Herring Cove Provincial Park

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Looking to take your RV on a trip to the east coast of Canada? If so, you won't want to miss out on a visit to Herring Cove Provincial Park. It's a fantastic place for an outdoor adventure.

Herring Cove Provincial Park is located on New Brunswick's Campobello Island on the picturesque Bay of Fundy. A recreational area established in 1959, the park and campground consist of 424 hectares (1048 acres) of land, giving families lots of property to explore. The climate on Campobello Island remains foggy and crisp year-round.

Herring Cove Provincial Park was originally discovered in the early 17th century by the explorer Samuel de Champlain and was recorded on early maps as Port aux Coquilles (Scallop Harbour). In 1684, the island became inhabited by settlers from Europe. Campobello Island became a haven for rum running activities in the late 19th century. Towards the turn of the century, the property was visited by the Roosevelts who were enchanted by the land and built a summer home on the premises. The house and gardens are still on the island today and are frequented by tourists yearly.

Herring Cove Provincial Park is accessible via a ferry from Deer Island, NB, from mid June through September. For year-round access to this recreational area, families may take the bridge from Lubec, Maine.

Whether you plan your visit in the spring, summer, winter, or fall, there are lots of fun things to do at Herring Cove Provincial Park. There is a stunning sand and pebble beach that is the perfect spot for relaxing in the sand or taking a dip. From the shores of the beach, you can catch stunning views of nearby Grand Manan Island on a clear day. Other popular activities include bird watching, fishing, canoeing, hiking, and picnicking.

For an island adventure you'll not soon forget, pack up the RV and bring the family to visit Herring Cove Provincial Park. It's a slice of Canadian paradise.

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Transportation in Herring Cove Provincial Park


There are two ways to reach Herring Cove Provincial Park. Between mid-June and September, there is ferry access to the park from Deer Island, New Brunswick. All other times of year, the only means onto Campobello Island is via the bridge from Lubec, Maine.

To reach Herring Cove Provincial Park from Lubec, begin by driving east on ME-189 E. This stretch of road will take you from Maine into New Brunswick, Canada. You will need your passport and will be stopped by border police to present your passport, declare any items you are bringing into the country, and state the purpose of your visit. Once through the checkpoint, follow NB-774 N around the curve to the right to remain on the highway. At Herring Cove Road, make a right hand turn. Your destination will be directly on your right hand side.A short drive, the trip from Lubec to Herring Cove Provincial Park is only 6 km (or 4 miles). The stretch of road is two lanes and travels at a moderate pace. The highway and bridge are very well-maintained year-round. Road construction is unlikely.

If you are travelling to Herring Cove Provincial Park from Deer Island, the route will take you 84 km (52 miles). To begin your journey, travel eastward towards NB-772 S. Continue on this highway until you reach Cummings Cove. This exit leads to a ferry which will transport you and your vehicle to Eastport, Maine. Once you arrive in Eastport, follow State Rte 190 to US-1 S in Perry. US 1-S flows into ME-189 E. Continue along this roadway until you see the exit for Herring Cove Road. Take the exit and continue along the path until you spot your destination on the right hand side. This route includes highways of both four and two lanes. There is a fee for taking the ferry, and a valid passport is required to enter the United States and for re-entry into Canada. All roadways are kept clear and are in good condition. However, you may encounter some construction during the summer months. The ferry operates only seasonally from mid-June through September each year.


Parking is available at the the entrance to the park and campground.

Public Transport

Outside of the ferry which transports passengers from Deer Island, NB, to Eastport, ME, in season, there is no public transportation that goes directly to Herring Cove Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Herring Cove Provincial Park

Campsites in Herring Cove Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Herring Cove Provincial Park Campground

Herring Cove Provincial Park is home to a campground that is divided into several different sections. There are 88 campsites in total; 40 of them offering power. There are also five rustic shelters for those desiring a more wilderness-style camping experience. Reservations are recommended for RV stays between May 24th and September 22nd yearly.

This campground offers lots of amenities for RV campers including fire pits, picnic tables, kitchen shelters, showers, toilets, laundry facilities, and a playground. There is also a beach and an abundance of walking trails.

Among the campground's most popular activities are swimming, hiking, beachcombing, fishing, kayaking, picnicking, and golfing.

Dogs are permitted to join their families but must remain leashed. Generator use is also allowed.

First-come first-served

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Herring Cove Provincial Park


Roosevelt Campobello International Park

Located within walking distance of the campground, you will find Roosevelt Campobello International Park. This recreational area still houses the summer home and gardens of the Roosevelts, a couple who first visited the island in the late 19th century and who made the island their home every summer.

Enjoy a tour of the Roosevelts' former home and gardens. The property is the ideal spot for a picnic lunch and also has meeting rooms available for family functions and conventions. There is a Visitor's Center where you can stop for some tea and cookies or to learn more about the region and its culture.


Home to a nine hole golf course which contains a pro shop and an on-site restaurant serving local delicacies, you are sure to enjoy a great day on the greens with a visit to Herring Cove Provincial Park's golfing facility.

Located in a spot with awe-inspiring views of the island's varied terrain, you might even spot a bald eagle or an osprey during your round on the course.

After your game is complete, why not pop into the clubhouse to enjoy a cool drink and a snack?


If you love to swim, you'll find the water is quite fine at Campobello Island's Herring Cove Provincial Park. With a shoreline composed of both pebbles and sand, you will find this beach the ideal spot for doing some beachcombing or relaxing with a good book.

The beach itself is 1.6 km (1 mile) in length and offers incredible views of the area's bog and seacliffs. A spot that is alive with marine life, you may catch a glimpse of sea urchins and even possibly a whale if it's your lucky day.

The waters are typically calm in the Bay of Fundy, so you can enjoy floating in the clear, marine blue waters, kayaking, or even just practicing your best doggy paddle.

Bring along a beach blanket and a picnic lunch, and you've got a recipe for the perfect day!



With a 1.6 km (1 mile) coastline to explore, the beach at Herring Cove Provincial Park is the ideal spot to do some beachcombing. Roam along the pebble-studded shore in search of sea glass, shells, or other treasures to take home as a reminder of an idyllic island holiday.

Bring a blanket and a picnic basket along so you can enjoy a snack in the sand while watching the waves roll in. On a clear day, you will see stunning views of Grand Manan Island from your perch on the coast.


Bird and animal life is quite plentiful on Campobello Island. Grab your binoculars, your camera, and your naturalist's guide, and you're all set for a day of adventure.

The island is home to many species of birds including bald eagles and osprey. You may also be fortunate enough to spot some true Canadian animal life by catching a glimpse of one of the many beavers that make this area their home.

Your dog may join you on your birdwatching tour but do take care that they do not disturb any of the wildlife that makes the park their home.


One of the most popular attractions at Herring Cove Provincial Park is its abundance of hiking trails. There are six to choose from, all of which vary in length and intensity. The Carriage Road trail is particularly well-beloved and travels through dense, aged spruce tree growth, across wooden bridges, and around a clear pond.

Another popular spot to take a stroll is the old logging road which was once the favorite walking path of the Roosevelts each summer.

Bring along some drinking water and a snack to keep your hunger and thirst at bay. Your dog may join you on your hike but must remain leashed.

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