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Juan de Fuca Provincial Park


Offering scenic beauty, incredible hiking and unreal wildlife viewing, Juan de Fuca Provincial Park on the west coast of southern Vancouver Island is a must visit RV getaway destination. The history of the park officially starts in 1996; however, the area in and around the park is so biologically significant that it has been researched and monitored since 1901 when Josephine Tilden of the University of Minnesota installed the first marine research station. The park officially came to be after China Beach Provincial Park, Loss Creek Park, Parkinson Creek Park and Botanical Beach Park were all combined after a trail connected them to become one park.

The park is separated into four main areas that are the China Beach Campground, the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, the China Beach day-use area and Botanical Beach. For recreational activities, the China Beach day-use area and Botanical Beach are the most popular choice for visitors, with fishing, boating, swimming and windsurfing all being possible. For those looking for the best hiking trails you can head to the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail where there are some beautiful views to be had while exploring the park.

RV camping in the park is available at the main China Beach Campground. The campground is located in a quaint forested area with open understory just east of the China Beach day-use area and Juan de Fuca East trailhead. There are 78 drive-in campsites that are RV friendly and it is open during the peak season from May until September.

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RV Rentals in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park



Juan de Fuca Provincial Park is located on the west coast of southern Vancouver Island and is around 45 miles (73km) from Victoria. The park has one entry and exit point that is in an easy-to-find location directly off British Columbia Highway 14.

The closest services and amenities to the park are also located in Victoria, which is the capital of British Columbia. In Victoria you will find all of the services and amenities that you could need so stock up as you pass through there like most visitors will. There are also a few other towns located closer to the park, including Sooke ( around 20 miles or 33km away), Metchosin (around 32 miles or 55km away) and Colwood (around 36 miles or 58kms away).

Accessing the park should be very straightforward as the roads are very well maintained, quite wide and trees are set back from the road. The road into the campground (which is located at the end of the access road) is also kept in very good condition and should prove to be no trouble. During the winter the gate to the campground is locked and access to the park can be a bit more difficult due to the adverse winter conditions. If you do plan on visiting the park during winter make sure you call the park in advance to confirm that it is open.


There is plenty of parking available for visitors to Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately there are no public transport options that will take you to Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

Campsites in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

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China Beach Campground

China Beach Campground is the place to be for those wanting to stay at Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. Located in a peaceful forested area with open understory to the east of the China Beach day-use area and Juan de Fuca East trailhead, the campground is the only RV friendly campground in the park. The campground is renowned for being very beautiful, helpful rangers and having very shady sites.

In total there are 85 sites at the campground, all of which are primitive. Despite not having any hookups directly to the sites there are still some great amenities within the campground. These include water collection points, pit toilets that are kept clean, a short trail to the beach and overflow parking. China Beach Campground is also pet friendly.

If you do decide to stay here be aware that the campground is totally off grid with no power, cell phone or wifi service being available. The campground also closes up during the off peak season so you will only be able to camp if you visit the park between May and September. Reservations are encouraged but sites will also be available on a first come, first served basis if there are open sites.

Seasonal activities in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park



As you would imagine, Juan de Fuca Provincial Park is a very popular place for people to enjoy their summer as the park is located right on the water. Swimming is one of those activities that is popular, however be warned as the water will be chilly! There are so many swimming options for those wanting to take a dip but there is no official lifeguarded beach area. Because of this, take precautions if you chose to swim. The best spot would be at China Beach so you can make use of the China Beach day-use area.


Getting out on the water is another popular summertime activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Canoeing is the most popular form of boating that occurs within the park. Remember that the open sea that can prove treacherous. The sea can turn at any time and the waters off the park are known to get rough if the winds are blowing. Please be aware of ocean currents if you choose to go boating, and make sure that you paddle to your abilities.


After you have had your fun in, on or around the water's edge you should consider taking a break and having a relaxing picnic. There are plenty of picnic areas located within the park that you are free for you to use. The most popular spot for a picnic is the China Beach day-use area where there is plenty of room to spread out. Drinking water collection points are sparse throughout the park so make sure to bring enough with you to last for your picnic.



The hiking trails are one of the main features of Juan de Fuca Provincial Park and are very popular for people of all ages. There are multiple trails to choose from and there is something for every difficulty and experience level. There are four main trials that you can explore (Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, The Mill Bay Trail, Botanical Loop Trail and Second Beach Trail). If you are looking for a challenge we recommend the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail that is designed as a wilderness hiking trail.

Wildlife Viewing

Juan de Fuca Provincial Park has a wide array of wildlife viewing oppurtunites thanks to the variety of environments in the park. The multiple beaches will give you the best opportunity to see tidal pools, especially at Botanical Beach. We recommend going down to the tidal pools at low tide if you want to see the pools at the best time. Great views can also be seen from many points along the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, most noteably at the Loss Creek Suspension Bridge and the Minute Creek Suspension Bridge.


Juan de Fuca Provincial Park will be a perfect place for those who love to fish if they are looking for salt-water fishing opportunities. If you plan to cast out a line please note that Botanical Beach and Parkinson Creek from Little Kuitsche Creek to around Payzant Creek are closed to fishing and all anglers must have an appropriate licence. The saltwater gives you the chance to catch a wide variety of fish, including salmon, halibut, snapper and cod.