Hopscotch Music Festival

Hopscotch Music Festival is an eclectic mix of music that draws fans of all kinds. Camp nearby and enjoy this city-wide event's local flair and fun.

Event information

Hopscotch Music Festival is a dynamic three-day event that takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina in early September. It usually features more than 100 bands in a variety of genres, and this diversity is what differentiates it from genre-themed festivals. There is something to enjoy for all music lovers, and it allows local artists to showcase their talents.

Founded in 2010, the event is citywide, with one main stage in Raleigh City Plaza and many other events at venues around the city. The festival is constantly innovating and adding in new and exciting events. Day parties are often free and allow fans to fully enjoy the show during the entire festival.

Kids can attend for free at the main stage areas when accompanied by an adult, and proof of age must be shown. There is also an annual Hopscotch Day Party with music, food trucks, games, merchandise, and more. Overall, this event provides a lot of fun for attendees of all ages and lets music fans enjoy artists in a variety of ways.


Festival-goers can choose between a variety of tickets, from the All Show Pass that gives access to all the shows along with a VIP option, to single-day passes, and single show tickets. This allows fans to pick and choose which concerts they attend and save money along the way.

Most single show tickets are under $50, and even VIP passes are historically lower than $500, which makes this concert affordable and accessible for everyone. All show passes come as a wristband and should be purchased in advance when early bird tickets go on sale. Tickets can be purchased online at Hopscotch Music Festival website..

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The Hopscotch Music Festival takes places in Raleigh which is in the central part of North Carolina. A few interstates intersect throughout the city, including I-540, I-40, I-440, and I-87. Because Raleigh is the second-largest city in the state, there will be traffic as you enter the city center.

The two main stages, City Plaza and the Red Hat Amphitheater, are just blocks from each other but are located downtown where roads are narrower and often one-way. To avoid traffic, arrive early and park at your campground and then seek alternate modes of transportation to concerts and events. Motorists can monitor road and weather conditions by phone via 511 services or online at DriveNC.gov.

Parking areas

Although there are two main stages, concerts and parties at Hopscotch are spread all over the city. The official venues are all within walking distance and are located downtown in some of the most congested areas of Raleigh. Parking for RVs and trailers will be limited. There are several parking lots and garages nearby, but larger spaces may be limited.

Public Transportation

Raleigh’s public transportation system is made up primarily by the GoRaleigh and the GoTriangle bus systems. There are bus stops close to the downtown main stages for easy access. The city is also very bicycle friendly although not all roads have a dedicated bike lane. Should you choose to bike from your campground, there is a greenway system with many paths and trails that may be useful.

Where to stay


Although there is no on-site camping, travelers to Raleigh will find options for landing rigs and campervans nearby in the community.


There are many RV campground options around Raleigh, although they are outside the Raleigh Beltline and may require you to commute to festival events. Several RV Parks are available within a 20 to 40-minute drive of downtown, and some have full hookups. The North Carolina State Fairgrounds allows RVs to park there and has hookups, free WiFi, and 24-hour security.

Getting around

Because the festival events take place throughout the city, the best way to get around is by public transportation or on foot. Many venues are within walking distance of each other, and biking is another option. You can take public transport or a taxi into the city from your RV and then explore from there. There are plenty of green spaces to relax in during the day and activities are constantly happening so you’ll never be bored between concerts.

What to pack


Although the Hopscotch Music Festival takes place in early September, the weather in Raleigh is usually very summery. Temperatures range from the low 60s to 80s, so you’ll want to have layers for cooler mornings and evenings. If you plan to leave your RV and be downtown all day, bring a jacket and comfortable shoes for walking. September is also one of the rainier months in the city so pack a rain jacket and shoes that will not be spoiled by water.


Bring camping supplies and clothes for all temperatures and weather. Because you will likely need to park your RV away from the city center, bring a bag that can easily be brought with you around town during the day. In addition to your wallet, bring a water bottle, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for warm days. If you are planning to attend a concert at a smaller venue in the evening, check with them in advance to see what you are allowed to bring inside.

Health & Safety

Outdoor concerts taking place during the day will get hot, and there may not be a guarantee of shade. Bring a hat or umbrella and plenty of water to stay hydrated and prevent heat exhaustion. Because you will be away from your RV, take any medications or first aid supplies that you might need while out and about downtown to prevent time-consuming trips back to the campground.

Where to eat


Each campground will have different regulations pertaining to cooking outside of your RV’s kitchen. Not all may allow open fires or portable stoves and grills. Check in advance what will be allowed at your campground to simplify your travels. There are plenty of grocery and convenience stores nearby so you can easily stock up on supplies, which means you won’t have to haul a lot of food from home.


The Raleigh food scene is known for fresh ingredients and farm-to-table restaurants and cooking. You're likely to find southern cuisine along with traditional American favorites. There is also a mix of Italian, Mexican, seafood, Caribbean, Vietnamese, and even a Laotian restaurant. North Carolina is also known for several styles of barbecue which you may want to sample. The city center is full of restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops, so you will easily be able to find a bite to eat between shows.


Hopscotch Music Festival is known for being very fan-friendly, and this means opportunities to engage with vendors. The free day parties are organized by artists and promoters, which means there should be opportunities to buy merchandise and support artists. At the Hopscotch Day Party options, there is a wide variety of vendors, including many arts and crafts ones, along with food trucks and of course more music.



There will likely be security at the two main outdoor stages to ensure everyone can enjoy the concerts. Each private venue may have its own security as well. Because this is a large, city-wide event, there may be additional police or other security around town to help tourists and festival-goers find their way. Concerts require attendees to present their tickets at the various venue locations.


The Hopscotch Music Festival takes place in September which may mean cooler temperatures and changing leaves in some portions of the country. However, it may still be warm in Raleigh, with daytime temperatures rising into the low 80s. The community often sees quite a bit of precipitation this time of year, so you will need to be prepared for both rain and heat. This combination could also lead to humidity, so be mindful when dressing for coolness and comfort.


Raleigh is the second-largest city in North Carolina and has a total population of over 1 million people. This means you can count on the presence of quality medical care and state of the art hospitals. If you have any allergies or take medication, be sure to bring it with you during your outings around the city. Should you run out or need additional supplies, there are pharmacies located downtown near the festival venue.