Hampton Beach State Park
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What could be better than camping on the shores of the Atlantic ocean, with the sound of the waves crashing in your ears? Hampton Beach State Park isn't the biggest park in the world, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with its setting. There's nothing like the ever-changing view of the water to wash your troubles away.

Although small, Hampton Beach State Park has plenty to keep you busy. And if you're willing to go just a little further afield, you'll find plenty to keep you occupied for days on end. Don't miss out on what this little gem has to offer on your next vacation. Hampton Beach State Park provides year-round recreation, with Atlantic ocean-front facilities stretching along miles of sandy beach. The area also includes a band shell amphitheater, public information services, comfort station, and first aid. Activities in the park include swimming, fishing, picnicking, and RV camping with full hook-ups in the campground area.

Hampton Beach State Park RV Campground, with 28 sites and a park store, is the only RV park directly on the New Hampshire coast. The park is located at the mouth of the Hampton River and close to many area attractions including whale watching, saltwater fishing, charter boats, sandy beaches, and swimming. The park is located south of the main part of Hampton Beach on Route 1A at the Seabrook/Hampton town line.

Acreage: 50 acres

Waterfront: Atlantic Ocean

Number of Campsites: 28 sites

Pets: Pets are not permitted in the park or at the beach. Pets are not permitted in the RV campground from April 1st through mid-September.

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Location: Route 1A, Hampton

The park, though small, is easy enough to find. Just keep going until you reach the water. Be aware, though, that the park is just outside the town of Hampton Beach. Better to approach from the south via the 1A and cross the bridge to get to the park rather than attempt to navigate your way through the town.


Due to the nearby town of Hampton Beach, parking can be something of a challenge. Parking meters are enforced in this area.
Hours of operation for meters are 8:00am to midnight, seven days a week, from May 1 through October 1.

Parking Meters are located along Route 1A and accept quarters and tokens only.

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Hampton Beach State Park Campground

Don't expect shade or privacy here. The campground is right on the water, and all that grows there is dune grass. The campground faces the Hampton River right where it empties into the sea, and so it is somewhat protected from the worst of the weather while still offering a gorgeous view.

28 sites offer electrical, water and sewer hookups, so you don't need to share a bathroom with strangers. It's a short walk from the campsite to the beach, and you'll soon find yourself relaxing to the sound of the water. remember that the campground is closed during the winter. the park can still be visited, but you'll need to find somewhere else to stay.

Pets are not permitted in the campground during the summer months.

The park is small enough that you can walk from the campground to everything on offer at this year-round recreation facility. Oceanfront facilities along miles of sandy beach. The Seashell complex includes a band shell amphitheater, public information services, comfort station, and first aid.

Seasonal activities in Hampton Beach State Park


Whale Watching

Few experiences are more awe-inspiring than seeing some of the world's largest animals in their natural habitat. Humpback whales pass close to shore here on their annual migration through the world's oceans, and they can be spotted by booking a tour guided by a naturalist. Minke and finback whales are also commonly sighted, as are porpoises, seals and other marine animals. Wildlife is unpredictable, so sightings are never guaranteed. But if you plan your trip to coincide with the migration of these impressive animals, chances are good that you'll have an encounter you'll never forget.

Storm Watching

The campground at Hampton Beach closes in the winter, but the park stays open for day use. And it's at this time of year that you can witness the breathtaking power of the ocean for yourself. An RV makes the ideal spot from which to watch crashing waves while you stay dry and cozy. Listen to the rain drumming on the roof while you sip a warm drink and enjoy nature at its most primal.

Beach Combing

Wild winter weather churns up the sea and brings all kinds of things to shore. On a breezy day, take a stroll along the sand and see what you discover. The rocky tide pools are home to numerous species of plant and animal life, and it's fun to discover the wide variety of shells that wash up on the beach.



The Atlantic Ocean isn't exactly the Caribbean. Even in the height of summer, the water here stays cold. But on a hot summer's day, that could be exactly what you need. Because the park is bordered on one side by the Hamptoin river, you also have the option of swimming there. But if the ocean surf is more to your liking, you're in luck.

Follow all posted signs. Lifeguards are on duty from June to September, but activities such as swimming are always at your own risk.


Hampton Beach State Park offers both fresh and saltwater habitats, and so the opportunities for fishing are plentiful. It's possible to fish right off the beach here, and the rocky breakwater is a great place to drop a line and see what you can catch. But if you're after a more exciting experience, you could charter a boat and skipper to take you out into the ocean for some deep sea fishing. In the summer, night fishing is also an option, giving you even more species to potentially catch.


Where there's water, there's boats. With its location at the mouth of a river, Hampton Beach State Park allows you to stay within your comfort zone when you head out on the water. Whether you're a novice or an expert, you'll gain a new appreciation for the beauty of the land when you see it from the water that surrounds it. Thanks to the marina close by, its possible to rent watercraft from kayaks to jetskis. Get out on the water and enjoy some fun in the sun.