High Sierra Music Festival

Lovers of camping, festivals, and music can combine all three at High Sierra Music Festival, a four-day extravaganza of sight and sound.

Event information

Unplug and escape in an RV! Pack up the family, forget the schedule of homelife and put your focus on the weekend ahead. Camping in an RV allows you to experience the High Sierra Music Festival at its best. Enjoy a jam-packed day in the heart of the festivities and then head back to your home on wheels for the ultimate slumber.

The site of the High Sierra Music Festival is expansive and offers plenty of options for enjoying the celebration of music, the arts, and dazzling shows highlighting unique performers. Plan ahead for this event; RV packages can sell out quickly. Staying onsite in your RV is the ultimate way to enjoy the festival!

While here, there is much to see and do for the entire family besides the amazing stage shows. The festival features a full family line-up. Watching parades, doing crafts, and laughing at puppet shows are just a few of the ways your children can create memories and make new friends. The younger set can hang out in Family Village where the Rockin’ Nannies provide reasonably priced child-care and tons of fun for the kids. When the teens are off connecting and forging friendships, take time for yourself! Take part in a yoga session or check out one of the many non-profit booths in between your favorite stage shows.


What you will spend on your ticket will vary according to the type of pass you choose for the High Sierra Music Festival. Staying off-site and shuttling to the festival? Ticket prices will range from $65 to $300. Vehicle only parking passes will differ according to whether you want to park on festival grounds, choose to park nearby and walk, or would like to park and shuttle in, but can cost around $200.

RV parking will vary, too, and will change with the type of amenities available. Parking prices for camping can cost between $200 and $800. Select both your wristband ticket type and your tent or RV package online for the High Sierra Music Festival. RV hookup packages are limited so book early.

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The High Sierra Music Festival is located in Plumas County in the picturesque town of Quincy, situated in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California. Festival organizers recommend that you approach the venue after a scenic drive along Highway 70. You will see a highway patrol presence as you travel to the festival which will ensure safe travel for all. As you prepare to enter the festival site, parking attendants can direct you to the RV accessible areas according to the pass that you purchased for the event. When you order your ticket for the High Sierra Music Festival, be sure to get your RV pass at the same time.

Parking areas

The High Sierra Music Festival offers plenty of options for both camping and RV entry, either onsite or off, with easy accessibility to the fun. The layout of the festival is very welcoming; organizers and volunteers will greet you and point you in the right direction as you approach. There is more than one entrance to the grounds, and you will park in the designated area which corresponds to your pass. Once your RV is parked, you will not be able to move it. There are no vehicle ins and outs. If you are spending the weekend with a group of friends, be sure to arrive at the festival so that you can park in the same area.

Public Transportation

Those who want to park off-site can catch a shuttle from the Express Lot, where the Main Box Office is found. Shuttles run 24 hours a day. There are single and multi-day passes available. This well-organized event offers all festival-goers options to suit their needs, allowing for a stress-free weekend.

Where to stay


If you choose to camp onsite within easy walking distance to the stages and food court, you will be placed in either Shady Grove or Big Meadow. For those who prefer to be a little more removed from the action, Camp 70 offers space for both tents and RVs. This is a dry camping space; there are no water or power hookups available. The size of your camping rig designates areas for camping. Note that tow vehicles have to be removed and parked off-site. Consider purchasing your festival pass early if this is the option that suits your style. Tickets sell out quickly!

An even more sought after RV campground is the annexed Sierra Skies area. Although very limited, guaranteed hookups give you 30 amps of power. From here, you can easily walk to the fairgrounds. Tents are welcome here, as well as at the Grandview annex. Further down the road is the Panorama site with room for cars and tents only. A shuttle is available 24 hours a day.

If you don’t have the gear but want to try a weekend of tent camping, organizers offer the option of Show Sherpa camping in Shady Grove. Arrive at a fully equipped campsite with a cabin style tent with chairs, lantern, and ice provided.


With the festival nestled in the scenic Sierra mountains, neighboring communities are loaded with campground options. Spend your weekend nestled in amongst the firs and pines or camp alongside a babbling brook.

Getting around

Be prepared to do lots of walking over the four-day festival! Bring your comfiest shoes as all attendees must remain on foot for the festivities. This means no bicycles, scooters, or other means of transport within the confines of the site and campgrounds. All areas of the site are easily accessible no matter where you are staying.

What to pack


While days can be warm at the festival, nights in the Sierra Mountains can be cool. Shorts and t-shirts are often the most comfortable, but some guests may want to sport light pants as added protection from the sun. A hat is a definite must, and it is advisable that children have headgear that covers their ears and necks. For the evening, sweaters and jackets may be needed. Billy boots in case of inclement weather are suggested. Don’t forget to bring costume options for themed costume days! Themes are announced annually and can include pajama days and period costume. Check the site for theme announcements as you pack.


Bring toilet paper, bug spray, cooking utensils, and flashlights. It is suggested that you bring along lunch sized coolers to transport cold, sealed water bottles or empty containers to fill at the water stations so that you can keep everyone well hydrated at all times. No large coolers, cans, or glass items are allowed at events. Bring re-usable dishes and cups to reduce your impact on the environment. At camp, cookstoves are allowed, but no campfires or grills are permitted. Bring your point and shoot camera to capture those memories but video recording of the performances is prohibited.

Health & Safety

Put sunscreen at the top of your packing and prep list and safeguard against a painful sunburn! Whether you use an organic, DEET-free, or homemade form of bug spray, this is another item that is of high priority. A bite and itch-free family is a happy family when staying in a mountainous area. Be sure to pack a small first aid kit for the tent or RV and include band-aids for any bumps or scrapes! Don’t forget to pack the necessary medications. Certified service animals are welcomed onsite; have them credentialed at the box office when you arrive. No other animals will be permitted on festival grounds.

Where to eat


Cookstoves are permitted, but no open fires are allowed at any time. Respect your neighbors as you enjoy your space. Keep it clean and keep it green! The High Sierra Music Festival volunteers are keen on recycling and composting. Upon arrival, you will receive a recycling bag and a garbage bag. Use them to keep the grounds just as pristine as you found them. Do your part to keep little critters free from harm by storing your food safely at night and when away from camp.


The town of Quincy offers a nice variety of dining out options. Pizza, pub food, and organic fare can all be found under five miles away. Whether your taste buds seek fish and chips or a light and fresh vegetable quiche, you can sate your appetite in town.


Visit the licensed vendors at High Sierra Music Festival to purchase a feast beyond compare. You will find an awesome selection of eats ranging from seafood to meat, vegan to gluten-free. If you want a weekend without cooking or washing dishes, you will have no trouble partaking in a tasty meal at the festival. Support area businesses who set up shop and serve delicious international fare for breakfast, lunch or dinner, which is sure to please every palate. If you or the kids need a cold snack in between meals, there are plenty of choices for purchase there, too.



A full staff of qualified volunteers will be on hand to ensure the safety of all festival-goers. If you need assistance with directions or have a concern, the Parking and Traffic Control Crew are busy throughout the site from the festival's start to finish. Do not hesitate to ask a friendly volunteer for help. Staff will be busy at the venue all weekend long to keep the grounds clean and free of hazards. Keep your own site safe and secure by locking your RV and putting your keys in a safe place on your person. Use a small luggage lock to protect your valuables. Of course, packing light and leaving precious items at home is always the wisest course of action. Alcohol is served on festival grounds, but officials ask guests to remember that the High Sierra Music Festival is a family-friendly affair. Selling alcohol or drugs is strictly against the festival rules; those who break the rules will lose their wristband and be asked to leave.


The weather in the Sierra Mountains in the summer can be very pleasant. Not overly hot by some standards, the daily average is 80F with the nights typically cooling down to 60F. Be prepared for every weather instance. It is always advised to bring warm clothing to keep you toasty and dry if a weather system moves in to join the festivities. Be prepared for temperature variations throughout the day and evening; bring a favorite blanket along with each camper’s sleeping bag and pillow to nail down a good night’s sleep every night!


When you arrive at the High Sierra Music Festival, familiarizing yourself with where things are situated is key. Not only are the Grandstand Area and the Family Village important, but also knowing where the medical facilities are is essential to a stress-free weekend. You can find a trained medical professional onsite any time of day. They will be near the Grandstands where the musical fun is taking place during the daylight hours. Safety volunteers that will be present on the grounds at all times can direct you where to go if you need medical care. A fully staffed location will be available 24 hours a day.