Jazz in the Gardens

Lovers of soulful rhythm, hip hop, gospel music, and more can combine a weekend at Jazz in the Gardens with an outdoor adventure that matches the beat.

Event information

It’s been said that Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival is the kickoff to festival season in Southern Florida. Join the celebration; the variety of music is sure to please everyone. If you are a fan of R&B, swing, free jazz, or Latin style you will find it all here! Dance and sing until you can move no more and then head back to your RV for peaceful R&R!

Recharge your mindset and your soul with music that speaks a language all its own. Jazz is a genre that has a unique voice, and you will hear the sounds and words of a talented and varied lineup at Jazz in the Gardens. Sway to the music of songstresses and crooners, saxophone kings, and many others who excel in the form of artistic expression!

The City of Miami Gardens hosts the festival and works hard to offer a weekend of authentic food, clothing, memorabilia, and art to fuse alongside the performers. Enjoy the evolution of Caribbean, Latin, and American sounds as you surround the massive stage. Buy your tickets early because Jazz in the Gardens is a party you won’t want to miss!


Tickets, which range between $70 and $300, can be purchased online, in person at the box office, or by phone. Tickets include General Admission, Reserved, Prime, Platinum, and Front Row. Seats are reserved in the Platinum, Prime, and Reserved sections. For General Admission, there is limited seating that cannot be reserved, and in this section, you are also permitted to bring your own lawn chair. The entrance fee for Jazz in the Gardens is the same no matter the age of the festival-goer. Tickets are not refundable once purchased.

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Jazz in the Gardens is easily accessible from the Florida Turnpike which is a toll road, or via NW 27th Avenue. The venue is in the heart of the City of Miami Gardens so be sure to have the coordinates set on the GPS, and stay alert as you keep your eye open for the stadium grounds parking entrances.

Parking areas

Your parking can be paid upon arrival by cash, card, or SunPass Plus. The parking area is massive in size, but each section is color-coded for easy entry and exit. The best way to navigate the lot is to pinpoint in advance on the stadium site map where RV parking is located. Because there are no parking reservations, the best bet is to get there early to secure a spot!

Public Transportation

Public transit is a viable option as well. Plan ahead so that you can narrow down the easiest route from your destination to Jazz in the Gardens. Many music fans will go the public transit route and head straight to the festival gates from the drop off point.

Where to stay


Camping is not permitted on the grounds of Jazz in the Gardens. You can find the ideal retreat; however, within an hour or two’s drive, depending on your needs and what you would like to experience.


Head south just a hop, skip, and a jump and you will find RV parks that offer water, electricity, and sewer hookups as well as hot showers for rejuvenating yourself after a day of jazzing it up. If you want to point your RV in a northerly direction, set your GPS for Fort Lauderdale and choose from an abundance of campgrounds. You will find everything you need to entertain the family in between festival days. You can enjoy the best of both worlds as you explore the nearby communities of Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale for hours of tranquil time at your campsite retreat between your days of Jazz.

Getting around

Put your best foot forward and be prepared for a weekend of exercise. With a tightly packed venue of spectacular artists performing non-stop from beginning to end, there is no room for vehicles of any kind whether two-wheel or four, other than wheelchairs. Seating is strategically placed section by section per ticket tier level so that all festival-goers can have the ultimate show experience. Relax in between dancing and take it all in at Jazz in the Gardens!

What to pack


March in Miami Gardens is hot and sunny. Hats, sunglasses, and lightweight outfits are not only a fashion statement at Jazz in the Gardens but a necessity, too! Cover your skin with sunscreen and often reapply to protect yourself from the sun’s intense UV rays. You can bring along a very light sweater for the evening but may not need it.


Gear for Jazz in the Gardens is simple: your ticket and a smile are all you need! A backpack or purse can carry your sunglasses, sunscreen, and a small umbrella in case there are a few drops of rain. Coolers, food, and drink items are not permitted on the festival site. Cameras and devices used for recording are not allowed; leave them at home and enjoy the music without distraction.

Health & Safety

When enjoying a music festival on a sunny day, don’t forget to hydrate and take a break in the shade at regular intervals. You may not think that exposure to the sun is having any effect because the rays don’t seem to be projecting excessive heat and the humidity isn’t a factor in March, but you may notice the impact by the end of each day. If you purchase water at the venue, you will be making the wisest choice for hydration.

Where to eat


Stock up the RV refrigerator with an abundance of healthy food so that your pre- and post-festival meals are a breeze to prepare. Whip up pancakes and a veggie frittata for breakfast and then plan foil pack meals for an easy and delicious feast in the evening. For another evening, plan grilled chicken and vegetable skewers, and don’t forget to bring along coffee to start your day off right. Double check your propane supply, and pack your briquets or camp stove so that your camping menu is stress-free and fun to cook, to boot!


One of the best things about Miami Gardens is the sheer diversity of the population. Along with that, of course, comes the variety of ethnic foods! The variations of restaurants in the area are too numerous to list but will include Dominican, Ethiopian, and Caribbean soul food. Tasty eats are to be had within minutes of the venue so that you can tantalize your taste buds with new flavors!


Haitian, Chinese, Bahamian, and Latin foods are just a few of the offerings at Jazz in the Gardens. Eat, drink, and be merry as you survey the wares of the vendors. There will be ATM’s onsite and the Food and Merchandise Villages are easily accessible. Support the artisans, performers, and local tradespeople who will be creating and cooking all weekend long!



The Miami-Dade County Police Force will have members on hand to ensure the security of the tens of thousands of attendees who visit the festival over the weekend. Be appreciative of their presence and call on them if needed. Throughout the festival site, you can also easily identify the trained volunteers who are working to make the event a safe and happy one. Once you are on site, plan on being there for the duration of the entertainment as there is no re-entry if you choose to leave. Leave your campsite secure by locking the RV and making sure that valuables are safely stowed.


March is the driest month of the year in Miami and rain is typically brief when it does make an appearance. Hurricane season is nowhere in sight at this time of year, making for an average of nine hours of glorious sunshine per day. Dress and hydrate accordingly. Set up your shade structure back at camp so that your time spent there is in the shade!


When you are packing for Jazz in the Gardens, remember to put medications and health-related supplies at the top of the list. Once at the festival, check your map to familiarize yourself with the First Aid Station on the grounds. The event is accessibility friendly; however, the ADA parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis so be certain to head to the festival early to secure a spot. Restrooms and seating areas are accessible as are the Food and Merchandise Villages.