Homestead Miami Speedway

Ready for some of that Florida fun? Prepare the RV for a trip to Homestead Miami Speedway! Plenty of racing action and camping experiences await.

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Travelers often know how beautiful Florida is, so you may not need many excuses to make your way to the area. However, if you’re a motorsport fan and need another reason to load the family in the RV and make the trip, then a visit to Homestead Miami Speedway could be it.

This motor racing track, located at 1 Speedway Boulevard, Homestead, Florida, is home to many national racing events that stand out from the crowd. IndyCar, NASCAR, and several champion cup series have all graced this Miami-Dade County city.

Homestead Miami Speedway sits on the outer edges of Homestead, mere minutes from Mangrove Preserve and Biscayne National Park. It’s also within an hour’s drive from Miami, meaning you’re always close to Miami Beach and stunning tourist attractions.

While it will be wonderful to travel around Florida and get a taste of the area’s offerings, it’s the race track itself that will hold your attention. This facility boasts several configurations and can comfortably play host to almost 50,000 spectators.

Given that it’s a spacious facility, it also offers a camping ground for RV travelers and spectators with tents, as well as plenty of general parking. Homestead Miami Speedway is a brilliant facility in a beautiful part of the country. Could it be time for a well-deserved holiday in your RV?


It’s always an exciting time buying tickets to your favorite event, but make sure you’re on the ball. Tickets to major national events sell out fast, so you need to be quick to ensure you get your preferred ticket type.

The ticket office is on the third floor of the administration building on Ralph Sanchez Speedway Boulevard, across from Gate 3. Will call is here as well.

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Highway US-1 runs directly through Miami off I-95 and US-41. If you follow the main highway from Miami, you’ll reach Homestead with minimal hassle. Depending on the time of year, there may be some adverse weather conditions. Pay attention to your traffic app so that you’re aware of any delays due to traffic and road construction ahead of time.

Upon arriving in Homestead, you can follow US-1 from the north or south, making your way onto Palm Drive and following the directions to either the camping or general parking lot.

Parking areas

General parking runs along SW 336th Street and down to the corner of SW 344th Street. These public parking lots do not allow overnight camping. Instead, they are suitable for parking a tow vehicle during the day. For RV parking, you can drive down to the Palm Drive RV lot on the track’s south side. You can buy your parking spot on the day or before the race, depending on availability.

If you are camping, both the five-day camping area and overnight RV parks are easily accessible from Coconut Palm Drive or Krome Avenue onto Palm Drive. There are plenty of inbound roads from the inside of the facility to access the camping areas.

Public Transportation

There are many different ways to navigate Homestead and still make your way to Homestead Miami Speedway without a lot of effort. There is a tram that operates for most main events, with multiple pick-up and drop-off points around the race track. You can also make your way to the track from the center of Homestead by bus or by utilizing a taxi or ride service. Alternatively, there is a park and ride service between Gate 17 and 18.

Where to stay


If you want your trip to Homestead, Florida, to be extra memorable, then why not camp at Homestead Miami Speedway for the duration of the event? There is a five-day camping area, then an RV park for both unreserved and reserved RV-goers.

Each space has an area for a 30 x 50-foot RV and one tow vehicle, and you’re even allowed to ride your bicycle around the campground. However, unauthorized vehicles such as golf carts and scooters are not allowed, nor are fireworks, firearms, or metal flagpoles.

Camping at the track is ideal for there are many services available. You get to enjoy both electricity and water hookups, shower access, a concierge service, 24-hour security, and campground entertainment. You are also allowed to use both generators and onboard RV gas cookers. However, it’s important to note that RV-goers will not be able to leave the grounds for a minimum of two hours after the racing’s conclusion on each day.


The beauty of Homestead, Florida, is that it knows how to host RV travelers well. The uniqueness of the area, after all, brings them in their droves throughout the year. As a result, you won’t be short of options if you decide to camp in Homestead itself, rather than the speedway site. Even within a 30-mile radius of the race track, there are RV parks, dry campgrounds, mobile home communities, and RV resorts. Book weeks in advance to improve your chances of getting your first pick.

Getting around

While bicycles are only allowed in your campsite, and other wheeled transports are not at all, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck for quick transportation around the track. During major events, a tram runs a regular route around the facility. There are pick-up and drop-off points in the general parking lots, campground, and at locations around the race track.

What to pack


What you stuff into your suitcase can depend on the time of year you plan to head to Florida. Many headline events are held October through December with many summer events also in high demand, so check the Florida forecast to know what to expect. In the past, nights can get as cold as 40 with the days as high as 85. Be on the safe side and pack light, breathable layers, and a few jackets. A few pieces of racing supporters gear wouldn’t go astray either.


Homestead Miami Speedway is a busy place, which means the less you carry around with you, the better. If you’re leaving your campsite for a better viewing position, leave behind your drone, umbrella, wheeled transport, flags, hard coolers, glass, wagons, camera tripods, and any noisemakers. Pack a light bag with a few necessities, including cash. There are also ATMs in the vicinity of Gate 3 and 4. Headphone and scanner setups help make racetrack days memorable.

Health & Safety

Some headline events are in the warmer months of the year, which means you might be a little hot and sweaty. Bring along sun safety products such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and a sunhat. It also wouldn’t hurt to carry a personal first aid kit and bug spray in your RV.

If you’re a smoker or vaper, you can pop along to the open-air area behind the grandstands on the ground level, the parking lot, RV lot, or behind display areas.

Where to eat


If you can’t wait to haul out the gas cooker and cook up your favorite trackside favorites, then you’ll get that opportunity at Homestead Miami Speedway. You will be able to use both generators and RV kitchen appliances at your campsite. Rules may differ for other camping facilities in the area.

If you’ve forgotten a few crucial ingredients, then not to worry. There is a fully-stocked supermarket within ten miles, as well as convenience stores even closer to the track.


You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining in Florida. Get your fill of buffets, grills, franchise fast food outlets, and refined, intimate dining establishments. Many eateries are along NE 1st Avenue and S. Homestead Boulevard in the heart of Homestead. Why not grab a bite to eat and go and sit by the water?


If you’re in Homestead for racing action, then why leave the track when you don’t have to? Many vendors surround the race track, all within walking distance of the grandstands and camping areas. If you don’t want to walk too far, hitch a ride on a passing tram. You can then stop off at the ATM facilities by Gate 3 and 4 before lining up for your fill of tasty treats.



Due to the thousands of visitors to any event at Homestead Miami Speedway, there will be strict security screening. Allow extra time for bag and cooler checks as you make your way from your campsite to the main viewing areas of the track, the pedestrian tunnel, and the grandstand gates. You may even be asked to allow access to your RV without notice.


The beauty of Florida is that it’s never truly that cold, though winter months can bring a wet type of cold. Even when headline motorsport events approach in the later months of the year, you can expect temperatures between 55 and 81 degrees.

Pay attention to the forecast before you hit the road so that you’re prepared for any eventuality. Top off your RV tanks, and pack plenty of blankets, but don’t be afraid to include some sun protection as well. You never know what the days will bring in the southern location.


If you find yourself in a spot of bother, with an injury you can’t take care of yourself, then let Homestead Miami Speedway personnel come to the rescue. They can phone for medical assistance, then respond to your location. There is also a first aid station in the administration building.

For anything more serious, phone 9-11 or make your way to the nearest hospital just three miles from the race track. There are also many pharmacies within a ten-mile radius for you to stock up on supplies.