Hawaii 50th State Fair

Enjoy the RV holiday of a lifetime in the 50th state of the United States - Hawaii. Book your flights, rent an RV, and let the state fair begin.

Event information

The Hawaii 50th State Fair is a unique and highly anticipated event on the calendars of both locals and those from the mainland. Unlike other state fairs that run for around one to two weeks, this one runs for a full month. It begins at the end of May and then continues until the end of June. This spring and summer event is, therefore, one that offers plenty of opportunities for people to attend.

Unlike other state fairs with a core organizing team, this one is, instead, managed by E.K. Fernandez Shows. They have been in charge of organizing shows and rides since 1903. Now, they’ve gotten it down to an art, and you get to reap the rewards.

The fair is held at the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii at 99-500 Salt Lake Boulevard in Honolulu. It’s mere meters from ‘Aiea Bay and Pearl Harbor and is close to a range of tourist attractions. If you haven’t been to Honolulu before, or even to Hawaii, then Hawaii 50th State Fair is surely one of many excuses to attend.

The State Fair boasts several standout attractions that will appeal to families and individuals alike. There are carnival rides galore, fun games and activities, and highlighted events such as rodeos and musical acts.

If it has been some time since you treated the family to a trip away, then now might be your chance. Organize a trip to the Hawaii 50th State Fair, and don’t forget your camera and sunscreen.


Traditionally, it has cost $5 for people to attend the Hawaii 50th State Fair. But if you’re a child under 40 inches tall, you’re in luck, for it has been free in the past for kids under this height. Once you pay for your admission, you can then purchase fun passes and load them with credits. You use these for food, games, rides, and more.

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If you're from Hawaii, then there's no effort at all involved in getting to the 50th State Fair. The two main roads of the island are H-1, H-2, and H-3, and these cross near the southern end of the island of Oahu. You should be able to drive your RV with minimal hassle but allow extra time to deal with the traffic that has the same plan as you.

If you are traveling from one of the 49 other states in the United States, then you will need to book a flight to the island of Oahu. You can fly into one of the other islands but would need to take a ferry or secondary flight to arrive near the state fair. From here, you can meet up for an RV rental. While vehicles can travel by boat to Hawaii, it can be tricky and pricey transporting them to and from the mainland. It's often simpler to obtain a rental once you reach the islands.

Remember to look for road and weather alerts for the Honolulu and the island of Oahu in addition to what you observe for the larger region of the Hawaiian Islands.

Parking areas

The Aloha Stadium boasts plenty of parking for hundreds of vehicles. These are marked out for cars, but there may be a few dedicated extended spots for RVs and buses. If these are full, arrive early to secure on-street parking. Otherwise, park at your accommodation provider and make use of public transport to the fair.

Public Transportation

Hawaii has many buses in operation to take you to central parts of the island. Because Pearl Harbor, a significant tourist attraction, is next door to the fair, you can usually find a bus in the center of Oahu that will take you to the area. Otherwise, you can utilize private ride services at competitive rates.

Where to stay


Given the location of Hawaii 50th State Fair, onsite camping is not available. Before you arrive in Hawaii, it’s helpful to do your research to find out what facilities are available surrounding the fairground site. While options are limited, you do have a few to consider on Oahu where the fair takes place.


Travelers will find a number of basic camping options on the island of Oahu. You may also find that for the duration of your stay, you’re relying on self-containment rather than service hookups. Some recreation areas near the fairgrounds allow you to stay with a permit but don’t offer amenities. Others are a little further out but boast comfortable living arrangements and communal cooking.

Locations labeled as campgrounds may be located an hour's drive from the fair, but other more basic options are usually available at a much shorter distance. Shop around and see what you can find, but try to book months in advance to better your chances of getting your first pick.

Getting around

Once you arrive in Hawaii, and more specifically, near Honolulu, you’ll find navigation is a breeze. You can park your RV then navigate the fairgrounds on foot with minimal hassle. Everything you need for an enjoyable fair experience is within a short walking distance, including the over 20 rides and multiple shows. While enjoying the Pacific Ocean, you may also want to consider taking a ferry to one of the other Hawaiian Islands for a day of exploring.

What to pack


June is one of the best months to visit Hawaii because it offers some of the most enjoyable weather. It’s not overly hot but not cold either. You’ll want to pack sweater or two to wear at night, but add a few pairs of shorts and some t-shirts as well. You’ll be unlikely to need to wear long pants during the day, but comfortable footwear is a must-have addition.


Because many accommodation providers in Hawaii don’t offer service hookups, you may want to have self-containment gear with you. Cooking items, toilet, generator, full tanks, everything you need to vacation comfortably. Leave these in your RV and pack a light backpack to take with you into the fair.

You may also need cash to pay for a loaded fun pass. Card dispensers are available at the fair entrance, dining tents, and game tents. These cards allow you to go on rides, play games, buy food and beverages, and gain access to some attractions.

Health & Safety

Summer and spring temperatures can land you with some heat in Hawaii, which is why you need to take care of your health during your visit to the state fair. Drink plenty of water, stock up on medical supplies you need for your vacation, and consider carrying a personal first aid kit or at least having one for your camper. If you grow weary, take a break in the shade. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen and wear a sunhat as well.

Where to eat


There will be plenty of opportunities to cook in your RV during your stay in Hawaii. Check with your campground host to identify any communal cooking facilities, but feel free to make use of your mobile kitchen. If you’re low on supplies, you can look for a grocery store on Salt Lake Boulevard just down from the fairgrounds site within a ten-minute drive or other similar choices within 15 to 45 minutes.


Even though you’re on an island, you don’t have to indulge in island delights and seafood all the time. Tantalize your taste buds with a whole host of offerings on any of the Hawaiian Islands. Stick with what you know from fast food chains, try something new while looking out near Pearl Harbor, or broaden your horizons with ethnic cuisine a short trip away. There’s something for everyone in Hawaii.


You will be amazed at what’s on offer at Hawaii 50th State Fair. Every year, organizers seem to pull one out of the hat and make the selection to die for at this culturally-mined event. Traditional food is a key part of the Hawaii 50th State Fair. Candy, soft pretzels, pizza, funnel cakes, popcorn, candied nuts, the list goes on down through the midway. You can also make purchases using your pre-loaded fun pass.



The Honolulu Police Department is a mere four miles away from Aloha Stadium, giving you peace of mind that help is always close at hand. Often, police patrol the fairgrounds, but there are also fair officials to help with security. Feel free to approach police officers or security personnel with any questions or concerns you might have.


Organizers choose the best time of year to host the month-long Hawaii 50th State Fair based on weather history. June boasts pleasant temperatures between the low to mid-80s. At night, these dip to low 70, but rainfall levels are usually at their lowest for the year. Historical weather patterns show that June has the best weather of the year, making it a desirable time to visit.


Both a medical center and pharmacy are under two miles away from Aloha Stadium. Such proximity to medical experts can offer peace of mind for those who may need assistance for an accident or injury during a trip to Hawaii. If you require medical assistance at the fair, talk to a fair official. In an emergency, dial 9-11 and alert the nearest official.