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Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreation Area


Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreational Area is situated in Parkland County, Alberta and offers just a few campsites for a private camping experience amid dense woodlands and open marshy grasslands situated closer to the lake.

This small and generally quiet Recreational Area offers outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to partake in many activities including boating, hiking, and fishing. Jackfish Lake is aptly named as it has a thriving population of Northern Pike that is referred to locally as Jackfish. The lake itself is more than a kilometer long and has a maximum width of 400 meters.

The lake waters are ideal for boating, kayaking, and canoeing, while the surrounding woodland landscape makes for some amazing hiking experiences. Plenty of wildlife and diverse flora can be spotted while camping here.

Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreational Area may offer only limited campsites but that just adds to its privacy and exclusivity making it an ideal destination if you are looking to get away from it all and enjoy Albertan wilderness at its finest.

The campground has various amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable RV or tent camping experience.

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Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreation Area lies about 50 km or 30 miles west of the Rocky Mountain House right next to Lack Fisk Lake on the #11 David Thompson Highway. A stretch of 2 km/1.24 mile long gravel road leads to the park entrance and once inside gravel roads connect to the various amenities and campsites.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreation Area

First-come first-served

Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreation Area

Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreation Area has a total of five unserviced campsites that are on a first-come-first-serve basis. The campground includes amenities such as fire pits, dry toilets, picnic tables, a nearby boat launch area, refuse containers and a picnic shelter/community kitchen. The campsites are heavily wooded offering plenty of shade and privacy. The campsites are not suitable for large-sized RVs or motorhomes. Pets are allowed on the campground as long as they are leashed. The campground is located on the south shore of Jackfish Lake.

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Jackfish Lake as it is aptly named supports a variety of fish species including Northern Pike (Jackfish), Walleye and Yellow Perch. Anglers will enjoy the generally private fishing spots on the pier close to the lake shoreline that is devoid of rocks and debris that can cause fishing lines to get tangled and stuck. This makes for a relaxing and enjoyable fishing experience for anglers of all ages and skill. Make sure to bring your fishing license along. Ice fishing is also popular during the winter months on Jackfish Lake.


The landscape surrounding Jackfish Lake has dense woodlands and hilly terrain that make for some interesting hiking adventures. You can either hike along the lake shoreline or dwell deep into the woods for a chance at spotting a variety of wildlife and diverse flora. They are no marked trails so make sure you don’t venture too far away from the campgrounds as this is well and truly bear country.


The calm waters of Jackfish Lake provide the ideal grounds for boating enthusiasts to take to the waters and enjoy the beautiful woodland surroundings. Kayak, canoes, small watercraft and even motorboats are allowed on the lake waters as long as you adhere to the 12 km/h or 7.5 mph speed limit. The lake is 1.2 km/0.75 miles in length and 400 meters/1300 feet wide in some parts, making it a large enough body of water to support several boats at a time. A gravel boat launch area can be found near the campground on the south side of the park.



Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreation Area offers visitors a chance to spend the day picnicking along this lakeside campground. Picnic tables, fire pits, and vault toilets offer the necessary amenities needed to have an enjoyable and remote picnic experience with family or friends. A picnic shelter is also available along with a sani-station and water pump. Firewood is also available on-site and the day-use area has ample parking space.


This remote part of Alberta has some of the darkest skies in the region and during the night once the campfires are extinguished one can gaze up and look at the trillions of stars that make up our galaxy. The skies at Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreation Area are considered #2 or #3 on the Bortle Scale which makes stargazing a simply majestic experience.


Mountain biking enthusiasts can take advantage of several biking trails that lead out of Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreation Area and into the rockier more wild parts of the David Thompson County. These biking trails offer spectacular views of Alberta’s rich natural landscape and a chance to spot plenty of wildlife along the way.