Horton Creek Campground
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If you've got an RV adventure on your mind, consider a visit to California's Horton Creek Campground.

Horton Creek Campground is a Bureau of Land Management property nestled near the small town of Bishop, California. This popular public recreational area and camping facility is situated within the Sierra Nevada Wilderness and offers RV campers spectacular views and a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy during their stay.

Located at the base of the Eastern Sierra mountain range, families camping at Horton Creek Campground are quite near to some of the finest recreational opportunities in the state. Nearby bodies of water South Lake and Sabrina Lake offer the perfect locale for doing some fishing. The region is also well-renowned for its incredible hiking trails. Rock climbing is a favorite activity here as well.

There are 49 campsites at Horton Creek Campground; each of which is suited to RV or tent camping. For families looking to extend their stay and enjoy a few other camping facilities while on their vacation, there are several other area campgrounds in the region for both RV and tent stays.

The nearest city to this much-loved campground is Bishop. Bishop is located in Inyo County and rests along the trajectory of the Owens River. Families looking to explore new places will not be disappointed with a trip to Bishop. Among the area's most prominent outdoor attractions are hunting, rock climbing, photography, fishing, and hiking. A wide variety of wildlife makes this region their home, making it a favored spot of animal enthusiasts and photographers alike.

For a fantastic RV vacation in the heart of the California wilderness, you won't want to miss the chance to visit Horton Creek Campground. You'll have a fantastic time!

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The route to Horton Creek Campground is direct and easy to navigate. Travelers should begin on Highway 395, driving until they reach the exit for Sawmill Road on the left-hand side. Continuing on this street, travelers will need to take the first right turn onto Round Valley Road. A short distance up this highway are signs indicating the turns to take to reach the campground. The entrance to Horton Creek Campground is found to the left of Round Valley Road.

The highways leading to this popular park and campground are paved and of largely two-lane construction. They are in excellent condition. The route cuts through terrain that is largely flat and that offers incredible views of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Families should be prepared to stop to enjoy the view and snap some photos.

A very rural area, wildlife will occasionally make its way onto the road. Drivers are encouraged to remain alert to avoid an accident.


Parking can be found via a gravel-lined space at the entrance to the campground with ample space for leaving a car, RV, or trailer. Additional parking spots are found directly the campsites.

Public Transportation

There is currently no public transportation available to Horton Creek Campground due to its secluded location.

Campgrounds and parking in Horton Creek Campground

Campsites in Horton Creek Campground

Reservations camping

Pleasant Valley Owens River Campground

Pleasant Valley Owens River Campground is well-renowned for its excellent fly fishing on the property's crystal clear river. RV and tent campers can enjoy stays here year-round with the campground's busiest season being from November through June. Reservations are required.

The only on-site amenity provided at this rustic campground is a vault toilet. There is a water supply found one mile from this camping facility.

Among the most popular activities here are fishing, climbing, hiking, and picnicking.
Dogs may join their owners at Pleasant Valley Owens River Campground but must stay on a leash at all times.

Due to the high volume of wildlife in the region, all food must be contained in storage units or a vehicle.

RV septic disposal services may be procured on-site for a fee.

Brown's Millpond Campground

Brown's Millpond Campground is situated adjacent to Inyo's Millpond County Park. This much-loved campground features 72 campsites that are suited to both RV and tent camping. This camping facility is open for reservations for camping stays between March and October yearly. Reservations are required.

Brown's Millpond Campground offers many on-site amenities including power and water hookups, showers, and laundry facilities. Many of the campsites found on the grounds are also wheelchair accessible.

This property has many different recreational attractions for families to enjoy. Brown's Millpond Campground is home to ball fields, tennis courts, a playground, a fishing pond, horseshoe pits, and a wide variety of trails for hiking and mountain biking.

Dogs are welcome here but must stay on a leash at all times.

First-come first-served

Horton Creek Campground

Horton Creek Campground is a camping facility that permits RV and tent stays between May and October each year. All campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are 49 campsites in total here. Four of the sites offer pull-thru spots for trailers. The largest RV this facility can accommodate is 30 feet.

Each of the campsites is furnished with a fire pit, a picnic table, and a lantern holder.

There are no power hookups available here. A potable supply of water is provided. A waste sanitation station can be utilized for a fee.

All stays are restricted to no longer than 14 days.

Dogs are permitted to join their owners at their campsite, but they must remain leashed.

Seasonal activities in Horton Creek Campground


Laws Railroad Museum

Laws Railroad Museum is a wonderful place to visit to learn more about the history of Bishop and the surrounding area. The museum is under the management of the Bishop Museum and Historical Society. The property and all of the memorabilia contained in the building were the result of a generation donation by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1960.

There are many incredible exhibits for families to enjoy during a visit to Laws Railroad Museum. Among the most popular are model train displays, the agent's house in its original state, and a train engine dating from 1883.

The Death Valley Car, a train car that was propelled by its own steam, is also on display here. It was constructed in 1927 and was once operated on the Death Valley Railroad. This train car is still in operation during the warmer months of the year.
For more information about hours of operation, tours, and any associated fees, contact the museum's website.

Bishop City Park

For families looking for a place to relax and unwind, a trip to Bishop City Park might be in order. This public recreational facility sits in the middle of the town's Main Street and sees a lot of visitors each day.

There is a large expanse of tree cover on the grounds which provides lots of shade. The property also displays an arrangement of decorative stones as well as well-maintained gardens to enjoy.

There are many on-site activities for families to partake in including meandering along the walking trail, playing tennis, or relaxing in the gazebo. This property also houses a beautiful clear pond where ducks and birds like to congregate.

Picnic tables are found scattered throughout the premises. Families can bring along a lunch or snack from home to enjoy on the grounds. Barbecues are also provided for public use.

Bishop City Park is also home to a dog playground where pooches can enjoy some off-leash play.

Happy Boulders

An interesting spot to visit during an RV stay at Horton Creek Campground, Happy Boulders is well worth dedicating an afternoon to exploring. Happy Boulders is the result of volcanic activity in the region which is believed to have occurred approximately 750,000 years ago. The results of this eruption were some unusual topographical features along the region known as Bishop Tuff.

Happy Boulders, sometimes referred to as the Volcanic Tablelands, sits at the edge of the Mojave Desert adjacent to the Great Basin. The region is alive with many unique varieties of flora and fauna, providing families with wonderful opportunities to capture the perfect photo op.

In its early days, only the very brave attempted to do any rock climbing here. However, Happy Boulders has since become a highly popular hiking ground with visitors traveling from great distances simply to explore this region.

Happy Boulders is a Bureau of Land Management property.



Horton Creek Campground is an incredibly scenic property throughout all of its seasons. An area with a diverse landscape, families can enjoy capturing photos of such unique features as rich forest, gently rolling hills, majestic mountain peaks, and a wide variety of wildlife.

For those looking to snap some shots with a water view, nearby South Lake is a great spot for capturing family photos in the sand.

To truly get the best photos of the property, some hiking may be required. Wear footwear that is appropriate for traveling across rugged terrain. Bring along ample drinking water to prevent dehydration.

Inyo National Forest

Inyo National Forest is well worth a visit during an RV stay at Horton Creek Campground. This beautiful naturally landscaped property sits at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains and stretches as far as the White Mountain range, providing families with ample room for exploration.

One of the most popular attractions at Inyo National Forest is Mammoth Lakes, an area that sits relatively near to Bishop. A much-loved ski resort is nestled on the grounds here, affording families the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor recreation when the snow starts to fly.

Mono Lake is also found on the premises and is frequented by many types of birds in their migration season. This body of water is considered to be one of the oldest in the region.

Mount Tom

For those who enjoy doing some mountain climbing, Mount Tom is a must-see destination on an RV camping adventure at Horton Creek Campground. Located just outside the town of Bishop, this ominous-looking mountain is found within the Owens Valley and reaches a height of just over 14,000 feet in totality. The trek up the mountain rises 10,000 feet in elevation.

There are several different trails that can be taken to reach the peak of Mount Tom. Most are considered moderate, but there are a few that are extremely challenging, and those should only be attempted by experienced hikers. Each of the routes is very long, so snacks and drinks will be needed to keep energy and hydration levels up.

Skiing is also quite popular at Mount Tom. Camping is permitted here from April through November yearly.