Hartman Creek State Park

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A natural paradise tucked away over an almost 1500 acre land spread, the Hartman Creek State Park offers an escape into a world of tranquility. The towering pine, oak, maple, and tamarack trees surround spring-fed lakes that are home to many species of birds and wildlife. Situated in Waupaca County, home to the Chain O’ Lakes, in central Wisconsin, the Hartman Creek State Park has its own unique natural beauty and a serene environment that has to be experienced by any true RV enthusiast.

The park was officially opened in 1966 and has a rich history, traces of which are still present to this day. Camping in the pristine campgrounds is like living inside an oil painting, simply surrounded by breath-taking views of the lakes, trees, beach and open sky. For the more adventurous campers, the park offers off-road trails, hiking and biking trails, fishing, boating and much more.

The Hartman Creek State Park is a great place to visit any time of the year as it is open all year round with summers being the peak season. Hiking and biking trails wind through the park and connect to the seven different lakes and two spacious campgrounds offering various amenities for comfortable living.

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Hatman Creek State Park is about an hours drive from Green Bay and lies west of Waupaca on Hartman Creek Road. Accessibility to the park is easy by RV or car since it is located just south off State Highway 54 and north of State Highway 52. Once inside the park biking and hiking trails lead to the beach area, two campgrounds, seven lakes and acres of woodlands. The campgrounds and roads leading to the park are spacious and there are no restrictions on RV or trailer length with Big Rigs also acceptable within campgrounds.


In certain site clearances across the park, the roads leading to them are overgrown with trees and can become quite narrow. It is therefore recommended that RV and Big Rig owners set up in the family camping sites that are much more open and accessible. Plenty of parking areas are available with even an area in case of overflow so you should have no problem finding a nice cozy spot to relax and take-in natures beauty at its finest.

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Hartman Creek State Park Group Shelters

Hartman Creek State Park also offers reservations for large group gatherings in three shelter buildings. The Allen Lake Shelter is an open-sided wooden shelter that accommodates up to 40 people. The paved trails leading to the shelter make it accessible for people with disabilities with nearby access to water, electricity and vault toilets. The beach shelter on the east end of Hartman Lake is the biggest shelter on the park accommodating up to 50 people. Electricity is available on site and vault toilets are situated nearby with amazing views of the beach and lake. On the west side of Hartman Lake is an enclosed shelter that is also large enough to accommodate up to 50 people and has luxury features such as a wood burning stove, table, chairs and power outlets. These shelters and facilities are available through reservations from the parks system website.

Hartman Creek State Park Family Campground

Hartman Creek State Park has 103 family campsites that are pet-friendly and situated in grassy wooded areas. They are available for tent and RV camping from April until the end of November. The family campgrounds have electricity and access to drinking water as well as a fully functioning shower and flushing toilet facility. The sites are spacious but offer little in terms of privacy. The park is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. and there are no length limits for RVs, trailers or Big Rigs. One can stay for stretches of 14 days at a time enjoying a relaxing and peaceful vacation.

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The crystal clear spring-fed lake water is simply perfect to glide across in a kayak or canoe. One is able to set off from the public boat launch area on the eastern end of the park on Monomin Lake and make their way across the lakes enjoying the weather, amazing views and the relaxing sounds of nature. In-season the concession stand on Hartman Lake offers rental for kayaks and canoes along with food, drinks and a variety of other outdoor accessories. The lake water is pure enough to drink and is safe, clean and refreshing to swim in. A sandy beach on Hartman Lakes offers an area to dry off, relax and change after a day of water-bound activities.


During the Wisconsin State Park hunting and trapping time frame, the vast open areas of the park are free to be used for hunting and trapping activities. There are however several rules and guidelines that need to be followed and it is best to fully understand these before setting out on a hunt. The park is home to deer and other small mammals along with a vast range ofspecies of exotic birds like the sandhill crane and the blue heron. Certain areas of the park are closed off during hunting season with warning signs put up to prevent people from wandering into the hunting zones.


Holland Creek State Park offers many spots for fishing as the site for many decades was used as a fish hatchery and the lakes are now teaming with large-mouth bass, perch, bluegill, and other pan-fish. There are various spots that are dedicated for fishing including two fishing piers along the east shore of Allen Lake and the other at Whispering Pines on Marl Lake. Both these piers are accessible to people with disabilities, and during season any angler can pick up basic fishing equipment free of charge at the Park Office. More secluded fishing spots are also dotted around the park for keener anglers looking to enjoy some quality fishing time.



If biking is your recreational escape than Hartman Creek State Park has you covered on that as well. The park features over 15 miles off paved and unpaved single-track bike trails that cut through the dense forest and lakes. The shop on Hartman Lake also offers bike rentals in case you forgot to bring your two-wheeler along. The experience of pedaling alongside the woods and placid lakes is unlike any other and is simply mesmerizing, bringing you that much closer to nature and the appreciation of its beauty.


Hartman Creek State Park’s greatest attraction is its scenic and picturesque views. Such a calm and relaxed atmosphere make it the perfect place to enjoy a picnic with family or friends. In the summer months, the open-air shelter and playground on the south side of Allen Lake are just perfect for soaking up the sun, playing and relaxing. The south side of Hartman Lake has a picnic area as well as an enclosed shelter to protect against weather and is available for reservations from May to October. The beach at the east end of Hartman Lake is the largest picnic area and has a concession stand that sells essential outdoor equipment, in case you left anything behind, along with food and drinks. The Whispering Pine picnic area on the north side of Marl Lake is more secluded and offers a bit more privacy. All four picnic areas come equipped with tables, benches, and grills. Access to drinking water and ample parking is also provided on site.


During winter season Hartman Creek State Park is transformed into a winter wonderland. A six-mile cross-country skiing trail captures the essence of winter's beauty snaking through the many acres of frozen lakes and barren woodlands. The park also has an almost four-mile snowshoeing trail for winter enthusiasts who have a love for the outdoors. Hiking and trekking are available all year round with hikers able to choose from about 10 miles of different hiking trails. The longest of which is the Oak Ridge Trail System that is five miles in total. Shorter one-mile long hiking trails include the Deer Path Trail and The Dike Trail which offer picturesque views of the springs, lakes, and wildlife. Three miles of the famous 1000 mile long Ice Age National Scenic Trail runs through the park offering majestic views of the landscape.

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