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Hult Pond is a natural gem and a well-kept secret of those that live in and around the Willamette Valley region in northern Oregon. The natural beauty of this remote wilderness valley will leave visitors speechless as they take in the views of mountains, hills, forests, rivers, lakes and so much more.

Situated at the end of a dirt road at the foothills of the coast range, the 40-acre Hult Pond has a maximum depth of 35 feet and is surrounded by wetland rich in flora and fauna. The pond was built in the 1900s for logging purposes, but today it is a major center for outdoor recreational activities enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

This BLM-managed pond has many names and the locals refer to it as a Mill Pond, Hult Reservoir, or Horton Lake. Some of the most popular activities at the pond include fishing, camping, boating, and picnicking. This BLM managed site is extremely primitive, allowing visitors to enjoy unadulterated nature devoid of human interference.

The water of the Hult Pond is calm and serene, making it a favored destination for those who love kayaking, canoeing, and other non-motorized watercraft. Hult Pond has an almost meditative vibe to it, where time seems to stop and you can lay back and take a break from the stresses of daily life.

Set up a picnic by the water or start exploring the many miles of forest roads on foot and discover something new and fascinating on each visit. During the summers, portable chemical toilets are set up to accommodate visitors camping and spending time in this secluded and picturesque destination.

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Hult Pond in Oregon is a secluded and somewhat secret recreation destination that only the most devoted outdoor enthusiasts are aware of. It is located 28 miles northwest of Eugene, OR, and five miles north of Horton, OR, very close to the famous Alsea Falls Recreation Site.

To reach this secretive and scenic destination when driving from Eugene, get on to Highway 36 via Highway 99. Drive on until you reach Lane County Road #3640. Stay on this paved road for about a mile until it links with the unpaved BLM Road #15-35. This BLM road leads to Hult Pond and is largely loose gravel and dirt. One will have to drive on this somewhat uncomfortable road for at least a mile before they reach their destination. But if the road helps to keep the crowds away from this unspoiled gem, it's worth it


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Richardson Park Campground

There are plenty of developed campgrounds near Hult Pond for those who are not fond of primitive camping. About a half an hour drive from the Pond lies Richardson Park Campground. Richardson Park Campground is managed by Oregon’s government and boasts a total of 88 campsites. The campsites are large and spacious and well spread out. The maximum RV length is set at 60 ft.

The campground offers plenty of amenities and facilities including a boat ramp area, drinking water, picnic area, dumpsite, restrooms, and showers. The entire campground is ADA accessible and pets are also allowed as long as they are leashed.

First-come first-served

BLM Campground

The Bureau of Land Management maintains a primitive campground at Hult Pond, where visitors can pick any spot of their choosing and set up camp. Enjoy an unadulterated view of nature devoid of human intervention in this remote wilderness. There are no modern facilities here. It is just you and nature.

There are certain BLM rules to remember during your primitive camping stay. Make sure to pick a campsite well away from the bank of the pond, as well as from marked trails. Clean up after yourself and abide by the seven standard leave-no-trace principles. Pets are allowed as long as they are behaved and leashed. Camping on the Hult Pond camping grounds is allowed for 14 days at a stretch.

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Hult Pond offers an impressive variety of fish species that thrive within its depths and is one of the more secretive fishing spots of Oregon that keen anglers keep close to heart. The pond has an accessible fishing platform as well as a boat launch for fishing purposes.

Largemouth bass, rainbow trout, winter steelhead, bluegill, cutthroat trout, brown bullhead, western brook lamprey, and reticulate sculpin are some of the common fish species that can be caught by rod and reel either from the shore or on a boat.


The gorgeous and calm azure waters of Hult Pond are ideal for non-motorized boats, and visitors of the pond know this. The water is calm and flat, and one can sit for hours on a boat, enjoying the calm motions of tepid waves and surrounding natural beauty.

Many fishermen also prefer to fish from their boats, as it offers access to deeper waters and the chance to catch a large-sized game fish. The water only gets choppy when the winds pick up. There is a primitive boat launch at the southeast corner of the pond for launching kayaks, rowboats, and canoes.


Hult Pond has an extensive network of roads surrounding it. These roads were initially built for timber sale access but today, many OHV users enjoy the trails as they wind their way through this wilderness area. These gravel roads can go on for over a hundred miles and about 50% of the road network is hard gravel. These roads are open to all types of off-road vehicles, mountain bikes, and motorcycles.



Hult Pond is the ideal spot for wildlife to thrive in. Its closeness to a water source and plenty of surrounding trees and vegetation make it the perfect habitat for muskrats, songbirds, beavers, and ducks. Threatened and endangered species in the area include Northern spotted owl, Marbled Murrelet, and the famous bald eagle.

If you are visiting specifically for wildlife viewing then set up your observation post by the pond and catch sight of wildlife in action as they come to drink and hunt by the water’s edge. Stay far away from any wildlife you spot and do not engage with animals in any way.


It’s nearly impossible to resist swimming in the beautiful Hult Pond with its clear and blue waters. Good thing you don’t have to. Visitors can jump in whenever and wherever they want in this forty-acre man-made lake.

There aren’t any lifeguards on the site, so it’s best to use the buddy system for safety reasons. The pond is 15 to 35 feet deep, so make sure you don’t swim out too far. Best to stay on the shallow end and close to the shore.


Hult Pond is a lovely location with views that are extremely pleasing to the eye. Such a destination makes for a romantic, secluded, and relaxing picnicking spot shared with that special someone. Enjoy the outdoors and the company of those with you by the water’s edge or in the shade surrounded by exotic flora and fauna.

While you are picnicking here, you can also enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities such as hiking on marked and unmarked trails or bicycling on the gravel roads with the kids tagging along. The plentiful botanical life near Hult Pond also makes for a nice nature walking experience.