Imagine Festival

Enjoy a variety of musical artists while RV camping in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. The Imagine Music Festival offers music, art, and food to fit every guest’s interests.

Event information

Imagine Festival is an electronic dance music event loaded with dynamic music, incredible DJs, an eclectic food scene, and RV camping. Attendees have multiple methods to enjoy camping at this creatively designed event, such as tent, car, and RV camping. Imagine has options for everyone.

Once having taken place at a racetrack, Imagine Music Festival now enjoys a partnership with Bouckaert Farm. Located in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia and only about an hour from the original site, Bouckaert Farms fosters an outdoor setting that fans and organizers can settle into for a weekend of music and dancing colors.

Since activities take place on grass and pavement and in the Georgia sun, warmth often part of the expected atmosphere. The weather in Atlanta at this time of year is typically in the low 80s during the day and the low 50s at night. The weather will be an afterthought, though, while you are enjoying all of the activities going on during the concert.

Yoga classes, a circus, wellness classes, a splash pool, art, and aerial yoga share the stage of excitement at Imagine Festival. Load up the campervan or Airstream and head to Georgia for a fun fall weekend with fellow fans of creativity, music, and dance.


Imagine Festival tickets typically go on sale up to six months in advance. There are different tiers of pricing, and some have additional perks. In the past, tickets have ranged from $120 to $350. Camping tickets are required in addition to a festival ticket. When you buy your ticket, you will receive a wristband in the mail. This is how you enter and leave the concert area of the festival.

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Bouckaert Farms is located between Interstate 85 and Interstate 20 and just off of GA-70, lending the route to be accessible for RVs. The general area is accustomed to managing large vehicles. Consideration may need to be given to any traffic in Atlanta as the venue is about an hour southwest of the downtown area. It is advisable to try to miss rush hour traffic in the Atlanta area. With your RV camping pass, you will be directed where to go upon entry to the festival grounds.

Parking areas

Guests are offered many different types of parking options at this event. Whatever ticket you get decides your parking and camping location. If you choose to go with a friend, make sure you both get to the farm together if you would like your campsites to be near each other. Otherwise, you may be separated and have to walk to find them. Once you have parked, your vehicle may not leave again until you are prepared to leave at the end of the festival.

Public Transportation

Imagine Festival usually parters with bus and shuttle services to help guests get to the event from nearby cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, and Orlando. In the past, a shuttle option has been available for people who decide to add that option to their ticket. MARTA runs public transportation in the Atlanta area, but may not offer stops as far as festival guests may need to go. Private transportation from some locations may be preferable.

Where to stay


Guests have several types of camping options available at Bouckaert Farms. Imagine offers camping, tent camping (no vehicles at the campsite), car camping (standard car, truck, or SUV without trailer), RV camping, and some options for VIP camping. Where you will be camping depends on what ticket you buy. Water and electric hookups may be limited, so remember to check tank levels before arrival and be ready to boondock in your RV or campervan.


Quite a few Atlanta RV campgrounds and parks may already by along your route to the Imagine Festiva, many of which are located under an hour away from Bouckaert Farms. At these sites, they provide pull-through sites, pools, nature hikes, full hookups, and even a recreation room. There is a campground for whatever you fancy, whether it is to be closer to nature and away from people, or to be closer to your neighbor like you would be in the festival. Atlanta Marietta RV Resort and Cartersville / Cassville-White KOA are among the camping centers near Atlanta with amenities that may appeal to your crew.

Getting around

Foot travel is the best way to get around this festival. Imagine Music Festival is quite massive and takes place at an outdoor venue. The good news is that it is mostly flat terrain with some shade from trees. Make sure to wear some comfortable shoes so your feet are ready for all of the walking. Bicycles and scooters are not permitted anywhere on the grounds. If you plan to check out Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park while in the area, be sure to have comfortable shoes for the sites and trails.

What to pack


Be prepared for rain or shine in Georgia in the fall. Make sure to pack some lightweight clothing for the heat, but a rain jacket and rain boots in case it decides to rain during the festival. You may even want to bring an extra pair of shoes just to get dirty, as it may be muddy if it rains. Fun, colorful clothing items are encouraged. Guests often appreciate a warm sweatshirt for cool festival evenings.


Because the weather often changes so fast, campers will want to be prepared for anything. Remember to bring bug spray and sunscreen. When the sun is out, you will need sunglasses, a hat, and a bandana or similar for sweat. Be sure to bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated. Don’t forget a tarp, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, a lock, a tent if desired, and anything else that makes your campsite feel like home.

Health & Safety

If you take any prescriptions, make sure to bring them with you since leaving the campsite in a vehicle is not permitted. Be sure to review festival guidelines regarding prescription medications. Also, it is wise to pack toilet paper, earplugs, and an empty water bottle. It is best to bring any personal toiletries with you as well. Hand sanitizer would be a great option as well.

Where to eat


Imagine Festival allows gas grills for cooking. Open flame cooking is not permitted. It is best to prepare to bring your favorite camp meals with you before entering the festival grounds. Vehicles must remain parked once you arrive at your campsite. Festival officials remind guests that even pickle jars might be glass. No glass of any kind will be permitted on the camping or festival grounds.


Restaurant options may be limited within the community of Chattahoochee Hills, but Atlanta is home to food types for every hungry belly. Less than an hour away from Bouckaert Farms travelers will find many options for a meal. Mexican, seafood, barbeque, Chinese, and American are some of the area's favorites. If you need to stop for a meal in the Atlanta area, you will find plenty of nearby options.


Bring your hungry side when you come to the Imagine Music Festival. Guests can expect to find plenty of yummy festival foods along with some special options at your favorite new vendor. Some of your options might include funnel cakes, hotdogs, turkey legs, and hamburgers. However, you will also have a choice of organic, vegetarian, and specialty type meals, many of which are local. Ice cream and soda may be on the menu, but there may also be some turkey burgers, curries, and salads to suit your fancy.



For your safety, there are lockers on-site for you to put your valuables. Lock your tent or campervan and hide all your valuables in your vehicle. There will be security throughout the festival and campgrounds. If you have an issue, there will also be security tents located all around the site.


Weather in Chattahoochee Hills will likely be in the high 70s or low 80s in the fall, so be prepared for the heat. However, it may rain, making it quite muggy during the festival. Shade tents have been located all around the site in past years. Remember to close your RV windows in the event of rain. Festival officials will direct guests if adverse weather occurs. Imagine Music Festival will happen rain or shine.


For your health, make sure to eat and stay hydrated during the festival. This type of celebration where guests tend to go nonstop. So, be sure to take breaks and enjoy a moment’s rest in RV or at your campsite. Be sure to carry a water bottle for hydration. There will be first-aid tents set up all around the site. Hospital and pharmacy locations are as close as 20 miles away if you should need them, or additional services are also available in Atlanta. Accessibility campsites are available upon request.