps with floating docks located at different locations throughout the reservoir. The Main Boat Ramp can be found on the eastern side of the reservoir. Campers residing in Long Canyon Campground and Sandy Beach Campground are in great luck as the two other ramps are located within their campgrounds. Typically, the boat ramps are open for public during the peak camping season lasting March through September.

Touring the Museum

Guernsey Museum is a seasonally operating museum that offers deep insight into the history of Guernsey to the visitors and campers. The museum also gets noticed due to its CCC-era architecture that has been preserved since its creation in the 1930s. If you happen to bring your RV to Guernsey State Park anytime between May to September, you must stop by this fascinating building to get a taste of CCC’s masterful architecture and discover awe-worthy artifacts.


Horseback Riding

Tuck in your horses in the trailer and immerse in an unforgettable horse-riding experience at Guernsey State Park. Horseback riding is permitted year-round, but spring, summer, and fall are the best times to wander off in Guernsey’s mesmerizing landscapes. Horseback riding is allowed on equine trails located towards the western end of Guernsey reservoir and roadways. There are no equestrian campsites in Guernsey State Park, so bringing horses inside campgrounds is prohibited. Horses are also not allowed inside picnic shelters.

Hiking and Biking

12 miles of trails and park roadways invite daring bikers to spend some time riding their gear through Guernsey’s twisting and turning roads. Nearly 14 miles of hiking trails take adventurous hikers on a journey through some of the park’s iconic historic and scenic landmarks. Before beginning your hiking extravaganza, get yourself a trail map by stopping your camper beside the trail kiosk near the Brimmer Point Overlook. Almost all hiking trails are situated along the western end of Guernsey Reservoir. The Oregon Trail is a special hiking attraction at the park. It is noted for its reputation of being the main migratory route west across the United States from 1841 to 1869.


This Wyoming state park is reputed for its masterfully created CCC buildings, natural exhibits, and wildlife. Park your rig in one of the many parking lots available throughout the park and start wandering through the park’s massive acres. You will come across impressive CCC-built drinking fountains, trails, bridges, a majestic castle, and Guernsey Museum, all examples of fine architecture. Wildlife is scattered throughout the park with a variety of songbirds and animals bustling through the park’s diverse landscape.