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Hopeville Pond State Park, which encompasses the Pachaug River, is not only a place of natural beauty and sublime camping — it’s also full of history. In years past, Native Americans from the Mohegan tribe depended upon the Pachaug River for sustenance through fishing. They constructed stone weirs (some of which can still be viewed today) to direct fish and eels towards the center of the stream, where they waited with their baskets.

Furthermore, Hopeville Pond surrounds the land upon which Hopeville, a wool mill village from the early-to-mid 1840’s, was built. As far as campgrounds go, Hopeville Pond has more historical significance than most, for the history buffs who are looking for an interesting place to park their RV.

In modern times, Hopeville Pond State Park has become known for its water-based activities, perhaps the most prevalent of which is fishing. Besides that swimming, camping, boating, paddling, hiking, and biking are all popular activities at this park. With 80 campsites that are all well-forested, immersed in nature, and situated close to the pond itself, as well as basic RV hookups at many of the campsites, this state park is an excellent choice for anybody who wants to simply spend some time enjoying nature’s beauty.

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Located very close to the Connecticut-Rhode Island border, the two nearest large towns are Providence and Hartford. From Hartford, getting to Hopeville Pond State Park is easy: simply take Route 2 out of the city to the east and then head north on 395 until Exit 86, where you’ll get off and take a left. From Providence, take Route 6 to the west and then, a little while after you cross the state line, head South on 395 until Exit 86, where you’ll take a right after the exit.

Hopeville Pond State Park generally closes from mid-October through mid-April, so there’s no need to worry about equipping your RV with snow tires or preparing for particularly dangerous driving conditions. Rain is likely the only factor that would affect your trip. And because the park has a limit on trailers or RVs bigger than 35 feet, you probably won’t have to worry too much about maneuvering any large RV’s through narrow country roads — but as always, exercise caution and drive safely, especially when transitioning from large highways to the smaller country roads that lead up to Hopeville Pond’s entrance.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Hopeville Pond State Park

Campsites in Hopeville Pond State Park

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RV Camping Hopeville Pond State Park

Hopeville Pond State Park will appeal both to those who want to be immersed in nature and to those who want to comfortably vacation in their RV. While full hookups aren’t available, water and electricity are. That said, it’s possible that not all campsites will have hookups, as this is also a camping site. Making a call to ensure you get a site with hookups during your reservation process is recommended.

A dumping station, accessible drinking water, showers, and other facilities all exist to make your stay more pleasant without detracting from the experience. Furthermore, camping supplies, groceries, and any other necessaries can be easily found at stores only a few miles away.

Reservations must be made at least one day ahead of arrival and can be made up to 11 months in advance. As stated above, RVs and trailers are limited to 35 feet in length at a maximum.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served

Some sites are only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Seasonal activities in Hopeville Pond State Park



Fishing is one of Hopeville Pond State Park’s biggest draws. Many types of fish can be found in the 137-acre Hopeville Pond, including channel catfish, northern pike, and largemouth bass. As you might imagine, given Hopeville Pond State Park’s history as a fishing place for Mohegan Native Americans, the fish are plentiful and it’s a joy to fish in.

Swimming and Watersports

Anywhere where there’s enough water for fishing, there are bound to be opportunities for other watersports as well. That’s certainly true at Hopeville Pond, where swimming, boating, and paddling are at least equally as popular as fishing. No matter which watersport you prefer, there’s ample opportunity to have your share at Hopeville Pond, which includes a boat launch ramp.


Picnic areas are available in the vicinity of the pond, meaning leisurely days by the water are only a step away. After you fish or swim, you can relax by sitting down with a meal by Hopeville Pond’s scenic sand beach.



There are also plenty of activities for those who aren’t so aquatically inclined. Hiking, for example, is easily available. The eight-mile Pachaug Multi-Use Trail, for instance, is a mild trail suitable for almost anybody, with some mild elevation changes and a little bit of rocky terrain. It’s only a short distance away from the campground. If you’re looking for something shorter, the Hopeville Pond State Park Loop, which is very close, runs just over one mile and is of moderate difficulty, circling around the lake and campsites for scenic views.

Furthermore, there are plenty of trails available to RV vacationers who’ve brought their bikes along. Some of the trails in the area are even open to motorized vehicles. Furthermore, there are plenty of long roads in the area to satisfy any road bikers. So whether you want to run, walk, or bike, there’s fun to be had on dry land as well.


There are plenty of trails available to RV vacationers who’ve brought their bikes along. Some of the trails in the area are even open to motorized vehicles. There are also a number of long paved roads in the area to satisfy any road bikers. So whether you want to run, walk, or bike, there’s fun to be had on dry land as well. You'll love soaking in beautiful views of Hopeville Pond, while you get in your exercise.

Ice Fishing

Finally, Hopeville Pond has some renown not only as a freshwater fishing spot, but also as a great place to go ice fishing during the off-season. You can get equally good catches here during the winter. Just remember, ice fishing can be exploratory and exciting, it can also be dangerous: be careful of any ice that has snow on top of it and test for the appropriate thickness before you start stepping out towards the center of the water.