Illini State Park
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Located less than a mile south of the historic Illinois and Michigan Canal, Illini State Park provides you with the best RV vacation destination. With its Civilian Conservation Corps building, the 510-acre park offers a sense of history and spectacular views on its riverside picnic spots. The canal borders the park allowing you a scenic view as large barges go through the Marseilles Locks.

This one-of-a-kind state park offers a variety of adventurous outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, boating, and picnicking. There are numerous picnic areas distributed across the park fully equipped with tables, outdoor grills, and playgrounds. The park provides a boat ramp for river fishing which is a popular activity within the park.

During the colder months, Illini State Park offers you amazing ice-skating pool and cross-country skiing to ensure that you have a spectacular outdoor experience. For wildlife lovers, the park provides plenty of variety like raccoons, white-tailed deer, groundhogs, and squirrel throughout the year. During the summer, tree species in the park that include hickory, elm, cottonwood, and oak provide you with shady coolness.

For campers, the park offers a spacious campground and dump site for your trailer. For hikers, there are good hiking trails throughout the park.

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Illini State Park is a located along the south bank of the Illinois River across from the town of Marseilles. The park is accessible by RV, campervan, or car. Driving in the park is limited to 25 miles per hour. Local roads within the park are gravel and well-paved to lead you to any location within the park.

The park provides numerous parking spaces that are well-organized to minimize congestion. There are parking spots designated for persons with disabilities and a parking space close to the boat launch. The park has numerous gravel hiking and biking trails that offer amazing views through the park and along the riverside.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Illini State Park

Campsites in Illini State Park

Reservations camping

Illini State Park Campground

Illini State Park has pet-friendly campsites that offer both tent and RV camping. Electric hookups and sanitation services are offered here for your convenience as well.

The shower building is available from May 1st to November 1st. The campsites will guarantee your privacy, and many of them are shaded. Do remember that you are not allowed to bring firewood with you into the park, but you may collect some inside the park as long as it meets specific requirements.

Reservations can be made from three to 180 days prior to the day of arrival.

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Illini State Park has beautiful picnic areas scattered throughout the compound. The picnic areas and shelters feature amenities like tables, clean drinking water, toilets, and a playground. The park features excellent playground equipment and an area where you can play ball. Only selected picnic spots have a functional fireplace. The spots provide ample space for your privacy, and some are close to the river to provide you with amazing views.


If you are a boating lover, once you park your camper, head down Illinois River. A boat ramp is already provided for you at the boat launch. Illini State Park does not have any motor restrictions at the river. However, you are advised to be aware of the risks of barge traffic and the close proximity of the Marseilles Lock and Dam. Pick a boat map at the park office and get out on the water.


One of the most popular activities at Illini State Park is river fishing. For anglers, Illinois River offers a collection of bluegill, catfish, carp, bullheads, bass, crappie, and several other species. Bank fishing is allowed from the campground east to Mallard Bay and from the west side of the park office to the lock facility at the end of the park. You can search for a good area to go fishing using the boating map provided at the office.


Nature Viewing

Illini State Park is decorated with towering elms, oaks, ash, walnut, and maple trees. They offer great areas for you to lie down as you stare at the blue sky during the day. These trees also play host to some bird species like a songbird and the weaverbird which can be viewed throughout the year. These trees provide beautiful scenery during the fall with their spectacular colors. They good backgrounds to take amazing pictures. Spring is decorated by blooming wildflowers, opossum, deer, and raccoon.


Illini State Park is the ultimate winter destination. The park has a fantastic skating pool and well-elevated grounds that are ideal for sledding. There are shelters in the park with a fireplace or pit that you can use to warm your fingers and toes after a workout in the cold. Sledding will give you the motivation to get out during the winter months and get your blood pumping as you enjoy the beautiful landscape of Illini State Park.

Hiking and Playing Sports

The park has many scenic and historic offerings along with its hiking trails that hikers can explore. These trails offer you a mix of nature, history, and fun. These gravel-covered trails will ensure you have the best experience with their varying heights and elevation.

There is an open field, a baseball diamond, and numerous horseshoe pits that will provide you with additional relaxation and recreation. There is a concession stand at the park that offers food and drinks. The stand offers ice cream during warmer months.