Jacksonville to Raleigh Road Trip Guide


Jacksonville, FL, is special in more ways than one. The city enjoys the largest landmass in the USA as well as more shoreline than any other coastal city of Florida. It also has the largest urban park system, so you can imagine how gloriously verdant it is.

From its sandy white beaches to the hub of entertainment in the downtown district, you will find many options to create sweet and adventurous memories here. Head over to get a Hot Air Balloon Ride, or enjoy horseback riding at Kelly Seahorse Ranch, or simply brush up on your cooking skills by learning a thing or two at Publix Aprons Cooking School.

On the weekends, Jacksonville allows you to rent an RV and head on to Interstate 95 where one can drive along the southeast coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Scenic vies, interesting attractions and glorious natural beauty await on this RV road trip adventure all the way to North Carolina.

The city of Raleigh, NC, is diverse and unique in its own right. It maintains the authentic southern charm but it is also a big metropolis consisting of people from all parts of the world. The city has a distinct infrastructure that is a blend of both modern and traditional.

When you reach Raleigh your journey doesn’t end as the city has many popular attractions including the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and Pullen Park, which is the first-ever public park in North Carolina.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: couple

Point of Interest

Florida Theatre

No one should depart from Jacksonville before visiting the Florida Theater, which in addition to being breathtakingly beautiful, is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built sometime during the 1920s, this theatre is one of the four last-remaining super-flamboyant movie theatres built during the 19th century in Florida.

Even today, the theatre represents arts of all kinds and hosts nearly 200 events including jazz, country, rock, and blues concerts, as well as opera and ballet shows. Any artist who gets the chance to perform here is truly fortunate, as they are, in essence, standing upon the same stage on which artists such as Diana Ross, John Legend, and Elvis Presley once stood.

The theatre also enjoys a great location in central downtown Jacksonville, which means you can find all the best eateries in town within a walking distance, and feed yourself before embarking on the rest of your RV road trip.

Savannah Historic District

While Savannah Downtown Historic District, in the gorgeous city of Savannah, GA, is a perfect place at any time of the day, it is almost magical around twilight. We suggest you park your RV at the closest available parking area and enjoy this magnificent district expanding over 20 cobblestoned streets and consisting of 22 historic squares, via a leisurely walk.

Start from Johnson Square. The square where Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks’s character) waited for the bus is not only made famous by the movie but is also a picturesque starting point for your hiking tour.

Visit some old houses as you progress, along with antebellum mansions, historic churches, huge oak trees, and perhaps even catch a movie or two if you have the time. Make sure to look up the history of every place you visit to catch the true essence of this place.

End your tour of the district with a visit to the Forsyth Park‑ a gorgeous park with a huge fountain built in 1858. If you are here on a Saturday morning, you can also get a chance to visit the Forsyth Farmers Market.

Brookgreen Garden

You cannot pass by South Carolina without stopping at Myrtle Beach, home to the gorgeous Brookgreen Garden. This place offers lots of entertainment to people of all ages, including the kids. This stop of the trip is more of a laid back kind of adventure, where you can relax and allow your surroundings to mesmerize you.

This park was brought into existence in 1932 by the affluent Huntington Family. It houses numerous sculptures and greets the visitors as they take a leisurely walk in the garden. To provide even more of an unwinding experience, the garden also offers a boat ride through the plantation.

In addition to the sculpture garden, the 9000-acre property also houses a wildlife preserve. Because of its rich history, Brookgreen Gardens has been registered as a National Historic Landmark and houses native south Carolinian flora and fauna, as well as American sculptural art.

Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens

The southern US has a rich culture and even richer history. Every now and then, you’ll come across an old house, church, or a plantation from the old South. Burgwin-Wright House & Garden is one such structure from circa 1770, and the only structure in Wilmington, NC, from colonial times, that is open to the public. It’s not every day that you get a chance to see how people in the colonial era used to live, so this stop is necessary.

Now maintained as a museum, this place does a fine job of representing the old Georgian architecture as well as showing the visitors what life was like in the pre-revolution era. Every single room boasts décor from the 18th and the 19th century, and it is absolutely fascinating to see all the household paraphernalia from such old days, many of which are so rare and unique that you’ll have a hard time placing them.


Raleigh is one of the most exciting cities in the South of the USA and is commonly referred to as the City of Oaks, because of its lush greenery and plenty of oak trees lining the streets and public gardens.

However, it was originally named after Sir Walter Raleigh, who established an English Settlement in North Carolina in the 1580s. The city shines with its metallic and glass buildings yet feels homely and cozy because of the parks and gardens adorning it.

Upon arriving here, make sure you visit the North Carolina State Capitol and the North Carolina Museum of Art, in addition to gouging down on Gourmet Food Tours.

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