iHeartRadio Festival

If you want to see top music stars of many genres, point your RV towards Vegas and head for the iHeartRadio Festival.

Event information

Vegas may be known for its casinos, but gambling on the iHeartRadio Festival is a sure bet! This annual music fest is a two-day blast of mega-music stars with more than two dozen of today’s biggest artists. All different ages and genres are invited from country to rock to blues. They have it all and then some.

For two days, you can enjoy all the artists, or you can pick a certain artist or genre and show up for those. Both nights you can spend over four hours singing and dancing to your favorites with thousands of other fans.

This concert, as a well-known social music event across the world, has been going on every September since 2011 and is sponsored by iHeartRadio, which is a free streaming radio platform that was founded in 2008. The event started small, with about ten artists, but has grown so big that it is now televised on two different major TV channels. In fact, it got so large that it had to be moved from the MGM Garden Arena to the T-Mobile Arena in on Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas.

Whether you are into classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, rap, pop, country, hip hop, or any other type of music, you can probably find it at the iHeartRadio Festival. The lineup of artists is typically revealed a few months before the concert, but you can buy tickets up to six months in advance.


You can get tickets for the iHeartRadio Festival online or by calling one of the third-party sellers. While the average price for one ticket in previous years has been about $200, you can also typically find some tickets types for under $20. It depends on whether you want to go to the day or night concert and which day you choose.

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Only five miles from the City of Las Vegas, Nevada, the T-Mobile Arena is easy to find on the corner of Interstate 15 and State Highway 593. The arena is on Las Vegas Boulevard. Luckily, the roads in and around Las Vegas are made for big vehicles, so you should have no trouble maneuvering to and from the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Parking areas

With a seating capacity of 20,000, the parking at the arena is plentiful. In fact, they have five different areas, with three of them being indoor garages that have height restrictions you will need to check before reserving a spot. One thing to note is that it is illegal in Las Vegas to camp in an RV outside of an RV park or campground, so do not try sleeping in any of the parking lots.

Public Transportation

Las Vegas has a lot of public transportation because it is a popular vacation spot. The Las Vegas Monorail is quick and reliable for those on the Strip. There are also shuttle and tram services from many of the local hotels. Valet service is available at many of the parking lots as well, and you can always call a taxi or other ride service.

Where to stay


There is no camping at the iHeartRadio Festival, and it is illegal to sleep in your RV in any parking lot or anyplace besides a campground or RV park in the City of Las Vegas. However, there are quite a few fantastic campgrounds with RV accessibility in and around Las Vegas.


Whether you are looking for a secluded spot in the woods or a family-friendly campground with all the extras, you can find both styles in and around Las Vegas. Within the city limits, there are more than 20 campgrounds with the furthest one being 11 miles away in Henderson. Several of these campgrounds have beachfront sites, all have fire pits and picnic tables, and many have full hookups and showers. You can even find some with dog parks, cable TV, pools, hot tubs, and shuttle service. Make sure you reserve a spot in advance as they fill up fast with parking pads ranging from 20 to 70 feet.

Getting around

The iHeartRadio Festival is located in the T-Mobile Arena, and they have strict rules on how you can get around the facility. Your only choice is by foot power (walking), and since the place is quite large, you will want to wear comfortable (but stylish) shoes for those trips to the restroom and the concession stands. Things not allowed include bikes, rollerblades, scooters, Segways, and skateboards.

What to pack


Pack for hot weather even though the event is indoors. It is hot in Las Vegas, and even though the arena is air-conditioned, you will be packed in with about 20,000 other excited fans, so it may be hot and sticky in there as well. Some articles of clothing not allowed include masks, chains, or studded belts. Guests also may not wear anything with derogatory, profanity, or explicit language.


No backpacks or bags are allowed inside the event. Do bring your debit card and some cash as well. While most vendors accept debit and credit cards, there are still some who only deal in cash. Guests cannot bring in coolers or ice chests, food, beverages, or even water bottles. No GoPro cameras or recording devices are allowed either. You are allowed to bring your phone, though, so you can use it to take pictures, but no videos or flash photos are allowed.

Health & Safety

Health and safety are important, but first aid kits, water, food, medication, including prescription meds, will have to stay at your campsite while you attend the iHeartRadio Music Festival. However, you can bring a personal or handheld fan to cool you off, and there are cooling stations as well as vendors selling refreshments.

Where to eat


There are plenty of stores in the area to pick up groceries for BBQing or cooking at your RV. Make sure you have a camp stove or provisions for outdoor grill cooking just in case the campground does not have hookups. You can BBQ on the outdoor grill with charcoal or firewood bought at the campground where you are staying.


You will have a plethora of choices for eateries in Las Vegas. Being a popular vacation town, the place is packed with awesome restaurants from bar and grills to fancy upscale restaurants. Whether you want a cheeseburger or a steak dinner, pizza or Chinese, you will find it here. And many places will deliver it right to your campsite.


The vendors vary from year to year, and you can check the iHeart Fest and T-Mobile Arena websites for more information on that as the event approaches. The arena itself has several restaurants such as Cool Intentions Ice Creams and other fun food, Pink’s Hotdogs, Pizza Forte, Rollin Smoke BBQ, Shake Shack, and Tail & Fin Sushi Bar.



The T-Mobile Arena provides a full security team so the event can give guests a safe but friendly and fun environment at the iHeartRadio Festival. The artists have their own security that accompanies them backstage as well as just off stage while performing. There is a Security Command Center in the Arena if assistance is needed, or you can call 911 in an emergency.


Nevada is a warm-weather state, so it is usually hot in September, no matter what city you are enjoying. The average high in September is about 98 degrees, but a lot of times it can be over 100. Temperatures drop like a rock once the sun goes down, though, with the average low being in the upper 50s.


T-Mobile Arena works with the Vegas Police and Fire Departments on a continual basis and has specific emergency procedure plans for different issues that may arise. There are also trained EMTs at the First Aid Center on the Main Concourse behind Section Two. Alternately, the closest hospital is the University Medical Center on Las Vegas Boulevard just five miles away.