Jacksonville to Portland Road Trip Guide


Jacksonville! This city, originally known as Cowford, is perhaps most famous for producing the seventh U.S. president and hosting one of the biggest Jazz festivals in the country. When you add together the relaxing atmosphere you will enjoy here and the memorable adventure on offer, Jax, as it is often called, is a completely different side of Florida. Thanks to its terrific climate, wonderful location and the high standard of living, this sports-loving city is regarded as one of the most enterprising cities in the country.

While you’re here in Jacksonville, you may not see much of the countryside, but a nice seven-day road trip will definitely fix that. Whether going alone, or as a group, this journey will help bring to light various cultures, embrace the unanticipated, and broaden your mind.

So, are you ready? This cross-country excursion from Jacksonville to Portland, Oregon is one that will take you through a variety of landscapes and scenery. The seven-day road trip begins from the southernmost part of the country, spans across at least 10 states and ends at the country’s western coasts with lots of adventure as you journey on. Beware, this trip is not for the faint-hearted!

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: any
audience: friends

Point of Interest

City of Rocks Natural Reserve

Nature is very diverse and intriguing and as such, you cannot have enough of it. This part of the trip offers endless rock formations as you venture into the rocky city of Idaho. The route takes you through one of the country’s best kept secrets, and it is no wonder that the city is known as the ‘Silent City of Rocks’.

Taking the road less traveled can be a wonderful way to explore the state. With a wide range and variety of roads and trails to take, climbers, hikers and those with desire for an adventure are in for a treat. Don’t want to hike? Not an issue. The sight of the different rock pinnacles, fins and domes is enough to give you a satisfying feel.

Camping opportunities, accommodation, and housing facilities abound with full and partial RV hookup options. This park is best visited from April to November.

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

The rocky scenes on the US Highway 191 not only serve as attractions for tourists and road travelers but are also an indication of the sight that awaits as the state of Wyoming comes into view. It is almost hard to believe that just one place can contain so much beauty.

For an example, look no further than Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.

Spectacular is the word for it! Though this does not in the least describe the colorful rock formations that your eyes are set to behold. Be prepared to see the marvelous Green River, along with canyons formed as the river carved its way through the rocks.

You are set to enjoy all sorts of outdoor recreation activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, swimming, and skiing here. Moreover, camping options are present, with over 600 campsites and two RV parks available all year round. It may also excite you to know that this resort is pet-friendly, so you could bring your furry friend alongside.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Entering into Colorado should not be without adequate and pertinent information about this state that’s famous for more than a few things. That is why this museum in Fort Collins is an ideal place to start your journey in Colorado.

From the exploratory sciences to history from several centuries ago, the museum is more than prepared to present the opportunity for a great deal of learning on various subjects to the inquisitive mind.

You get to experience an insight into practical sciences, the rich culture of Northern Colorado, and much more! The museum also highlights several local and regional exhibits and constitutes a pleasant introduction of the state of Colorado, making a visit to the museum imperative.

World’s Largest Easel

Looking for a great place to stretch your legs and take a walk around or perhaps, just a place to submerge yourself in the beauty of Van Gogh’s painting? Look no further than this stop right here in Goodland, Kansas! With walkways that lead up to the painting as well as the vast plains of land, this landmark here is good for an epic time-out after several hours of driving.

Just off the highway on the outskirts of Kansas is the iconic construction which is a reproduction of Van Gogh’s ‘Three Sunflowers in a Vase’ painting. It sits on a massive steel easel, standing at 80 feet. Without a doubt, it is a major attraction for tourists, drivers, and passersby.

The painting is a good distraction for road users and tourists as it restores some hope of proximity to the city as you travel into Colorado. It also makes for a good photo spot to capture fond memories on camera.

Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center

Departing Kansas City does not mean everything becomes a long stretch of road leading to nowhere. Besides the scenic landscapes that you enjoy as you travel through this road, a pleasant wildlife adventure awaits you here! Within the various sections of the easy-to-access zoo, get ready to loosen up and have some fun along the way.

Over 250 animals in their enclosures are spread out around the premises of this center. Besides, the zoo also features one of the first indoor tropical rain forests in the U.S.

Guest services provided here include games and pastimes for everyone to enjoy. In addition, travelers have access to an area where they can enjoy picnics with family and/or friends. If you fancy restaurants and drinking areas, you’ll also find those here. Feel free to pick up souvenirs from the gift shop here too. Definitely worth the stop!

Land between the Lakes

After a four-hour drive, some breath of fresh air is definitely needed and no site could be better suited than this destination in Golden Pond, Kentucky. This National Recreation Area is just perfect for you to immerse yourself into nature in all its splendor. Acres of open lands and trails make the center suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, and equestrian pursuits.

Additionally, you get to see wildlife and birds of different species. Visitors always enjoy the connection and nearness to nature that this recreation area provides. There are several activities and learning experiences for guests of all ages.

Various relaxation centers are open here for all visitors, featuring accommodations available for families and groups, in addition to the camping opportunities that are open all year round. This makes the place a great stopover.

Ruby Falls

A breathtaking view of nature awaits anyone who decides to visit this wonder. You’ve been on the road for quite a while and it would be nice to enjoy this beauty of nature at its finest. The waterfall embedded deep within Lookout Mountain is the tallest and deepest underground waterfall in the US.

As soon as you arrive at this one-of-a-kind destination, you get to tour the large cave that embodies the waterfall and also explore the terrific landscapes of the Lookout Mountain Tower and Blur Heron Overlook. You also get to feast on delicious cuisine at the local restaurant here, grab a gift at the gift store or even use zip-lines to explore the valleys of the village. You can never get enough of these scenic views.

World of Coca-Cola

Need to have a stop and stock up n a couple of cans of Coca-Cola in your cooler? Or you’d just like to see for yourself where one of the most classic drinks of all times originated? You should definitely stop at World of Coca-Cola on your way to Portland. The museum provides the opportunity for you to get to learn about the History of Coca-Cola, catch up on popular and not-so-popular Coca-Cola slogans, and also get glimpses of different Coca-Cola exhibits.

Want more? You get to sample several different variants of this fan-favorite drink that has become a pop-culture icon, share your favorite Coca-Cola experience, and even get to demonstrate your Coca-Cola enchantment through art. Whether with friends, family or alone on this trip, the museum highlights all that will make your visit a memorable one.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park

If you are a fan of history, you’ll find that the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park tells the tale of the life and times of this iconic American as well as his experiences while he lived.

If you find yourself wanting to take up some history lessons, or you just like to have a good old nice time, this park is where to start. Equipped with more than enough facilities and amenities to keep you occupied and engaged for several hours, you will get to discover and experience all things Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This park in Georgia is open to the public and is suitable for tourists of all ages. Important places to visit here include the National Park Service Visitor Center, King Centre and Freedom Hall, and the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church.


As you get closer to Portland, the change of scenery shows that the end is near. But it's not really the end. This is, in fact, the beginning. The beginning of a journey through Portland, a city filled with diverse cultural communities and cuisines. Explore the variety of Portland’s amusing and enjoyable attractions and you’ll find there’s so much of Oregon’s culture and history to experience here.

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