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Six miles south of Port Orford you can spot Humbug Mountain standing tall at 1,756 feet. It is not only one of the tallest mountains in Oregon but it also rises directly from the Pacific Ocean. Located in the southern Oregon coast this headlands is the signature attraction in the park. Sitting on the base of this beautiful Mountain Humbug Mountain State Park comprises of 1,842 acres. The park is hailed for its scenic forests and diverse plant life making it a must-visit destination for RVers and campers.

At the foothill of this gigantic mountain, guests can go fishing, stroll along the beach, or take time to view wildlife. RVs will find it easy to access the park due to its convenient location between Port Orford and Gold Beach. The park is open all year round with peak season being May to April. Nature enthusiasts will love every bit of the five-mile Mount Humbug Trail. Along the mountain slopes, they will get the chance to identify wildflowers and plants such as myrtle, red cedar, and fir. There are over 10 types of ferns and plenty of flowers including the lily, fairy bells, and western trillium.

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Humbug Mountain State Park's close proximity to a major highway and Port Orford makes it an ideal destination for overnight guests and RV campers. Located three miles south of Port Orford and adjacent to Highway 101 you won’t have trouble getting to the Humbug Mountain State Park with your camper. Some interior roads are narrow with curves making it difficult for large trailers to navigate. There are no driving restrictions for trailers. Campers can park at the campground.


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Humbug Mountain State Park Camping

At the foothill of Humbug Mountain and adjacent to the Brush Creek lies Humbug Mountain State Park campground. It offers 95 campsites that can accommodate trailers, RVs, and tents. You will need not to worry as campsites are shielded by the hills from the stormy winds. Pets are allowed in the campground. Though tolerable, campsites near the highway can get a little bit noisy due to traffic. The sites are spread in the upper and lower loop.

39 of the sites are equipped with water and electricity with five being pull through-sites and two are ADA accessible. The campground features amenities such as an RV dump station, picnic tables, hot showers, fire ring, flush toilets, and potable drinking water. There is no sewer hookup within the campground. Reservations can be made from one day prior to camping up to nine months in advance. Campsites vary in length with the largest sites being able to fit a maximum trailer length of 55 feet. For your shopping, grocery needs, and laundry port Orford is the nearest town.

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Put on your hiking shoes and brave the well-maintained trails as they lead you through the forest and wildflowers to the mountain summit. The most coveted hike is the Humbug Mountain Trail originating from the sea level leading to the top of the mountain through the forested hills. This trail runs as a single trail for one and a half miles before splitting into two trails, one to the eastern side of the mountain and the other one to the west. The two-mile East Trail is the longer of the two routes, providing a great climb to the top of the mountain. Alternatively, guests can use the one and a half mile West Trail which is shorter and more scenic but relatively steep to get to the top. The day–use Trail, which is part of the paved Oregon Coast Trail that passes through the park runs along the Brush Creek and leads visitors to the hidden waterfalls.


Just a few minutes walk from the campsites there is a nice beach great for cooling off during summer. Be careful it can get windy on the beach. Apart from swimming, this area is popular with beachcombers when the tidal pools are low. Beachcombers will enjoy collecting agates, driftwood, and seashells. Depending on season whales can be spotted. Visitors can also relax here watching the gentle waters and listening to the coastal breeze. While here take your time and watch the most spectacular sunset.

Wildlife Viewing

The impressive lush green vegetation and the old growth coastal forest is a habitat for mammals such as deer, elk, and squirrels. Most of these animals are rather shy hence hikers should maintain silence to avoid scaring them and be keen on spotting them. Though it is extremely rare there is a positive history of bears and mountain lions being spotted in Mount Humbug State Park. This is probably one of the best places to go birding as you stroll along the hilly and wooded section on the way up the summit.



Humbug Mountain State Park has epic picnic areas located in the southern end of the park and separate from the campground. Although there are no ocean views the area is still nice with greenery all around. Here families can spend time chatting as they share their meals.

Special Events and Programs

Each year Humbug Mountain State Park holds special events and programs for campers as well as day use visitors. If you have kids take the time to enroll them in the junior ranger program held from Memorial Day through Labor Day. This way they can benefit and become better conservationists. Additionally, the park hosts evening programs.


Anglers can fish from the secluded beach. Humbug Mountain State Park offers guests a mix of saltwater fishing in the beach and freshwater fishing in the streams emptying into the beach. There is a generous number of trout, salmon, and halibut.