Jenny Jump State Forest

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Jenny Jump State Forest is located in Warren County in the northwestern sector of New Jersey, at an elevation of 1,090 feet. The park is spread over a length of six miles and largely encompasses the Jenny Jump Mountain Range consisting of over 4,400 acres of forests and mountains rising up from the encircling farmland areas. This state park offers a rich and diverse habitat which makes it perfect for hiking and sight seeing.

From the Summit Tail, you can look over the beautiful view of the lush fields of the Great Pequest Valley and the Delaware Water Gap. The walking and biking trails also lead to astonishing views of the scenic Mountain Lake. Upon the mountainside, the park contains wide hiking trails that are a result of glacial boulders and outcroppings from nearly 21,000 years ago during the Wisconsin Ice Age. The park also offers much in terms of other activities including hunting, fishing, boating, picnicking and camping which make it an ideal destination for any outdoor lover.

Jenny Jump State Forest's unique features are its astronomy observatory, a diverse ecosystem containing wildlife such as deer and wild turkeys, and rugged mountain landscape. Major facilities of the Jenny Jump State Park are also accessible to people with disabilities so that no one feels left behind.

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To get to Jenny Jump State Park can be a bit tricky so sticking to the GPS guided route is important in order to get there quickly and safely. The easiest way to get to the park is to follow Route 80 until you hit Exit 12 heading to Hope. Turn onto Route 519 north and look for a sign for Shiloh Road. Follow Shiloh Road for about a mile and take a right onto State Park Road that leads directly to the park entrance. Signs are posted along the way to help you find your bearings and once you enter the park moving within it is painless as it well connected with gravel roads, large road maps and signs.


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Campgrounds and parking in Jenny Jump State Forest

Campsites in Jenny Jump State Forest

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Jenny Jump State Forest Campgrounds

Jenny Jump State Forest has 22 RV and tent sites that have picnic tables, fire pits and grills with toilets and showers available close by. Apart from these campsites the park also offer two group campgrounds; Campsite A and Campsite B. Campsite A is big enough to accommodate up to 25 people while Campsite B can accommodates up to 40. Both group sites have fire rings, picnic tables, and pit toilets.

For those that desire a bit more privacy eight shelters have been built near the top of Jenny Jump Mountain that offer spectacular views of the valley below. The shelters have furnished living rooms with wood burning stoves and two bed-rooms, each with double-deck bunks accommodating up to 4 people. An outdoor grill is provided for cooking along with a picnic table with nearby showers and flush toilets. The campgrounds are small and only RVs and motor homes under 25 ft. are allowed inside the park campgrounds. Pets and alcohol are not allowed within the campgrounds and no water, electric or sewage hookups are available so make sure you come prepared.

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One of the many joys of boating are the panoramic views and the peace and quiet you experience while on water. Boating along the shoreline or in deeper waters allows one to enjoy nature and its marvels in a completely different manner. The forest surrounding the lake looks astonishingly different from a boat as you can see so much more and can almost trace the landscape scoping out lovely flora and fauna that you would have otherwise missed being on land. The tranquillity, scenic views and therapeutic sounds of rippling water and surrounding nature make for a truly enjoyable and memorable boating experience.


Jenny Jump State Forest has two small lakes that have healthy fish populations, making them ideal fishing spots for anglers of all ages and experience levels. At the Ghost Lake, a car-top boat offers anglers the chance to fish in deeper waters of the lake for game fish like the sunfish, catfish and largemouth bass. Meanwhile, at the Mountain Lake anglers with lesser ambitions can toss their fishing lines from the shore while relaxing and enjoying the scenic views of there surroundings.


Picnics are simple pleasures that kids of all ages can enjoy, so grab a blanket and your favourite snacks and goodies and head out to Jenny Jump State Park where you can enjoy a peaceful picnic surrounded by the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. A small designated picnic area is available for use by families and visitors in a secluded, shaded region of Jenny Jump State Forest that comes equipped with picnic tables and BBQ grills.



The hiking trails that branch out of state forest provide exemplary views of the surrounding farms and woodlands. These trails are of various levels of difficulty each offering a uniquely different experiences; from eagle-view vistas over wide expanses of countryside to quiet strolls through low-lying areas the hikes and walks take you through them all. The three and a half-mile Mountain Lake Trail loops around an outlying section of the park and is the only biking as well as hiking trail available.

There are five blazed hiking-only trails. The Summit Trail is the most popular of these hiking trails and provides jaw-dropping views of the Delaware Water Gap and the Pequest Valley. The Blue Trail is another hiking-only trail that extends down the length of this relatively narrow park from the Park Office southwest towards Mountain Lake.

UACNJ Observatory - Jenny Jump

Within the park boundaries, there is an astronomers’ observatory built by the United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey (UACNJ) in 1995. The Greenwood Observatory as it is now known is open to the public for stargazing on specific nights from April until October every year. Jenny Jump State Forest is also home to other smaller observatories like the Brady; a solar observatory. The Jenny Jump Mountain Ridge area has some of the darkest skies in the New Jersey region making it a great place to stargaze and a popular camp out destination for novice and professional astro photographers.

Glacier Exploration

Towards the end of the Wisconsin glaciation, about 21,000 years ago, the melting ice dwindled from Jenny Jump Mountain, leaving behind massive boulders, sediments, debris and rocks in its wake. Surpassing a mile in denseness, this glacier leveled valleys and mountain tops that resulted in the landscape we see today. The sensational impact of this natural phenomena can be found all across Jenny Jump State Forest that is often visited by historians and researchers alike.

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