Jacques Cartier Provincial Park
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Thinking an island adventure might be just what the doctor ordered? Why not plan to take your next RV vacation at Prince Edward Island's Jacques Cartier Provincial Park? It's a haven for outdoor adventure.

Jacques Cartier Provincial Park is located in the town of Alberton on Canada's Prince Edward Island. This recreational area and campground takes its name from the explorer, Jacques Cartier, who first landed on its shores in 1534, making him the first European visitor to the region. Mr. Cartier proudly proclaimed that the island was "the fairest land 'tis possible to see." Visitors to this idyllic island wholeheartedly agree.

Nestled along the North Cape Coastal Drive, Jacques Cartier Provincial Park also houses a beautiful beach where families can enjoy supervised swimming and recreational programs each summer. From the tip of the North Cape region, there are breathtaking views of the open ocean worthy of capturing on film as mementos of a wonderful holiday.

Located 123 km (or 75 miles) from the island's capital city of Charlottetown, families get the benefit of enjoying true island living coupled with the convenience of close proximity to a city. A culinary focal point in the Maritimes due to the prestigious cooking program at Holland College and home to Chef Michael Smith of Food Network fame at The Inn at Bay Fortune, families will enjoy some of the finest cuisine Canada has to offer with an emphasis on what is fresh and locally produced.

For a great Canadian vacation you'll not soon forget, consider taking your RV for a stay at Jacques Cartier Provincial Park. It's a fantastic place for a relaxing getaway!

RV Rentals in Jacques Cartier Provincial Park



To travel to Jacques Cartier Provincial Park from Charlottetown, a drive which covers 123 km (76 miles) of ground, follow PE-236 N to PE-2 W heading in the direction of Summerside. Take a left hand turn onto PE-107 W. At the exit for PE-120N toward New Annan, make a right. From here, you will take a left onto PE-2 W continuing past the towns of Summerside and Springhill. Take the right onto PE-12 W and continue along this road, carefully following the signs until you reach the park. This route follows stretches of road that are two lanes, and that are kept very well-maintained by the province. Traffic moves along well, and road construction occurs only occasionally.

To reach the park from Port Elgin, NB, it is necessary to take Confederation Bridge, a 12 km (8 miles) state of the art toll bridge which connects mainland New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. The toll is collected as you leave the island after your RV stay. The route which encompasses 136 km (or 85 miles) begins on Transcanada Hwy/NB-16 E. Remain on this highway until you reach Veteran's Memorial Hwy/All Weather Hwy/PE-2 W. Take this exit and follow the road until the turnoff for PE-12 W. This highway proceeds directly to the right hand turn which leads to Jacques Cartier Park Road where you will find the park. The journey winds along roads that are mostly comprised of two lanes. Each highway is kept in good condition and is well-marked and kept clear from dirt, debris, and snow. During extremely windy weather, the bridge will be closed.


Parking can be found in a lot at the entrance to Jacques Cartier Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation to Jacques Cartier Provincial Park. However, taxi service from Alderton is available for a fee.

Campgrounds and parking in Jacques Cartier Provincial Park

Campsites in Jacques Cartier Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Jacques Cartier Campground

Jacques Cartier Campground is a small but quaint camping facility that offers 76 sites by reservation for RV and tent stays between June 7th and September 15th yearly. 25 of the campsites are unserviced with the other 76 offering full power and water hookups. Generator use is permitted, and dogs are welcome to join their families so long as they remain on a leash at all times.

Many of the campsites offer incredible views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence where supervised swimming takes place in season each year. In the evenings from June 17th through August 23rd, recreational programs take place on the grounds for all to enjoy. Other amenities at this campground include a playground, a sewer disposal station, phone access, a laundromat, kitchen shelters, and picnic areas. There is also a camp store located 5 km (3 mile) from the campground.

Among the most popular activities are beachcombing and swimming.

Seasonal activities in Jacques Cartier Provincial Park



The beach located at Jacques Cartier Provincial Park is a popular spot for families looking to enjoy a dip in the refreshing waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Lifeguard service is provided free of charge in the summer months, and there are also recreational programs in the evenings which can be enjoyed by all.

The beautiful sandy coast provides a wonderful opportunity for sunbathing, catching up on a good book, or building castles in the sand. But no trip to the beach is complete without a picnic. Cop a squat on one of the picnic tables located outside the water's edge or recline on a blanket and feast on your packed lunch from home. Don't forget to bring along drinking water and sunscreen.

Dogs are welcome on the beach but must remain leashed.


Beachcombing is a wonderful way to spend the day at Jacques Cartier Provincial Park. Meander along the coast of the beach in search of seaglass, shells, or other marine treasures to tote home as souvenirs from your idyllic PEI vacation.

The sand is soft and warm on the feet, and there is a long stretch of it, allowing you ample room for taking a long, relaxing stroll at the time of day of your choosing. Bring along a bag to house your "collection" of seaside treasures. Don't forget to bring drinking water to help stay hydrated. Your dog may join you on your walk along the shore, but in accordance with PEI by-laws, they must remain on a leash.

Recreational programs

Jacques Cartier Provincial Park offers recreational programs by the sea as well as in the park from June 17th through August 23rd yearly. There is something for every age group to enjoy.

Each class is held in the evenings when the weather is cooperative. They are offered to the public free of charge.

After the class is done, why not take a stroll along the beach in the moonlight to unwind?



Jacques Cartier Provincial Park's Gulf of St. Lawrence is a haven for avid fishermen to enjoy. Bring along your rod and reel and cast off right from the shores of the beach or paddle out in a canoe to try your hand from the depths of the sea.

The kitchen shelters found on the shore are an ideal spot for filleting your bounty and cooking up a storm. Enjoy your feast surrounded by family and friends in the picnic areas.

Alberton Museum and Genealogy Centre

A museum housed in the building which was formerly used as a courthouse and jail, Alberton Museum and Genealogy Centre bears the distinction of being in a building which is a National Historic Site, the only one of its kind outside of Summerside. The collection is full of items which represent the lives and activities of the earliest residents of PEI. Among the items featured at the museum are artifacts from the fisheries and the hunting industry, house hauling, early pharmaceutical tools, cobblers' equipment, and locally produced crafts and housewares. The museum also has a large sampling of photographs defining several centuries of life on Prince Edward Island.


Jacques Cartier Provincial Park rests on property that is both serene and beautiful. The ground is relatively flat and enjoys sections which prominently display the rich red sand PEI had become known for worldwide.

Meander along the shore on the beach or through the grassy areas enjoying the tranquil air and backdrop of the lush ocean. As the waves gently caress the shore, you can't help but relax and enjoy the moment.