High Rock Lake Wilderness


Named after the High Rock Lake that sits at its northwestern end, High Rock Lake Wilderness is a historic site that features elements that remind visitors and primitive campers of the life of 19th-century emigrants that explored the area. This Bureau of Land Management park that lies 40 miles southeast of Cedarville in California is easy to access by vehicles via several paved and unpaved roads.
Recreational opportunities within the BLM park range from hiking the park’s areas to wildlife observation and hunting as well as sightseeing. There are a lot of places in and around High Rock Lake Wilderness where you can relax, refresh, and enjoy yourself. Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is one of the places you can visit around the park. Other spots include Fly Canyon and Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and Rye Patch State Park.
Even though there’s no room for developed and recreational camping at High Rock Lake Wilderness, dry camping is popular among visitors at this park.

RV Rentals in High Rock Lake Wilderness



Located in the western Humboldt and northern Washoe Counties of California, High Rock Lake Wilderness sits about 40 miles southeast of Cedarville. Access to this BLM property is provided via Washoe County Road 34 or Washoe County 8A. The best way to the park is via Humboldt County Road 200, from Soldiers Meadows Road on the eastern section of the park. Four-wheel drives and high clearance vehicles are recommended.
Some of the roads in the area are closed during certain periods of the year, for instance, the High Road Canyon Road between February and May.
Over 800 miles of roads are available for use by motor vehicles in the Black Rock High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area, some of which grant access to this BLM park. You should look out for signs such as “Vehicle Access Routes” as you drive to the park for proper guidance on your journey. Routes that are closed to the use of motorized vehicles within and around the wilderness are marked with wilderness boundary posts.
There are no direct transportation services available to the park.
RV rental services are available nearby for interested vacationers at Winnemucca and Humboldt County.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in High Rock Lake Wilderness

Campsites in High Rock Lake Wilderness

Reservations camping

Rye Patch Campgrounds

Two campgrounds within Rye Patch State Park are equipped with restrooms, hot showers, sanitary dump stations, potable water, and picnic areas. Amenities such as picnic tables and grills are also available in the campground. If you fancy boating, you’ll find a double-lane boat ramp and dock next to the campground.
Fishing is a common activity for visitors in this camping area, with opportunities to catch crappie, catfish, wipers, bass, and walleye. You’ll require a Nevada fishing license to enjoy this activity in the campground.
The RV length limit in the campground is 40 feet.

Seasonal activities in High Rock Lake Wilderness



One of the most common activities among those that visit High Rock Lake Wilderness is hiking. As the entire BLM park areas are open to exploration on foot, visitors and guests always use the opportunity to check out the hidden features and parts of the park that are least explored and known.

An added incentive for hiking in this park is the historic Applegate-Lassen Emigrant Trail that lies along the northern boundary road of High Rock Lake, where hikers get to see the landscape that the 19th-century settlers in the area lived in.

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife enthusiasts enjoy plenty of viewing opportunities at this BLM land in Nevada, owing to the abundant wildlife species in the park. Wherever you go, you’ll be greeted by one animal or the other. So, it’s best you have your camera(s) with you so that you can keep a good archive of your adventure.

Be prepared to see fauna such as snowy plover, sagebrush lizard, black-nested stilt, and American avocet. Others you may come across include sage sparrow, sagebrush vole, common side-blotched lizard, and even mountain lions.


High Rock Lake Wilderness areas not only provide the opportunity for visitors to view the diverse wildlife species in the park but also presents hunting enthusiasts with excellent opportunities to engage in primitive hunting exercises. This sport is encouraged in the park and is guided by Nevada Division of Wildlife regulations.
If you’re going to make use of hunting blinds, ensure they’re temporary and you remove them after you’re done with the activity. Don’t cut park vegetation to construct a blind.


Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon NCA

A great place to visit while at High Rock Wilderness is Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. A host of recreational activities abound within this 1,250 square mile conservation area, ranging from nature observation, hiking adventures, and picnicking, to rock climbing and bicycling. Sightseeing opportunities are also available for those who wish to see lovely places such as natural hot springs, Black Rock Desert playa, historic wagon trails, and the gorge of High Rock Canyon.

Fly Canyon

Fly Canyon attracts people from the surrounding regions to High Rock Lake Wilderness because of its rich history and significance. There’s a narrow defile just at the mouth of this canyon through which the torrential waters that flowed millions of years flooded.
Nowadays, the canyon is the perfect place for you to enjoy solitary getaways and refreshing time away from home. As you spend time in the canyon, you’ll find that trickling waters and frog croaks are the loudest sounds you’ll hear.

Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge is a remote space with rugged landscapes open to visitors for recreational activities such as wildlife observation, fishing, nature photography, and hunting. There is room for horseback riding, motorized vehicle travel, and overnight camping opportunities in the refuge. Whether your interest is developed camping and recreational activities, or pure backcountry adventure and travel, you’ll have your fill of the fun that the refuge has to offer. Some camping and driving restrictions are in place in the refuge.