Highland Recreation Area
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The Highland Recreation Area, located in the South Eastern part of Michigan is a beautiful site with lush green valleys and clear blue skies. The park spans 5,900 acres of land and is considered an ideal RV and camping destination. Plenty of recreational activities, such as horse riding, hiking, mountain biking, camping, boating and much more are available within park boundaries. The beautiful sights range from mountains to lakes and natural forests that are soothing to the eye and help refresh both mind and body.

Mountains like Mount Kanzer are 1,150 ft. above sea level and provide thrilling hiking tracks for adventure enthusiasts. The park also features plenty of fauna and flora. Guest can spot and hear beautiful birds chirping in the tall trees and watch dancing butterflies floating over the lakes in spring. There are over 100 species of different birds and animals present in the Highland Recreation Area. The woods comprise of mainly Tamarack trees which are commonly known as red larch or American larch, oak-hickory, mixed- hardwood forest and beech-maple. The wide range of plant species also attracts educational institutes, to bring their students out to be up close and personal with nature.

The splashing sounds and the jewel blue lake water of the Teeple and Alderman Lakes truly make Highland Recreational Area a majestic place to be in. The minimalist camping facilities and amenities give campers the feeling of being truly amidst nature and makes the park a must visit for RV and outdoor enthusiast.

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Getting to Highland Recreational Area is quite easy with the wide open Highland Rd. leading straight to the park entrance. Local roads inside the park lead to the campsites, picnic area and beach front. The park also allows Big Rig Access as the roads are wide and easy enough to navigate.


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Campgrounds and parking in Highland Recreation Area

Campsites in Highland Recreation Area

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Highland Recreational Area Campground

Highland Recreational Area offers minimalist camping amenities for a more rugged outdoor experience. A total of 30 RV and tent camping sites are available for reservation but they do not offer any hook-ups so make sure to bring along everything you need for an extended camping holiday. Pets are allowed inside campgrounds but not on the beach area. Guest can stay for up to 14 days at a time with generator use restricted to only park timings.

Two rustic cabins are also available for reservation which include the Highland-Bass Lake Modern Lodge and the Highland-Rustic and Equestrian cabin. The Bass Lake Modern Lodge offers electricity and modern flush toilets and showers. While the rustic equestrian cabin offers campers with horses various facilities such as vault toilets and horse stables.

Seasonal activities in Highland Recreation Area


Equestrian Trails & Campground

The Equestrian Campgrounds are sites dedicated for people that bring along their horses to enjoy the beautiful and scenic horse riding trails the park has to offer. These sites include lean-to style shelters for tack and feed, corrals, tie outs, and accommodating areas for horse trailers. The equestrian sites are situated strategically and lead out to several horse riding tracks, making it a convenient campsite for people that enjoy spending time with their horses and having them close at all times. Equestrian services and facilities are also offered to accommodate and provide care for the animals.


If you are with a family, then one of the most relaxing yet exciting aspects of a picnic or camping holiday is boating. There are boating sites located within the park on Teeple, Moore, Alderman and Lower Pettibone Lakes where you can boat, canoe or kayak. Guest can sit back, relax and float on the placid lake water while fishing for fun or their next potential meal. The Teeple Lake also has a sandy beach where you can play along with your kids and have fun swimming and boating along the shallow shoreline.

The Haven Hill Natural Area

The Haven Hill Natural Area is a place of wonder and natural beauty as it houses all of the principal forest types of southern Michigan in a single location. Beech-maple, tamarack, mixed hardwood, cedar and oak-hickory trees can all be found in one unique ecosystem that has remained untouched for over 75 years. This natural treasure has been maintained and growing and has retained its flora and fauna along with its natural characters. Since it is the home to several species of plants, many international organizations and universities use it as an educational facility. The area is a must see during the end of April and early May as spring wildflowers and warbles bloom covering the woodlands in radiant and vibrant colors.



In the winter the park and surrounding lands turn in to a winter wonderland offering winter enthusiast the opportunity to ski and snowmobile within designated areas of the park. If the snow is 4" or more on the ground, then you are permitted to snowmobile your heart out on the various trails that offer breathtaking snow packed views of the surrounding mountains, lakes and leafless woodlands. The routes on the west side of Duck Lake Road takes you to the vast areas of snowy trees that might also have an occasional frozen marsh or a lake.

Mountain Biking

Biking enthusiast will also love the bike trails that wind throughout the parks vast landscape with trails designed for both amateur and professional mountain bikers. At Highland Recreational Area you can find about 15 miles of advanced biking trails to conquer that go over rugged mountain terrain and dense woodlands and marshes. The trails are shared in different loops with hikers, so don’t forget to bike safe and keep a watch out for hikers on the trail.

Metal Detecting

Highland Recreational Area is a vast stretch of land with a rich and diverse history that has remained largely untouched for centuries. The park offer a metal detecting area that makes wondering the lands a lot more fun and exciting. Metal detecting should be done carefully without damaging any cultural or natural resources in the Park. A map provided by the park shows where the hottest metal detecting spots are. If you find an item it must be reviewed by the park staff. If it looks suspicious, it may be retained for a more in-depth investigation as it could have cultural and historic significance.