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There’s a reason why adventurists embark on journeys that take them off the beaten path. There is something to be said about serenity, about simplicity, and hideaways removed from chaotic lives. Hyrum State Park, located in the northeastern part of Utah and consisting of a 450-acre reservoir, is that kind of hideaway. It’s a spot seasoned RV campers crave and search for. Rugged camping, untouched natural beauty and tons of adventuring opportunities await those who venture into Hyrum State Park.

This secluded little alcove of nature has a rich history. Decades before the Mormon settlers had moved into this beautiful landscape, General William H. Ashley had stopped on the very edge of the land where the reservoir stands today. The General cached $150,000 worth of furs in a cave that was dug in a nearby clay bank and that is how ‘Cache County’ got its name. The park itself, however, is named after the LDS church founder’s brother, Hyrum Smith.

The park may be small but it offers a quality experience for any camper or RV enthusiast wanting to get away from the urban jungle and into a natural one instead. The main attraction in the park is the surroundings that envelope it and the camping grounds from where the RV campers can bask in these surroundings. The lake is very close to the campsites and gives off a feeling of serenity, relaxation, and comfort that can only be found in such a natural wilderness. The locals are fond of the fishing and boating facilities available on the lakefront.

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As soon as you turn on to the road to Hyrum State Park, all the hustle and bustle of the Salt Lake City will slip behind, so will the traffic with it. Those coming from the vibrant college town of Logan will reach the state park in under 15 minutes from Utah State University. Don’t worry if you are coming in a big RV, the roadway is wide enough at the entrance and you can easily swing around and accommodate your vehicle. The road is asphalt so that RV campers can easily acclimate and maneuver around the campsites and various park facilities.


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Hyrum State Park Campgrounds

Hyrum State Park has a total of 36 secluded sites that include two cabins, one group site, 23 standard sites and ten partial hookup sites. The ten partial hookup sites offer 30 amp electric hookup while standard sites have lake front views. Most camp sites are alongside the lake and the restrooms, showers, ranger station, dock, and boat ramps are all located nearby. The campsite have asphalt parking spaces which makes it easy for motor homes and RVs to back-in. Only one vehicle is allowed per site. Campers, trailers, and motor homes are all entertained in the park. All the RV campsites are back-ins and have a considerable amount of space between them.

Most campsites have the capacity for a maximum of eight people with cabins accommodating up to five. Two group sites are also offered for reservation for larger families and groups. There are rentals available on-site for non-motorized watercraft. The State Park closes its gates at 10:00 pm sharp and generator use is prohibited until 7 a.m. when the park opens. Campers can stay for periods of up to 14 days.

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Hyrum State Park is a perfect year-round fishing destination. If you are in the mood for some delicious fish at home, then camping in your RV and catching some largemouth bass, rainbow trout, bluegill, channel catfish, and yellow perch would definitely guarantee that. Additionally, you’ll have a good time bonding with your fellow campers and enjoying the magnificent view before you as you sit on the designated fishing dock. For those who want to retreat from the land temporarily, they can bring their boat into the lake and fish from there.


If you packed your RV and headed to Hyrum State Park for some relaxing time, then you did right. The serene and calm lake is a lot more comforting when you are floating above it. The park has boat ramps that can be accessed from the campgrounds directly. The park is quite popular for boating among the locals, so make sure you don’t miss the experience. If you are a fan of canoeing or kayaking, then don’t hold back! Experience Hyrum's State Parks beautiful natural views while relaxing on its lakes calm waters.

Water Skiing

What’s a summer outing without water skiing? Whether you are obsessed with this water sport or teaching your kids for the first time, the lake at Hyrum is just the perfect spot. The lake is safe, calm, and allows for ice like water skiing. The sport is so much fun that you can spend days here learning to water ski and never get tired of it. On the horizon, you can see beautiful mountains touching the clouds which while water skiing, isn’t a bad sight at all.



So what if the air gets colder and then you can’t take a dip in the lake? Hyrum State Park has a lot more to offer. The looming willow, maple, and box elder trees create a nice little alcove for the picnickers to pack their baskets and enjoy a short mini vacation even in the winters. The beautiful view of the lake, the birds, the fish, and the wildlife are just as active. The sites have picnic tables as well. Late night picnickers can lie down and enjoy the star-filled sky above them and experience the tranquility that is rarely found in a metropolis.


Those who are into nature photography will find the idyllic Hyrum State Park as one of the best spots for it. Right on the horizon is the snow-capped Wellsville Mountains, the glassy lake itself is picture-perfect, and then there are the rolling foothills sprawling all around the state park. A night spent here will guarantee a gallery full of picturesque scenes.

Beach Area

The Hyrum State Park is loved by all campers for its especially soft and sandy beach area. You can either lie on that sand all day long or splash around in the lake to cool down. The park itself has a very cozy atmosphere to it, and swimming in it is all the more therapeutic. The best part about this state park is the fact that campsites are so close to the lake. It’s like having a lake on your front yard. The communal showers are also situated nearby for added convenience.