Horseneck Beach State Reservation

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Located in southern part of Westport, Massachusetts, you’ll find Horseneck Beach State Reservation. This is one of the state’s most popular locations where over 100,000 people a year go to visit. A lot of locals consider this their go-to beach during the summer and come back to it year after year with their friends and family.

800 beautiful acres along the Atlantic Ocean give you expansive water views, but let’s not forget about the two miles of soft sand coastline to melt into. With plenty of activities from swimming to sailing to basketball, there are a variety of things to do that your whole camping crew will love no matter their skill level. You can even dig for clams near the waterline of the beach but none of these things will beat the windsurfing available here.

Just down the road you will find camping if you want an extended stay right next to Horseneck Beach. There are plenty of campsites available, and some even have ocean views. Those tend to go quick so reserve early to make sure you get the campsite you’d prefer. The campsites can make for a great getaway from the city and have plenty of nature to escape into.

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Transportation in Horseneck Beach State Reservation


Every route to get to Horseneck Beach State Reserve requires driving on Route 88. This route is known for how patrolled it is so it’s advised to drive with extra caution. It’s also good to know that Route 88 is an undivided highway.

From Providence (West) start out by getting onto I-95 and taking it to I-195 east, take the exit for Route 88 South through Westport and the entrance will be on your immediate right after the bridge.

From Cape Cod (East) get onto I-195 west going towards New Bedford through Dartmouth and then take the exit that gets you onto Route 88 through Westport were the entrance is past the bridge on your right.

From Boston (North) start out on I-93 and get onto Route 24 south, going towards Fall River, exit to I-194 east, exit to Route 88 through Westport where you will find the entrance past the bridge on the right.

To get to the campground, you have to drive past the Horseneck State Reservation sign on the main road and keep going for a couple miles until you see the campground sign.

The public boat launch on Gooseberry Island is accessible from W Shore Road in Westport.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Horseneck Beach State Reservation

Campsites in Horseneck Beach State Reservation

Reservations camping

RV Camping

At Horseneck Beach Campgrounds, you’re able to call or reserve your spot online. Walk-ins are welcome but campsites can be hard to come by in the popular summer months. The campground is generally peaceful and quiet, if you don’t count the faint sound of RV generators.

Some campsites overlook the ocean, while others have the view of whoever is camping next door. There aren’t hookups available but you with find that the dump station has water and there are more water spigots scattered around the campgrounds. You’re never too far from the restrooms either.

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Seasonal activities in Horseneck Beach State Reservation



There are paved trails that stretch along two miles of coastline. Though they’re not designated bike trails and there will be pedestrians, it’s a beautiful area to get a couple mile bike ride in with a few friends in the summertime.


Bring your boat and launch right into the water to start fishing. You can find a number of different fish and they’re yours for the keeping. There are specific areas for motorized boats, it’s best to check the maps before you go out. Your boat has to be off the water by sunset, plan accordingly.

Water Activities

You can go to Horseneck Beach and dive right into the Atlantic Ocean! Swimming is great fun for the whole family. Feel free to bring any fun water toys you may have lying around. Since it is the ocean, life preservers on children are always advised, even when there is a lifeguard on duty.

Horseneck Beach State Reserve offers things like sailing and windsurfing as well. Whether it’s your first time or you consider yourself a pro, this can be a great summer activity that’ll cool you right off.

There are areas for motorized boats to be on and an area for non-motorized boats. Be sure to check the map before getting out on the water. Feel free to bring your kayak, paddleboard or canoe to bring out on to the water for some great summer sun.


Ocean Sunsets

If you’re not the biggest fan of crowds but love to take in the scenery and the beauty of the beach, watching the sunset over the water in the winter is a highly recommended activity. The crowds won’t be there and you can bundle up with a blanket and even bring a warm beverage. The sunsets at Horseback Beach State Reserve tend to be more colorful and you can watch the sun sink beneath the water of the Atlantic


There is plenty of wildlife around Horseneck Beach State Reserve. You might think that the cold winter months will cause the wildlife to disappear but it is a great opportunity to see what species of birds are around in the winter time. Be sure to bring your bird book and a pair of binoculars to see which types of birds you spot during your visit. There are plenty of benches near the tree line and beach area so you’ll see a variety of birds and other types of wildlife.

Walking Trails

The same two mile paved trails used for biking, are also available for your afternoon stroll. Bundle up in the winter and enjoy the views. Since it will be off season, you’ll be able to take it all in without a large crowd on the beach. We can’t think of a better area to take a walk than next to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Right near the parking lot, you can step on the walking trail and be on your way.

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