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Horsefly Lake Provincial Park


Located on the banks of the picturesque Horsefly Lake and surrounded by beautiful forested lands, Horsefly Lake Provincial Park is a gorgeous provincial park that is a great choice for an RV getaway. Located in the Cariboo region of British Columbia, the remnants of the past are still on display at Horsefly Lake Provincial Park, with fossil beds existing near the park. The park was officially established in August of 1974 by the Province as a high recreational value area. Before the park came to be there was a small fish hatchery operated in the area and the spawning channel can still be seen.

Along with Horsefly Lake the park also has two smaller unnamed lakes. The lakes are surrounded by diverse vegetation that include forests of cedar, hemlock, spruce, and birch that surround the lake. Further back from the lake you will find white pine and Douglas fir forests that inhabit drier areas of the park. The park also has a mixture of wildlife that includes coyotes, black bear, moose, mule deer, cougar and a number of small mammals. Horsefly Lake is the hub of recreational activities for visitors to the park. Swimming, boating, waterskiing, windsurfing, scuba diving and fishing are all very popular water-based activities. Away from the lake you can also enjoy picnicking, hiking, wildlife and cycling.

Camping in the park is provided via a mixture of 23 shaded, treed, and open sites. There are no pull-through sites in the campground and all sites are primitive with no electric, water or sewer hookups. Peak season in Horsefly Lake Provincial Park runs from May until September.

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Horsefly Lake Provincial Park is located in eastern British Columbia around eight miles (14km) from the small town of Horsefly. The park has two entry and exit points that are accessible to the north and the south of the park.

The park is located in a remote area of British Columbia and there are no major services and amenities located close by besides those available in Horsefly. The other closest towns to the park are 150 Mile House (around 40 miles or 65kms away), Williams Lake (around 49 miles or 80km away) and Likely (around 54 miles or 84 km away). The closest city to Horsefly Lake Provincial Park is Prince George that is around 189 miles (305km) to the north.

The most common way to access the park is from Hen Ingram Lake Road as this is the closest entrance from the town of Horsefly. Once you reach Hen Ingram Lake Road you should have no trouble as the roads are very well maintained and are very wide. The road into the campground is also kept in very good condition. During the winter the gate to the campground and the day use area is locked due to the park closing down during the off season. If you do plan on visiting the park during winter make sure you call the park in advance to confirm that you can drive up to the gate of the park.


There is plenty of parking available at Horsefly Lake Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately there are no public transport options available to get to the park.

Campgrounds and parking in Horsefly Lake Provincial Park

Campsites in Horsefly Lake Provincial Park

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Horsefly Lake Campground

Located on the banks of Horsefly Lake, the campground at Horsefly Lake Provincial Park is a lovely quaint camping ground that is perfect for those looking for a quiet stay. The campground is a mixture of reservable and first come, first serve sites that add up for a total of 23 sites. The sites are accessible via the loop road that runs through the campground and there is also an overflow camping area if the park is very busy.

All of the sites at Horsefly Lake Campground are primitive with no electric, water or sewer hookups available, Despite this there are still some great amenities that you can enjoy, including water collection points, toilets, picnic tables, boat launch and lake views. If you are looking for a site on the waters edge we recommend you a site between one and twelve.

You may struggle to get cell phone service in the campground but there is a phone available if you need it. The campground is also pet friendly too. We recommend reserving a site and not counting on any of the first come, first served basis being available as the campground can be popular. Horsefly Lake Campground is open from May until September.

Seasonal activities in Horsefly Lake Provincial Park



There is no better way to spend the summer days than by relaxing at the beach. Visitors to Horsefly Lake Provincial Park are welcome to go for a dip and splash away at the marked swimming beach that is located on the banks of Horsefly Lake. The swimming area at the beach is roped off and there are also change rooms available for your convenience. If you wish to scuba dive and snorkel you can do so; however, there are no rental places nearby.


Horsefly Lake Provincial Park also has some fantastic opportunities for visitors to go boating during their at the park. Horsefly Lake is the most popular place for boating as it has the largest body of water out of the three lakes. Motorized boats are also permitted on the lake and there a single-wide concrete boat launch located at the far end of the campground to use if needed. If you don't have a watercraft you can rent canoes, paddle boats, and a power boat from the park operator.


When the time comes to have some relaxation time at Horsefly Lake Provincial Park you should consider having a picnic. The day-use area at Horsefly Lake Provincial Park is equipped with some great amenities for you to enjoy your picnic, including two change houses, horseshoe pits, a basketball hoop with net, feather ball area and a BBQ. If you need firewood it is also available for purchase. The picnic area is first come, first serve so make sure you arrive early in the day if you have a big group so you don't miss out.



Although there are limited trails available for hikers to explore within Horsefly Lake Provincial Park, there is one official trail that you can check out. The trail is quite short at around three quarters of a mile in length (1.2 km) but it will take you to a gorgeous view point above the lake. Once you reach the summit of the trail there are two benches for you to relax at and soak in the view. We recommend anyone who can conquer moderate hiking and is okay with some steep elevation changes to take on the trail.


Horsefly Lake is very large and deep, which makes it the perfect location for fishing. The lake supports the largest population of wild stock rainbow trout in the area and rainbow trout up to eight pounds (four kilograms) are regularly caught. Lake trout are also in abundance and can reach 17 pounds (eight kilograms) in weight. Fly fishing is also popular within the park, especially in Horsefly River. Anyone fishing in British Columbia must have an appropriate license so make sure that you are compliant before casting a line.

Wildlife Viewing

If you are interested in wildlife viewing during your stay at Horsefly Lake Provincial Park we recommend heading up the trail to the view point above the lake. There are many known species of animals that frequent the park, including moose, mule deer, black bear, cougar, coyotes and multiple small mammals. Wolves are also known to be found in surrounding areas to the park. For more information on wildlife viewing you can contact the park office.