High Point National

Bring your dad to the races at High Point National in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania on Father’s Day weekend. You’ll love to watch as the riders race for the gold.

Event information

Looking for a unique gift for your dad this Father’s Day? How about some dirt bike racing? Mount Morris, Pennsylvania is a small town of fewer than 800 people, but it makes a big presence for itself with the High Point National every year on Father’s Day weekend. With the temperatures just starting to warm up, you will love hearing the cheering crowd and the loud motors revving on the racetrack as you soak up some sun.

For years, brothers Carroll and Jack Holbert dreamt of making their farm into a motocross track. In 1977, they hosted their first Motocross Championship, and the race has been held there ever since. Weaving through a deep valley and twisting around off-camber corners, this track is a constantly changing terrain, keeping the riders on their toes.

Built specifically for spectators, the jumps were constructed so that they are right in front of the main spectator areas. Some of those jumps include the Stanton Sky Shot, Lucas Oil Launch, Bradshaw Boulevard, and Carmichael Catapult.

Whether you are coming to cheer on your favorite rider or you just enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie, this is a fantastic place to spend the weekend in your RV camping, watching the race, and enjoying the food and fun.


Ticket prices for High Point National differ whether you want to camp for the weekend or if you are just coming to see a race. The weekend camping pass is the best bet for RVers, and they typically run about $150 for the preferred spots close to the crowd on the Pro Side A and $50 to $60 for camping on the Amateur Side B.

If you aren’t camping, VIP tickets run about $100 to $200, High Point Club is about $100, Paddock Club is $50 to $100, and Racer-X Pit Passes are about $100. At the gate, fees have been between $45 and $70 in the past.

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Approximately an hour and 15 minutes south of Pittsburgh and just a mile from the West Virginia border, you are not far from the big city just off I-79 and US-19. There are a few low clearance alerts such as on Scotts Run Road in Morgantown, West Virginia where there is a 12’4” height clearance or another one with 13’10” of clearance on First Street in Rivesville.

Parking areas

In past years, parking has been free except for race day (Saturday) when there is a small fee. Parking is different depending on your ticket since VIPs and Preferred Camping Tickets can park closer to the action. With an RV, it is best to camp at High Point Raceway, so you don’t have to worry about parking.

Public Transportation

Greene County is a remote area and does not have much in the way of public bus service, so your best bet is to camp at the raceway. However, if you need another form of transportation, you can bring your vehicle, call a taxi, or use a rideshare app. If you are staying at a nearby campground, check with them for shuttle services.

Where to stay


Camping at High Point Raceway is primitive, so you are not going to have water, electric, or sewer here. Bring extra water for drinking and cooking and plenty of ice to keep your food cold. You’re welcome to use a generator during certain hours. The raceway asks that guests are courteous to one another, as there is always a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning when running motors and generators. Parking spots are first-come, first-served. You will be led to the next available space when you arrive.


You will find quite a few campgrounds in the area around the raceway that can accommodate RVs. The closest ones are in Morgantown, WV, which is just under 10 miles away. These campgrounds usually provide campfire rings and picnic tables, and a few have utilities and other amenities such as showers and playgrounds. You can even find a couple with lakes and creeks to enjoy. To the north, Washington / Pittsburgh SW KOA also offers amenities and may already be along your route to High Point National.

Getting around

High Point Raceway does not allow UTVs, golf carts, pit bikes, quads, scooters, or any other type of wheeled personal transportation. Of course, this does not include strollers and wheelchairs, as they are welcome anytime. In the past, many spectators have found it beneficial to bring wagons or wheeled coolers to transport their drinks and other needs.

What to pack


Pack some long-sleeved shirts and jeans as well as summer clothes like shorts and tank tops because the weather can vary quite a bit in early summer. Mid-June is typically warm and sunny, so make sure you pack a hat and sunglasses as well as a jacket just in case it gets cool in the evening.


The popular thing to do is to bring a cooler on wheels to pull your drinks, snacks, and ice since you will be walking a bit to get to one of the spectator spots. Many visitors also bring along a backpack to carry things like a camera, phone, binoculars, and other needs. Bring a lawn or camp chair if you are not going to bring the cooler, which can double as seating.

Health & Safety

The sun may warm you up, but it can give you a sunburn if you do not protect your skin. Wear sunscreen, a hat, and glasses to keep the sun at bay when you are not able to be in the shade. Bring a water bottle or plenty of water in your cooler to keep you hydrated and bug spray to keep the mosquitos away. Dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash no longer than six feet in length.

Where to eat


Your campsite at the raceway is primitive and does not allow open fires, so you will need a camp stove and propane if you plan on cooking anything. Fill your fresh-water tank before coming to the track and bring plenty of extra water for drinking. Grocery stores are just a short drive away for any last-minute needs.


Cross the border into Morgantown, WV for dinner during your trip to High Point National and treat dad to a nice meal at one of the restaurants. If you would rather grab a brew together with your meal, try one of the bar & grills in the area. You’ll also find Asian food, pizza, Mexican food, and plenty of fast-food restaurants.


The track has quite a variety of different types of cuisine at three different food courts. Whether you are in the mood for burgers and fries, tacos, or chips and a beer, you’ll find all that and then some. You will also enjoy having several Sponsor Village areas and MotoTees shops where you can purchase souvenirs to remember the event for years to come.



There will be plenty of security at the track to make sure everyone is safe and enjoying themselves. The security office is at the main gate if you need them. If you cannot find a security officer, grab a staff member if you have an issue. Take note that you are responsible for any injury or damage to personal property at the raceway. Keep your kids and other loved ones away from the track to avoid injury.


Mid-June in Mount Morris, PA can vary quite a bit as the highs can range from the low 70s to upper 80s. And the lows can dip into the 50s, but 40s are not unheard of either at this time of year. It is best to check the weather forecast when packing for your trip to the outdoor High Point Raceway.


First aid is located at the ambulance station on the amateur Side B next to the food court and Sponsor Village East. Multiple medical facilities are located in Morgantown, West Virginia, 10 miles away from High Point, and will be the closest places for medical attention if you need it. Pharmacy services are also located in Morgantown.