Huichica Music Festival Sonoma

Wine and music lovers unite! Huichica Music Festival Sonoma presents a table of food, wine, and music in an incredible setting. RV camp not far away.

Event information

Huichica Music Festival is a celebration of generations of the Gundlach Bundschu family and their incredible devotion to the land that has given them so much pleasure for over a century and a half. The event is described as a micro-festival, and Huichica is all about the intimate experience. Catering to a small, family oriented crowd, the musical artists, local culinary experts, and wines from the region are the focus of the weekend.

Bring the family along to Huichica; the festival is all about friendliness and enjoying what the Earth has to offer. Attendees will spend two days of enjoyable engagement with nature, honoring the beauty of the terrain and reveling in the talents of Indie musicians gracing four stages. Food and wine are at the forefront of this festival, held in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountain Range.

There are scheduled children’s activities like games and crafts, a large marketplace, and tours can be purchased if you’d like to explore the vineyards and the historic Gundlach Bundschu home. This weekend experience calls for packing up the RV and setting course for Mother Nature!


Tickets to view the breathtaking scenery and enjoy all the Huichica Music Festival Sonoma has to offer range from approximately $50 to $200. You can attend one or both days, and a shuttle pass can be purchased at the same time as your entrance ticket. Additional exploration tickets are available for excursions like venturing into the vineyards or tasting heritage wines. Being a family-oriented event, children 12 and under are free of charge.

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Located just outside Napa, Gundlach Bundschu Winery is located in the beautiful countryside, and as you approach the festival, you will see many other wineries along the route. The birds, bugs, crops, and soil are all a crucial part of the Napa Valley area and the Gundlach Bundschu family, in particular, are involved in sustainable development. As you travel along the road, you will see vineyards, trees, and ponds–destination, Mother Nature!

Parking areas

Electric cars and motorcycles are among the types of vehicles that can park for free; others will incur a small fee. Parking is limited at the winery, so it is highly recommended to email Huichica and inquire whether there is suitable accommodation for your RV size and let them know in advance that you will be coming.

Public Transportation

The Gillibus shuttle option is an original and fun way to get to the festival if you want to travel in from San Francisco. Round trips offer a relaxing way to view the gorgeous scenery, and complimentary drinks are included. Ride-sharing or taking a taxi in groups are also beneficial modes of travel in keeping with the environmental theme of the festival.

Where to stay


Camping directly on site at the festival is not possible, but there are many options for overnight accommodation with everything the RVer needs within 40 minutes in several directions from Huichica, Sonoma. Choose the campground that suits your needs and then explore all that this stunning region has to offer.


If you like hiking and trekking, golfing, garden tours, lakeside picnics, and horseback riding, you will find that all within a few minutes drive of the Sonoma area. Not only can you find a lot to do but you can also relax in the knowledge that many campgrounds are fully equipped with the amenities that you need. You will find partial and full hookups, showers, plentiful room for big rigs, and places to pick up the few things you forgot to pack.

Getting around

Skateboards, bicycles, and tricycles cannot be used at Huichica Music Festival, but bring along strollers and wagons for hauling around the kiddos. The terrain is grass and soil; if you need information about ADA and accessibility, contact the friendly staff at the winery to submit your request.

What to pack


You may want to wear light and airy clothing for daylight hours. Make sure that all members of the family have a wide-brimmed hat they love to wear so that the neck and ears are protected from the hot California sun. A sweater or jacket is a must; the temperatures will dip in the evening. Closed-toe shoes may be the best bet due to the terrain and the cooler nights.


This is an environmentally conscious venue; not much is needed other than your ticket, a blanket to sit on and a happy demeanor! Bring a water bottle for refilling but leave the cooler at home. You’ll find everything you need for an awesome day right here at Huichica. Pack the RV with extra changes of clothes for the weekend; you will want to have a variety of comfortable outfits to choose from as you head out for the day.

Health & Safety

The safety focus at this relaxed and friendly event will be hydration and sunscreen. Pack a large bottle of sunscreen in your gear bag and be certain to reapply multiple times throughout the day. Free water fill-ups are for the taking all day long at Huichica, Sonoma; have the kids bring their favorite water bottle and make sure that they are partaking often.

Where to eat


Back at camp, you may desire to prepare easy and delicious meals that ensure the family is starting the day off on the right foot. Hungry children can be a handful so fill their tummies in the morning with blueberry pancakes and sausages. In the evening, settle around the campfire for a meal of cast iron skillet nachos. Your prep list should include propane, briquets, matches and a lighter, and adequate cookware.


Eating and sampling a glass of wine go hand in hand in Sonoma. Choose your price range and decide whether you feel like a casual meal or going five star Michelin. It’s that easy! Vegetarian fare that is fresh and savory, meats like pork, beef, and sausage, and desserts such as streusel are for the tasting. Many restaurants pride themselves on farm to table ingredients.


Huichica Music Festival is so much more than music! The Indie sounds are not to be missed by any means but feel free to meander amongst the marketplace to see the jewelry, clothing, and other goods. Reward the children for positive behavior with wholesome baked goods and treats like ice cream as you enjoy the festival.



The vibe at Huichica is all about peacefulness, the Earth’s bounties, and family. Gundlach Bundschu Winery staff will be in full attendance to answer any questions you may have over the course of the weekend. There are no crowds to worry about; set the rules for the kiddos that they stay with you, respecting the atmosphere of the event. They can blow off steam safely in the kid zone, with your supervision.


The weather in wine country in June is typically hot and dry. The festival takes place during the growing season, so the weather is likely to be decent. Rain can be a rare event at this time of the year in California. Take extra precautions with your campfires and follow the rules regarding fire safety. In some instances, fires may be prohibited due to dry weather.


When packing for the trip, remember to put your medical prescriptions at the top of your packing list. Have a fully stocked first aid kit in the RV, and remember to review it regularly on long trips. Medical facilities are located within 30 minutes of the winery if needed.