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Jak Territorial Park


Jak Territorial Park is located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. This exquisite lakeside paradise is a well-kept secret of the Inuviks that live here and offers a quiet and scenic lakeside camping experience. It is a great base for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the surrounding wilderness and mountains. The Mckenzie Delta is home to abundant wildlife and a diverse landscape.

The park offers visitors plenty to do in terms of recreational activities from hiking, canoeing, biking and picnicking as well as plenty of amenities and facilities for a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. The park also presents a watchtower for nature lovers to climb up and immerse themselves completely in nature. The high vantage point makes it a great spot for birdwatching and capturing some truly amazing photos.

The park gets its name from the abundant wild cranberry, blueberry, and cloudberry bushes that can be found here that make for ideal snacks on those more exhausting hikes.

Jack Territorial Park lies alongside Dempster Highway. Whether in-Season or off-season the drive is rated among the best scenic driving routes in all of Canada. If you are looking for a quiet and reclusive lakeside camping experience set your GPS to Jack Territorial Park.

Jak Territorial Park is located right at the end of the Dempster Hwy and if you visit the nearby townhall you can get a certificate that declares you were at the end of the furthest road north.

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The park is easily accessible via Dempster Highway. The traffic-free drive is rated among the best scenic routes, not just in the Northwest Territories but in the whole of Canada. There are several service stations, picnic points, and hiking trails should you decide to take a break and stretch your legs while looking out at some truly spectacular scenery. Jak Territorial Park marks the end of the spectacular Dempster Hwy and is as far north as you can go in an RV or motorhome.


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Jak Territorial Park

Jak Territorial Park has a total of 36 campsites out of which nine offer electric hookup while the rest of the 27 campsites are unserviced. The campground is equipped with several amenities including hot showers, playground, picnic area, toilets, and a water tap. Firewood can also be found near the park entrance. The campsites are situated close to one another and offer limited privacy and shade.

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Jack Territorial Park is a great place to stretch your legs as you hike on hilly terrain overlooking the vast McKenzie delta. The trails wind through the entire length of the park passing through dense woodlands, streams, rivers, lakes and overlooking the simply majestic Richardson Mountain scenery. Hiking or trekking on the various trails also brings you close to the abundant wildlife that calls this vast patch of wilderness their home. Trails like the Grizzly Lake Viewpoint and Klondike River Trail offer stunning views of the mountains and valley below.

Berry Picking

Jak Territorial Park has an abundance of cranberry, blueberry, and cloudberry bushes that can be picked off by hikers as they trek along. Berry picking is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. Just make sure that you are on the lookout for wildlife as bears love berries just as much as us humans if not more.


The lake is teeming with many species of fish, large and small, that can be caught comfortably from the lake shoreline or by boat should you wish to head further into deeper lake waters. Anglers can catch large-sized Pike and Walleye in the nearby lake waters. Bring your own fishing gear and fishing license if you want to enjoy fishing by the lake shores.


Lookoff Tower

Jack Territorial Park features a lookout tower that can be climbed relatively easily via a flight of stairs. Once atop the tower, you can enjoy stunning views of the McKenzie delta and spot many species of birds including falcons, eagles, and ducks. Several plaques at the top of the viewing tower explain what you seeing and also divulge in a little bit of history about this amazing landscape.


If you are looking for an amazing lakeside picnic destination then Jack Territorial Park has an expansive day-use area with a playground, picnic tables, fire pits, and vault toilets situated close to the park entrance, camping ground and along the lake. The surrounding Richardson mountains offer some truly majestic views as you enjoy a delightful day out picnicking with family and friends.


The park offers some truly majestic views of the surrounding mountains and views with plenty of wilderness dotted along the McKenzie Delta. The park also offers picturesque sunrises and sunsets that can be watched, photographed and admired from both low and high vantage points. Abundant wildlife, diverse flora and simply spectacular Inuvik scenery make for a truly memorable camping adventure.