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Nestled among the Adirondack foothills on the picturesque Raquette River, Higley Flow State Park is an ideal RV getaway for those looking for peace and quiet. Located in St. Lawrence County, New York, the park is surrounded by the human-made Higley Flow and Warm Creek Flow, both formed from the impoundment of the Raquette River. This location by the water allows for park visitors to participate in some great activities throughout the year. There is a popular sandy beach on the reservoir of the Raquette River, which is also an ideal spot for canoeing and fishing. Facilities for boat launching are available for park guests. During the wintertime, the waters freeze over, making ice fishing is possible. The hiking trails are also popular, and the Beaver Pond Nature Trail has interpretive signs that inform you about the six distinct habitats through which the trail passes. Hiking trails double as cross-country ski trails in winter and snowmobiling and snowshoeing are also allowed. Higley Flow State Park has 128 RV-friendly campground sites that are a mixture of 30-amp and 50-amp connections, so whether you're renting your first RV or looking for a place to park your van, you'll be camping in comfort. The campsites are known to be spacious, with beautiful pine trees separating you from the neighboring campsites. Higley Flow State Park facilities are open from mid-May until the beginning of September.

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Higley Flow State Park is located in the north-west portion of New York in St. Lawrence county. The park is in a beautiful location near the Adirondack foothills. The Adirondack foothills is a scenic area of New York state, with the Glenmeal State Forest and Taylor Creek State Forest to the west, and Snow Bowl State Forest to the east. The town of Colton is around six and a half miles to the north of the park and has a few small shops if you need supplies. Besides Colton, many of the other towns near the park will not have any major facilities. The more populated Canton and Potsdam are around 16 miles away and have better options for supplies and facilities. The roads to the park are very well maintained, and trees are set back far enough from the road so you won't have to worry about branches damaging your RV. During the wintertime, the roads will be very difficult to navigate, and most RV campers tend to avoid the area during this time.


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Campgrounds and parking in Higley Flow State Park

Campsites in Higley Flow State Park

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Higley Flow State Park Campground

Higley Flow State Park has some great facilities for RV campers. There is one campground in the park that features multiple loops. The sites vary from being by the waters edge to those that are large and have privacy, thanks to the tall trees within the campgrounds. All of the 128 sites that are available to RV campers have electrical hookups that are either 30 or 50 amp. Some sites also have water hookups, which is always a plus. The sites also come with a picnic table and grill for you to enjoy during your stay. Other amenities in the campground include an updated restroom, showers, a dump station, water collection points, boat ramp, and beach access. Cell phone reception in the campground is good for all major service providers, and the park office sells some concessions if you need last-minute supplies. Reservations are available at Higley Flow State Park and can be made up to one year in advance.

Alternate camping

Off-Park Accommodations

Due to the sheer number of state parks and forests in this area of New York, your options for camping are virtually limitless. If all the sites at Higley Flow State Park are spoken for, check out Snow Bowl State Forest to the east, or Taylor Creek State Forest and Glen Meal State Forest to the west. RV resorts also dot the area surrounding the park and offer top-notch amenities like full RV hookups, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, restaurants, flush toilets, hot showers, dog parks, and more. If you're looking to get out of the pop-up for a few nights or have a day or two before your RV rental is available, hotels are as close as Canton and Potsdam.

Seasonal activities in Higley Flow State Park



Fancy doing some bird watching during your camping trip? Don't forget to pack a pair of binoculars along in the campervan, because Higley Flow State Park is an excellent place for birding, whether you are walking, skiing, or paddling. For an all-round birding experience, check out the Beaver Pond Trail, as it has numerous habitats such as wetlands, forests, and open meadows that attract different kinds of birds. Some of the birds found in the park include warblers, bluebirds, owls, hummingbirds, osprey, and numerous other birds of prey.

Cross Country Skiing

Once the weather starts to get a little too cold for hiking, the trails in Higley Flow State Park transform into cross country skiing terrain. Many people flock to Higley Flow State Park to experience the excellent cross country skiing trails, made possible by volunteers known as Friends of Higley Flow State Park. In total, there are around 18 miles of skiing to do if you include the unplowed park roads. There are no ski rentals available at Higley Flow State Park, so make sure you come prepared with your own gear.


If you need to stretch your legs after a long road trip in the motorhome, Higley Flow State Park has around 10 miles of well-maintained hiking trails available for you to enjoy. The trails weave through the park's glorious backcountry and will give you hours of entertainment during your stay. If you are looking for a quality short trail, we recommend the one-mile Beaver Pond Loop Trail. This hike will pass through several habitats within the park, including a bog and the namesake pond. Since the trail has informative signs along its route, hikers get the added educational experience along their hike.

Ice Fishing

During the wintertime, ice fishing is a popular activity for locals and visitors alike at Higley Flow State Park. The Higley Falls Reservoir usually freezes over in the colder months, making it possible to try your luck for smallmouth bass, northern pike, and panfish. Make sure you test the ice thickness before dropping a line in the cold water, as the park does not actively monitor the ice thickness. There are no fishing rentals available at the park, so you'll need to bring all your equipment with you. Don't forget to bring an auger to test the thickness of the ice.



Attach the boat to the back of the rig because Higley Flow State Park has something for every type of boater. For those wanting to motorboat, there are deep waters on the eastern side that you can use to enjoy a day out on the water. If you are in a smaller watercraft such as a kayak or canoe, there are many small coves that only you will have access to. We recommend going for a paddle past the two western peninsulas where the water is filled with rocks and tree stumps rising above just above the surface of the water. There are several boat launches available for use within the park.


Another popular summer activity at Higley Flow State Park is fishing. There are many popular species of fish found within the waters of the park, including smallmouth bass, walleye largemouth bass, northern pike, yellow perch, and brown bullhead. Fish from your boat on the river or head to Higley Falls Reservoir. There is no fishing gear available to rent, so make sure you bring your own equipment along with you in the Airstream if you want to fish during your trip.


Feel like going for a swim during your stay? Higley Flow State Park has a lovely sandy swimming beach located within the park. The swimming beach is open during the summer months, and during those months, the park has lifeguards situated on the beach for your safety. There are some great facilities located near the beach area, including a pavilion containing grills and picnic tables. There is also a playground for children near the beach area. Pets are not permitted near the beach, so be sure to leave them back at the camper (this rule does not apply to service animals).


Colorful fall foliage, quiet trails, and scenic vistas of the Raquette River can make a photographer out of anyone. During the off-season, the park comes alive with flora and fauna that often go unnoticed during the busy peak season. If you tread lightly along the park's trails away from the noise of the RV campground, you may be able to spot some of the animals that call the park home. The picturesque Adirondack foothills are ready for their close up all year round, but the colors of the fall leaves are especially picture-worthy.