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Halfway Lake Provincial Park


Halfway Lake Provincial Park is the perfect escape for all ages. At 12,706 acres (5142 ha) in size, the park has stunning landscape from forests and lakes to rock formations created by melting glaciers during the last ice age. The park is located in southeastern Ontario and was established in 1985. Halfway Lake provides a great getaway from city life.

Park visitors will have plenty of activities to enjoy during their stay. The miles of hiking trails offer stunning views of the lakes and landscape as well as the opportunity to see much of the park’s wildlife. The long sandy beach on Halfway Lake is the perfect spot to enjoy the sun on a hot day. The park also has a boat launch for those who want to fish or spend a leisurely day out on the water. There are two canoe routes where canoeists can explore several of the park’s lakes. Both canoe routes can be completed within a day, however, Two Narrows Canoe Route does have walk-in campsites.

For those looking to camp at Halfway Lake, the park hosts over 200 campsites. More than half of these sites have electric hookups and many can accommodate large travel trailers and RVs. There are many services and amenities for guests to enjoy during their stay including a park store and laundry facilities. Camping season is open from May to September, though exact dates can vary from year to year. Reservations can be made online.

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Halfway Lake Provincial Park is located in southeastern Ontario about 5 hours northwest of Toronto. It’s a great weekend escape from the bustling city.

If coming from Windy Lake, Halfway Lake is about a 30-minute drive on ON-144 N. The road is easy to navigate and drivers should encounter few to no hazards. If visiting early or late in the season, there may be snow and ice. Check weather reports and take necessary precautions.

At the park, the parking pads are gravel and mostly flat. Minimal leveling may be necessary. There are several parking lots throughout the park including at the boat launch, day-use area, and near some of the trailheads. Visitors to the park can walk, drive, or bicycle to access the amenities.


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Camping at Halfway Lake Provincial Park

Camping season runs from May to September at Halfway Lake Provincial Park. There are over 200 campsites and more than half of these have an electric hookup. The park can accommodate RVs and Trailers over 32 feet in length. Reservations can be made online prior to visiting.

The campsites are on mostly flat land and all have gravel parking pads. The campsites are partially shaded by trees, shrubs, and other vegetation providing both shade and privacy. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire ring.

Other amenities in the park include a park store and comfort stations. The park store carries firewood, ice, and several gift shop items. The comfort stations all have flush toilets, showers, and laundry facilities. Pets are allowed in the park and can swim at the boat launch area.

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Those looking to fish will not be disappointed at Halfway Lake. The lake holds smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye, and lake trout. Anglers can fish from land or boat. The boat launch located at the west end of the park makes for quick access to the lake. A fishing license is required to fish on Ontario lakes.


There are several miles of hiking trails to enjoy at the park. They vary in length and difficulty and each trail has different scenery and landscape to take in. Moose Ridge Trail is the shortest trail at just over 1 mile (2 km). It takes hikers along Raven Lake and provides a number of scenic overlooks. Those hoping to spot a moose or other wildlife should head down the nearly 4-mile (6 km) Echo Pond Trail.


There is plenty of opportunity for wildlife viewing at Halfway Lake Provincial Park. Birdwatchers will enjoy seeing osprey, woodpeckers, and northern songbirds. They may even spot a bald eagle soaring through the sky or perched high in a tree. Beaver and mink are commonly seen from hiking trails within the park and a moose has been sighted on occasion as well.



There are two canoe routes at the park, Two Narrows Canoe Route and Antrim Lake Canoe Route. Two Narrows Canoe Route can be completed in one day, but for those going taking a leisurely pace, there are walk-in campsites along the route. This route takes you into the heart of the park past nesting bald eagles, forests, and rock formations leftover from melting glaciers. The Antrim Lake Canoe Route can also be completed in a day but does not have campsites. Canoeists will find sandy beaches and private areas to enjoy a picnic.


On a warm summer day, a swim or dip in the lake will feel refreshing. Halfway Lake has a long, sandy beach to enjoy in the summer heat. The large swimming area is buoyed off to keep boats away. The lake starts off shallow near the shore and gradually deepens, making it the perfect swimming spot to enjoy for all ages, even children. The beach is located in the day-use area and is not far from the camping areas. Parking is located nearby.


For those wanting to spend the day out on the lake, Halfway Lake does allow small watercraft. The other lakes in the park do have motor restrictions. A boat launch makes it easy to drop in your boat whether it be a motorboat or a canoe. Canoe, kayak, and paddle-board rentals are available at the park store.