Iowa Speedway

Need for speed? Lust for dust? Get down to Iowa Speedway! Newton, Iowa is where all the action happens, so make it an RV trip to remember.

Event information

Mere minutes from Newton in Iowa lies the unique and exciting Iowa Speedway at 3333 Rusty Wallace Drive. This race track is one that brings tens of thousands of visitors to Iowa every year, and it’s clear to see why.

Iowa Speedway was designed by former NASCAR driver and Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace. It’s the only ⅞ mile asphalt oval in the world and is the only significant professional sports venue in Iowa.

It’s also home to headline events such as IndyCar and NASCAR which bring fans in their droves. However, it’s not only the events that bring visitors from far and wide but the venue and the surroundings as well.

Iowa Speedway is an expansive facility with a lot to offer. You can camp, sit in the multi-tiered grandstand with 25,000 others, and then become a tourist in Newton or 30 miles away in Des Moines. There is plenty to see, do, and experience in and around Iowa.

If you’ve got the travel bug and a need for speed, then combine the two and hit the road in your RV. A trip to Iowa and the fastest short track in the world could be just what the doctor ordered.


When you buy tickets to an event at Iowa Speedway, you’re one step closer to your motorsport adventure. Ticket prices and availability can differ from one event to the next. If you plan on being a part of a headline event such as NASCAR or IndyCar, you may like to book in advance. Visit the organizer’s website for updated ticket pricing and schedules.

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When major events are in town, Iowa is a busy place to be. If you want to avoid all the hustle and bustle, consider leaving a day earlier than the event. Iowa Speedway is adjacent to I-80, the main highway which runs between Kellogg, and Altoona.

Take exit 168 off I-80 and head south on Iowa Speedway Drive. You won’t be able to turn onto Rusty Wallace Drive as this is for emergency vehicles. Arrive at Iowa Speedway at least two hours before the race begins.

Parking areas

There are over 15,000 free parking spaces available but no RV parking unless you intend on camping at the track. If you are camping, take the right center lane upon arriving at the venue which will lead you to the RV areas.

If you intend on camping off-site, consider making use of private transport services to get you to and from the Iowa Speedway to save the hassle of trying to find an on-street parking spot.

Public Transportation

There are a few different public transportation options if you intend on parking in Newton and traveling to Iowa Speedway. You can organize transport on the rally bus, take a taxi, or download apps for other private ride services. These can save the hassle of trying to manage the parking and security of your RV on the edges of Speedway property, which can be tricky.

Where to stay


There are around 350 camping spaces, both terrace and general, for RV-goers. The general grass camping area is south of the track and a short walk to the concourse and grandstands. It’s suitable for 25 x 50-foot motorhomes and trailers, and you can reserve your spot in advance.

Trackside camping is available at Turn 3 and 4 for RVs and trailers. There are no service hookups, but dogs are allowed. To get to the trackside camping area, use exit 168 from Rusty Wallace Drive onto Lincoln Road.


If you don’t fancy the noise and party atmosphere of onsite camping, then you’re not short of other options. Even within a ten-mile radius, there are ample RV resorts, campgrounds, and facilities. To ensure you get your first pick, book weeks in advance. You can then arrange transportation from your campsite to the Speedway daily.

Getting around

If you buy a fan walk pass, you gain access to the tram which takes you from remote lots to the center of the action. Otherwise, the best way to navigate Iowa Speedway is on foot. Officials kindly ask that you leave your scooters, mopeds, golf carts, and other motorized transportation back at your motorhome for use once you leave the grounds.

What to pack


What you pack for your trip to Iowa can depend on which event you’re attending. If you’re going to headline events such as NASCAR, you’ll need cool, light, and breathable layers to combat the July sunshine.

Temperatures drop at night, however, so you’ll also need plenty of blankets for a comfortable night’s sleep. Comfortable, supportive footwear is also a must-have for navigating the speedway site.


Around 40,000 people make their way to Iowa Speedway for special events, which means it’s in your best interest to pack light. Bring everything you need for camping and cooking, but leave it in your RV when you make your way to the grandstand.

Bring your tickets, cash and credit, and a water bottle. The less you bring to watch the racing, the quicker you can make your way through security. Remember to pack a scanner and headphones or other radio setup for use at the track.

Health & Safety

With so many people at the Iowa Speedway at any one time, you may feel hot, uncomfortable, and unsure of your surroundings. Bring plenty of sun protection such as glasses, a hat, and sunscreen, as well as water to remain hydrated. Don’t forget to pack any medical supplies you may need during your time away from home. If you’re a smoker, you are allowed to smoke in designated areas outlined under the Iowa Smoke Free Air Act.

Where to eat


Don’t forget to bring everything you need to cook up a storm in your RV kitchen. You will be allowed to use your onboard gas cooker, but not open flames or charcoal grills. Don’t forget to stock up on supplies before you arrive. Otherwise, there are supply stores in Newton as well as a travel stop mere minutes from Iowa Speedway.


If you want to check out Newton and all it has to offer, then it won’t be long before you stumble across a restaurant or two that catches your fancy. Whether you want to enjoy intimate dining, fast food, or something in between, this city delivers.

What’s more, everything is conveniently close to the track. Allow extra time for service due to the sheer volume of travelers who converge on Newton for different automotive events.


There are both permanent and satellite vendors available for most major events at Iowa Speedway. Get your fill of food and beverages, and enjoy the convenience of nearby ATMs to have the correct payment type. These stalls are also conveniently close to both the racing action and the campgrounds.



Security officials at Iowa Speedway are all about creating a safe environment for all. Feel free to approach either the uniformed police officers or Speedway security. All carry items are subjected to a search at the main gates and don’t be offended by the presence of metal detectors.

If you want to speed up your entry process, leave behind roller bags, wheeled transport, drones, cans and glass, projectiles, weapons, chairs, umbrellas, seat cushions, and almost anything you can’t carry in a small, light backpack.


When you attend events such as NASCAR or IndyCar at Iowa Speedway, you can expect enjoyable sunshine, minimal wind, and less of a chance for rain. However, it’s always a good idea to check the forecast before you make the trip.

In the event of adverse weather conditions at the track, head to the closest shelter and take cover. If you are near your campsite, remember to secure outdoor items in high winds.


If you are feeling unwell or have injured yourself, notify a security guard, usher, or Iowa Speedway official. Emergency personnel will respond to your needs. In an emergency, dial 9-11.

The Mercy Medical Center is open for as long as the spectator gates are, and is at the south end of the Concourse by Turn 1. There are also more than 100 paramedics and EMTs on site during major events.